ReRelease Whispering Grass Thomas v. 2.0 OE and Natalie preorder is opened

Sep 17, 2018

    1. Whispering Grass announces the preorder period for Thomas v. 2.0 OE and Natalie sculpts.

      Molds are available during preorder at a special price of $145 per head in pale, fresh and oriental DollShe skintones.
      Additional price for copper oriental, paletan, tan, light grey, avatar blue skintones: 20 USD.
      Additional price for honey skintones: 50 USD.
      Tan and fantasy skintones can be ordered only during preorder period!

      Thomas fits 65-70 cm bodies, Natalie fits 60-65 cm bodies.

      Preorder will end on October 15th.

      More details on Etsy: Whispering Grass Shop by WhisperingGrassBJD
      or on my site: | Whispering Grass




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