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Who is the best tiny faceup artist?

Oct 3, 2008

    1. I am considering buying some tinies without face-up, and commissioning more natural-looking faceup. I looked at several artists' portfolios here, but it's hard to decide without having seen any of their work in person. I was hoping to get some input here. Thanks!
    2. I can recommend Leah Lilly-she doesn't have a thread here yet, but you can see some of her work here:

      She just finished up an Anime face with painted eyes for my Puki Ani.
    3. I totally dig fantasy faces myself for some of my dolls but these are great for the more natural looking ones!
    4. i've been looking for a tiny face- up artist too, hope you find one real soon
    5. I would recommend Ravendolls:3 From what I have seen of her work, she is truly amazing!
    6. Hmm... so many choices. I guess I should look at their portfolios. Thanks for all the suggestions!
    7. PamSD has done all of my tinys that needed faceups...from my OD Chocolate Ye on up. She's done several of my BC elves, my Ange AI, and did an incredible job on my Kkotmu. I recommend her highly.
    8. Thanks for all the suggestions. I PM'd nanimathews, and she put me on her list. All the other artists you all suggested do gorgeous work, too, but hers seems the softest and most natural, and that's what I'm looking for. I am in the process of buying a CH Petite Ai Uriel off the marketplace here, and nanimathews will redo her faceup in a more natural way.
    9. I would recommend tanyastyle, her latidoll tiny faceups are so dreamy. www.tanyastyle.com
    10. nanimatthews is a great choice, as are the other artists! My friend commissioned her to paint his Volks Liz and she's lovely. Very soft and pretty. I had a Lati Yellow painted by Ravendolls and her face up had incredible depth. The way she blushed her was so layered it looked like she had an inner glow. She also gave her the sweetest freckles! My Yo-SD Kira was painted by Sailor_Orbit and she did a beautiful job! Her eyebrows are so delicate I'm amazed. Tanya's gallery is very impressive and I'm going to try to get a slot with her when she opens again. there's lots of talent on DOA and I think you've made a fine decision.
    11. i have to agree with Rosella and Moonueng Tanya's style face up on tinies are just amazing
      very detailed they look so cute just like a real child
      thumps up for tanya >> www.tanyastyle.com
    12. Where is Tanya located? Yes, her faceup is very nice, but I was hoping not to have to send the doll overseas and back again. Plus, nanimathews already put me on her waiting list, so I think I'm going to stick with her as my choice. Thanks for all the suggestions.
    13. Raven of Ravendolls. Without Question.

    14. Tanya is located in Thailand. It's on the order info page on her website.
      I'm also not keen on sending my girls oversea for face-ups - the anxiety of waiting will heft up my blood pressure.