Who Has Teeth?

Feb 24, 2005

    1. Soo has teeth... and I was wondering which others do as well, so as not to look to strange sitting by her.

      I know SD 4-sisters have teeth, and SD13 4-sister's have teeth, and Mimi... but does anyone else?
      Thank you very much!
    2. Are you looking for only sd or msd too?
    3. Just SD actually. Sorry, perhaps I should have specified but it slipped my mind.
    4. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess the vampire eLuts dolls have teeth. :oops: Bambi does, too, but he's a LeekeWorld baby.
    5. Syo has teeth <3


      And Shirou too :O
    6. CH AI Choa has teeth, but not with her default face up, they are in there but they are the same color as the lips...check my site(click the www below) My Lana has a face up by Evenstar Design, she gave her her teeth back...:)
    7. Oh, LovelyHouse Roo-A has teeth, and there's one being raffled in the Marketplace. :chibi
    8. Mia K: Wow! I never knew Choa had teeth. They look really cute on her :) Wonder why they ever would paint over them?

      Meep: Thank you but I'm looking at human dolls ^_^
      RooA is very pretty.

      Neo: Oh thank you, Syo is such a cutie :daisy
    9. F08 heads have teeth..
    10. Ah. I just ordered a little girl with teeth. It's LovelyHouse's ShinB. Their RooA has teeth, too. Adorable! The prices aren't too horrible, either. ShinB was $555 not counting shipping, and she is 58 or 59 cm. tall. LovelyHouse puts their dolls up on eBay.
    11. F-09 has a hint of teeth.

      "Normal" Soo does too.
    12. 4 sisters have teefies? really? have never noticed...
    13. SD Mimi (aka old F-13/new F-09) have teeth too. Kallisti's Fifi Mahoney is the best example. ^_^
    14. [​IMG]

      adorable little teeth! :D
    15. Michael, Michele, Aya all have teeth. Rio has an open mouth and should have teeth but it's not really sculpted in.
    16. oiks! Look at your BEAUTIFUL girl, oh golly geeee she's so pretty! Sigh. I wanna 4 sisters head for on my DD body someday. sigh.
    17. yep, Shirou has teeth. And I was looking at Therese's Elf Lishe girl the other day, and she I think does in fact have teeth, set in a deep mouth.
    18. Yup, Elf Lishe has teeth, and from what I can remember when looking at Jay_b's regular Lishe, she had teeth too, but they are deep inside the mouth.

      - Therese
    19. Twinkle: By f-08 you mean... old F-08, right? New 8 is Rio. So the F-04 has teeth then? She is a pretty one!

      Snow Song: I was just admiring ShinB the other day, you'll have to show her off lots when she comes ^_^

      GothicLibrarian: F-09 is SD Mimi, correct? And yes I know Soo has teeth (because I have her!)

      Krambear: Yes, I've seen Fifi- she's adorable!

      Evildolly: Thanks for the photo! I had heard SD four sisters had teeth, but I have never seen them :)

      Nena: Ahh! All limited dolls!

      Loki: Gosh- some dolls you just wouldnt guess had teeth

      Twigling: Thanks! Looking at Lishe you know I'd always wondered wether she had teeth because her lips seem slightly parted!

    20. The old F-09/new F-06 head have teeth. I just noticed while restringing Chamael the other day. He has his painted in lip color, so I haven't noticed before.