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White Resin Vs Normal or Colored Resin

Feb 8, 2010

    1. I just wanted to get opinions on why some people prefer white to
      the colored resins ...
      1. Does the White Resin not yellow as there is no color in it to begin with?
      2. Is it just personal preference?
      3. Is it in any way more durable?
      4. Does it stain more easily?

      Sorry I don't know the answers to these ?? and would appreciate everyone's
      input that can ... give me any info on the topic that you can!!!

    2. I wish I had some info for you, but I am just commenting so I will see the answers to your good questions :) I was curious about this as well.
    3. From what I've read, white skin does yellow and the yellowing can even be more noticeable than in natural resin.

      I prefer normal skin resin. I see white as being more "unique" (vampires/fairies etc.) and I like my dolls to have a more normal base.

      I don't think white resin has any durability or anti-staining advantages, although it could make it easier to resin-match across different companies.
    4. 1. Does the White Resin not yellow as there is no color in it to begin with?

      White resin does yellow/age.

      2. Is it just personal preference?

      For me it is a personal preference, just like it was a personal preference to have dolls in normal, purple and green resin.

      3. Is it in any way more durable?

      It seems to be the same as any other resin.

      4. Does it stain more easily?

      I haven't found it stains more easily, but I do find that staining is sometimes more noticeable.
    5. If anything, white resin yellowsfaster, or at least more noticeably than normal or coloured resins. A lot of people just prefer the white, as it looks more ethereal or non-human and is well-suited for non-human characters.There is absolutely no diference in durability between normal and white resins. It doesn't tend to stain more easily than normal but more noticeably, though that is easily remedied by washing all clothing before putting it on your doll.

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    6. 1. Oh yes, white skin resin does indeed yellow... My 'WS' Soom Sard has mellowed into a lovely kind of buttery-ivory cream color, if my brand spankin' new WS Sphaler is anything to judge by. (Not that it's a bad thing.)

      2. It's personal preference... Personally, I love 'em all. I have tans, white skins, normal skins, etc., and I'd love to get my hands on a lucious chocolate-y Iplehouse Kamau someday.

      3. Nope - color doesn't affect durability/strength of the resin as far as I know.

      4. I wouldn't say that white resin is prone to staining more than normal skin or tan resin - stains are just a lot more noticeable. (If I go out to dinner in blue jeans and a white t-shirt and drop spaghetti sauce all over myself, both my jeans and my t-shirt are gonna get stained. It's just going to show up on the t-shirt more than the jeans. :))
    7. Speedy as lightning ... you all are to my questions ... thanks so very much!!! I don't
      have any experience with white resin and really appreciate your info and opinions!!!
    8. Thanks for the info everyone. I was also wondering this because I love the pale dollies.
    9. I have 2 Orientdolls that are a few years old with snowskin that still look quite white. The only real yellowing has been on my Dollzone boy's body, separate batch from his head, and it's almost 3 1/2 years old but his head looks as good a his younger wife.
    10. I have been wondering all of these things too, as I am currently trying to decide between normal or white skin for my Lati vampire so thanks!
    11. ^^ I prefer the white-resin for a rather crazy reason... It's a blank canvas. If you've had the doll for a few years.. and decide that perhaps you want to change how things are completely.. You can dye the resin a darker colour. I've never heard of a successful 'paling' of a coloured resin though. Also with my doll... Sometimes I cherish the times in between faceups (or body blushing), when he is completely nude.

      Somehow there's something just so.. magical about him right then. Something downright ethereal, rather then just being a blank doll.
    12. One thing to know about resin is that even the whitest of white resin is still dyed resin. Resin is naturally clear, and as it oxidises over time, any dye in it will yellow a little, no matter what the color. It depends more on the actual resin being used. Polyurethane resin yellows more slowly, french resin yellows faster. The jury is still out on enviromental resin, but apparently its the most resistant to color change.

      I think white resin is probably the easiest to care for when it comes to sanding and little nicks and such, same with most normal skins. It's very unlikely that it'll discolor from sanding, and no more or less prone to staining.

      I'm not too particular on resin color when it comes to skin tones. I like the whole spectrum of alabaster white to dark tans. It's those wild colors like grey and blue and green that do zero for me.
    13. Yupyup, my boy came to me white as paper. And while he is still very very white, he has yellowed a little. It's natural and unavoidable, so I don't think too much about it.

      I don't think that white resin is any more durable, but I would bet my kidneys that white resin stains a heck of a lot easier than normal skin resin. Every nick, spot, scratch, etc.. is very very noticeable. ;u; I've been trying to battle against it myself haha. Good sealant layers and cleaning often is what I do to keep my doll at his best. 8V

      I really choose resin colours based on characters. I love all colours of resin, but I only buy the ones I need :]
    14. I have three normal skin and one white... I got the white because it fit his character. I haven't noticed any extra staining, but he also wears all white and I haven't taken the shoes off since I put them on, I'm sure the feet have marks under the black suede.
    15. I am relived to hear that they don't stain more easily - I was worried about that. I would like to hear more about the staining and such.
    16. Actually, the reason I don't prefer white resin is because I feel like if it does yellow, it will be way more noticeable than in another color. Plus, normal skin resin is usually pretty white and the white balance would be heavily affected during photography if it was any whiter. It would just be annoying to adjust.

      That's kind of the opposite of what you were asking, but ... that's where I am on white vs. color.

      Otherwise I would probably opt for white, to be honest. I like pale skin. But I generally feel the normal tone is pale enough.

      I've seen some people have issues with more colored resins (as in, tan and such) as far as durability. I would guess that's not so much to do with colored resin as something in the chemical makeup of that particular batch that makes it do weird stuff. (It was pretty weird stuff.) A tried and true resin will probably be safer than one that's newly formulated in any case, so colored resins might have issues just because of that until they become more mainstream or used within that company.
    17. Thanks for posting this question and for all the answers.

      I love the white skin but don't have any for the questions asked.

      This has helped tremendously.
    18. As I am newbie in bjd world it's hard to me to give details about white, normal skin. I never tried customization for the moment and my dolls are quite new
      For the moment, the only reason I choose one of them is about beauty, appearance and character I want to have
      I have one in white skin and the other one in normal skin and I'm happy with the two.
      I 'll be happy to have tan skin too.
      Perhaps I will have to change my opinion in the future as per my customization experiences ^^

      my post is not very helpfull in this subject ...
    19. My first doll is white resin and it's such a lovely colour for that particular doll. For other dolls I have looked at, I've liked the normal pink version but I've never really liked the tan versions. But that's just personal preference on my part. That's not to say I'll always get a white resin doll just that I am very happy with the one I ended up with.

      Having said that, I only had mine two weeks before it got its first stain so that was a bit of a bummer but these things happen I suppose. It's about the only thing that makes me hesitate now when I have to choose whether my next doll is going to be white resin or not.
    20. Personally I chose to go with normal skin for my doll because I felt it suited her best, based on the type of clothing I'd like her to wear, personality, etc. If I would be getting a fairy or vampire, for example, then white would be the first I'd consider, as it would be most fitting. However, I will admit that I'd be put off by the fact that stains would obviously be more noticeable on white resin than on normal skin. I'd have to really think about it and decide which suited most.