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Who Gets The Children???

Feb 13, 2010

    1. Who Gets The Children???

      Who gets the resin children when you can no longer care for them or you’re gone? Will they go live with a trusting family member? Is there a dolly adoption center for orphaned resin children? Will they be discarded? End up in the hands of a 5 year old child that just slams them around? Or will they just end up in the attic, covered with dust waiting to be discovered by your great, great grand-daughter, or the new homeowners 60 years from now. These questions my sound silly to most, but as this is can be a very expensive hobby I was just a little curious as to what plans you’ve made…if any?

      Okay…I’ll start. My oldest son is very much into anime. He’s also an artist, so I think he’ll appreciate the artistic concept of the dolls and take good care of them. My youngest son…definitely not, the dolls really freak him out!!! I also have a girlfriend with a very responsible daughter who would enjoy having my dolls.
    2. I think there was a thread somewhere about people being buried with their dolls? Sometimes I think I'd like this to happen, but other time I think it would be a shame to put something so beautiful in the ground where nobody can see them or get joy from them. I guess either mine would stay with my family or be sold to someone who can love them like I did, or maybe given to a close friend who wants them. Either way I hope it won't be happening for a while! ^^;
    3. If I only have one doll by the time I die I'd like it to be buried with me I think.
      Otherwise I'd either let my loved ones (whoever is around at that time) sell them so they have something extra or have them donated to Think Pink, the Dutch Ball jointed doll store here.
    4. i like snow's idea, but i haverthe feeling ill have more than one, so it would have to be my 1st or my faourite...

      well to me they would either go to my futer children if i have any...or my friend lauren, cos i know she would take care of them as she has a bjd and i know she would appreciate them
    5. I like Snow's plan too, but I wouldn't be upset at all if they were handed down to a appreciative family member (Yes, even a five-year old that would slam them around. If it made her happy, that's what counts.) or sold to fund the funeral or whatever.
    6. wqhen I saw the title for this thread I almost thought it was going to be an 'in the case of a divorce' topic... since I've seen a lot of memebers on here where their husbands are helping them to pay for or get their dolls.
    7. Bumped the threads for you! They are both really good reads (though one is a bit long). It took me a bit of searching to find the first one since "die" is a 3 letter word lol. Anyways, they are bumped now so they are easier to find ^_^
    8. Hmm.. and here I was thinking this was going to be more along the lines of a couple buying dolls together and then breaking up, ego "who gets the (resin) children".

      I think most of mine would get sold off to people who could continue to care for them, but I somehow do not see Darastrix going anywhere. She would most likely be kept by my husband as a memento.
    9. I wanted to include separation/divorce, but it can be a very touchy subject;-). My ex would think the resin kids were possessed by Chucky and trash them. I like Snow's idea of them going to a doll store or museum.
    10. Woah I wouldnt want to be burried with my dolls. Thats a bit too much for me.. but to each his own [in responce to people being burried with them].

      If I died now, I'd want them to go to my bestfriend. But if I died when I was older and had kids, I'd leave them to the most responsible one. Maybe something they could pass down through-out the family.
    11. I've already told my husband what I'd want to be done with my guys... I have a friend into dolls - she'd be entrusted to find them good homes so my husband could have extra money, of course she'd be allowed to keep her favourite one or two as thanks.

      - I'm 30 btw... I think I may be a bit morbid to have this planned already!
    12. Sell 'em all and take a vacation to Hawaii ~~ on ME!
    13. I've told my family that when I'm gone they need to resell them to help pay for my funeral costs.
    14. I already said what I was going to do with them if something unfortunate happened to me but now that I think of it that way... Aren't my dolls like mortuary insurance then? :nowords:
    15. Well assuming I am going to get a few more years I would will them to my cousin as I know she would love and care for them, If not I think selling them and give the cash to a doggie charity
    16. I thought this would be a bout divorce or relationship breakup also.

      Well, if mine need to be handled in some way. I would want them to go to someone who would enjoy them. No matter their age.

      If it was a relationship break up. You know what they say about love and war. Though I would hope the cuties would end up with the who loved them best.
    17. Yep, there are a couple. I posted the links above and bumped them as well ^_^
    18. my daughter will get the dolls if i die. If there is a divorce i get to keep the dolls, as i bought them with my own money.