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White Skin FTW!..But..

Apr 9, 2009

    1. What make you peevish...or what make you finicky about this type of skin?
    2. Finding wigs! Personally ive not seen many white dolls with wigs which suit them, when they do the look amazing but, its hard. I prefer to stick to normal skin.
    3. I only have one BJD as of right now and she has white skin. I'm afraid if I get a doll with 'normal' skin, she will look strange next to him.
    4. I have this issue with tanned dolls actually...I don't feel like they can wig swap well....I was going to order my next doll in white skin...I hope she doesn't have the same issue :(
    5. it depends on the tone of the skin, some white skinned are very pretty others tend to go for more "yellowish" than white, same with natural i like natural but some look too orange. Tan, it depends on what type of doll it is on and how natural it looks, most tanned dolls looks "fake".
    6. personally, i love white skinned dolls^^ It's true that they usually don't have the type of realistic that normal skin dolls look, but I don't mind. It gives them a weird glow I guess. I don't really care how my normal skin and white skin dolls look together--doesn't really bother me.
      It's just that I think white skinned dolls are a little harder to do face-ups for if you want something realistic looking without making them look super duper blushed or pale.
    7. Though I had planned to have all normal skin dolls I have ended up with 2 (soon to be 3) white skin ones. Both mine photograph beautifully and I don't personally think they look bad with my NS doll at all. I have noticed that both of mine could use a bath, though.

      I don't like when white skin dolls look overly blushed, though.
    8. I only have one WS doll...my Littlefee Ante. I think she looks good in anything and everything. She is my favorite to play with....shhhhhh don't tell the others.
    9. I have one white skinned doll currently and the only difficult thing I've found is taking pictures with her. She can get really washed out, especially with flash. Super bright (natural) light does it sometimes too: [​IMG]
    10. keep On Topic!

      I not asking about other skins. I simply ask what makes you more finicky with white dolls, like...what do you do alot to protect the white skin dolls or keep em clean?
    11. Or the downs or ups of White Skin
    12. Without any blushing, they look... strange. But I guess with the right kind of face-up, they can look amazing. I plan on having twin dolls be white-skinned, because they're not supposed to look that natural.
      I've also heard that photographing can be a pain, but I don't really know about that.
    13. I don't have too many problems with my ws Ani. I just never leave her sitting around with a wig on. She tends to collect a wig ring around her head.:sigh
    14. Don't have a white-skinned doll yet, but I'm getting one. I had wondered about the keeping-them-clean issue myself. And it seems to me they're a little more prone to yellowing. But some of the most striking dolls I've seen have been WS with very pale face-ups, eyes and wigs. They look ghostly and cool. I think you would have to be careful picking wigs for them, though I've seen them look great in black, light ashy brown, red and of course white and grey.
    15. I'm making a deep burgundy/wine wig for my WS girl, and I am a little worried - some of the mock-up pictures I've created to test the colour make her seem very washed out. Luckily, she's supposed to have a semi-ethereal feel to her. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable owning a WS doll who is meant to be a 'normal' person.

      Does anyone know if spraying WS dolls with UV-protecting sealer is a good start? Or do companies already spray with it? Or does it not actually help prevent yellowing (I know that some sealers can actually yellow themselves, so I'm a bit nervous about sealing my girl without good reason... but on the other hand, I do want to protect her skin tone and faceup as much as possible...)
    16. I heard Blushing is very good for prevent yellowing, though it occur in the future but it def. help. Beside, people spray WS doll with UV protect, and it not yellow, though yes, some DO. So it depend on what UV you use.
    17. My onme white skin doll (a Banji) was enough to convince me thay are not for me - it looked so... fake?... unnatural?.... artifiical?... plain wrong?.... and then looked even worse beside my "normal" skin dolls that I couldn't stand it.

      My solution. Dye her blue, give her a red wig and dress her as a NacMacFeegle. If she's going to look unnatural, she might as well look deliberately so (rather than looking like a mistake in the manufacturing process caused her to come out stripped of skintone)

      More power to those who like whiteskin. It's just not for me and my gang.... and I'd prefer most of the "normal" skintones to be at least a shade or two darker. The closest I have to what I'd regard as a "really normal" skintone in the resin of my gang is bobobie ligth-tan.... which as a tan colour was disappointingly light, but as a "normal" skintone, was just about perfect.

    18. I don't own any white skinned dolls, but I would say the two biggest challenges I've seen in looking at photos of white skinned dolls are:

      1. The coloring often doesn't match. By which I mean, really fair dolls look better with either really dark wigs/faceups or really fair wigs/faceups. But they don't look as good with anything ... medium. This may just be my personal preference. Probably rooted in the fact that when I see very pale people they tend to be either fair in their general coloring or high contrast (as in, black or almost black hair).

      2. Less of a preference, more of a problem--when you have a doll with very fair skin and high contrast wigs or clothes, cameras often compensate for the contrast by washing out the features. And forget about flash (although you shouldn't use it anyway) unless you want to see a ghost or flashing ray of doll-shaped light (I exaggerate). So basically, more camera work unless your camera is super s-m-r-t. I remember taking my normal skinned doll outside and even with PIGMENT the doll was too light and had no features because of her dark wig and dress. So ... I can imagine where white would be worse.

      And the yellowing thing, but I think it's probably similar to other skins and just more noticeable because of the whiteness. I can't tell if my dolls have yellowed or were just more yellow from the beginning since my three Volkses are three different kinds of resin. To me they just sorta always looked the same. I'm guessing if they start out fairly white, you notice a yellow tinge much more.
    19. I don't own a white skin, but a friend DOES. She has a WS Bobobie Espree. And while she is a LOVELY doll, she is HARD to photograph. She either gets really washed out, goes all 'glowy' (reflects enough light back at my camera that she seems to glow...cool effect if you WANT it, annyoing when you don't) or under the right artificial light takes on a yellow or blue tone. It takes a lot of fiddling and tries most of the time to get a photo of her that doesn't need editing later.

      They also show dirt, smudges, any and everything that has gotten on them more than the other skin tones do, especially those that are like the Bobobie and that paper, or near paper white, so they need to be 'bathed' more often.

      I've read a very very mild soap (that has no scents and no oils in it!) and water work, or a DRY magic eraser (what I use on my NS boy) for most 'dirt'. WET magic eraser (but not over face-upped, or blushes areas as too much scrubbing can, and will, take off the sealer and whatever's underneath it) for more stubborn spots.
    20. i have just recently come into ownership of a ws el,i never thought i would have a ws doll as i have seen how unnatural and yellow they can be,i think it all depends on what company the ws is from and how the resin is mixed ,luts had an extremly bad batch of resin that turned super yellow,i had a ws lishe head that was from this batch and she looked awful,like she was terribly ill and sick,i had to sell her,then i saw a ws el head on marketplace and thought he was lovely,thinking that maybe i wouldnt like him when i received him i planned to sell him,but when he arrived he lovely and white,not stark white,but no yellowing either,and i think he is afew years old,he must be from a good batch of resin:)
      i hope he stays white for a long time,he is in a dark spot in my bedroom,but i know one day when he is turing yellow he will have to go probably:( but for now i really quite like him,and i photographd pretty well too