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Who is the most "masculine" boy?

May 22, 2006

    1. I was showing my husband some pics of the male bjds, and wanting his opinion. Before I could ask anything he comes out with..."hmm, why do they all look like girls?"

      I remember thinking the same thing last year when I first starting seeing bjds on ebay. Now, with time I am able to discern differences and can see their beauty and masculinity. Still, the boys are by and large, beautiful, tall, lean, thin eyebrows, perfect skin, and appear basically androgynous.

      Who in your opinion could pass for the Russel Crowe-Harrison Ford type? In other words, if you can slap on a different wig, darken the lips, and make a boy look like a girl, he is not a candidate for the "most masculine"!

      Nominations please!
    2. I'd say something like Dollshe Husky, I dont think anyone could make him into a satisfactory girl, not with that lower lip and jaw line...
    3. Even my femmiest gay male friends think they all look like girls, even Magnus (Bermann) wearing his 3-piece suit and glasses.

      All I can say is, there's feminine, less feminine and least feminine. I agree that Husky, Saint and Bernard seem the least feminine, but they look far from rugged. I think there are a few Heaths and Yukinojos that pull it off too.

      (Weird two cents: I find that sometimes when doll owners force their boys to look really masculine, they end up looking like drag-kings. Like ladies trying their best to pass as gentlemen...sometimes you have to accept some of the femininity so they seem casual about their looks)
    4. Like were mentioned before, Yukinojo Sawaragi, Heath and also the new F-28 head.
    5. Donn's Bishonen House dolls are very manly.
    6. I think personally that Saint is the most masculine doll I've seen, moreso than the other Dollshe boys, even. Something about the jawline being more pronounced, and less ... "pointy" sort of delicate features a lot of the other boys often have. :)
    7. Donns boys, Most Dollshe boys, Yukinojo, Isao, F-28, F-16, F-29, F-17. Really a lot of the Volks boys look very masculine, there are a few that when I see them on girls bodys wit make up I register them as drag queens almost automaticly.
    8. So I'm not the only one who thinks this way, whew. Sometimes I'm reminded of unsuccessful crossplay too ^ ^;

      Anyway my list for the *rugged* types is short: Yukinojo n.n He seems like the easiest sculpt to make into a rugged type. Other guys like the Dollshe boys or even Sch A and F-28 would require some major face up illusion and maybe even modding @D@
    9. Honestly, the ONLY dolls that i can think of that do NOT look like girls at ALL are the bishonenhouse dolls.....Donn's dolls TOTALLY look like guys, even with long hair!
    10. yukinojo :P
    11. Yukinojo!!!!!
    12. I think the Dollshe dolls are masculine. But I like men with soft features anyway so I guess I'm not the one to ask.
    13. from what everyone else is saying, my opinion isn't breaking news XD
      Yukinojo >_>
    14. Saint

      I always wanted a masculine guy doll and I found him in Saint.
    15. I think that, in general, all the Asian BJDs have got this pretty elegance about them that makes people think they're all very feminine one way or another. It's this feminity that made me fall in love with them though ^^

      Anyway, the 'masculine' boys... I'd say Bermann (:
    16. SD13 Tony! I saw him in person today and he is quite inmistakeably male, IMO.
    17. Yukinojo and Saint. :)
    18. Yukinojo~ ^_^

      My aunt saw a group photo with a Yukinojo and she went "He must be really happy to be surrounded by so many girls~"

      T^T My boys were there too!
    19. Definitely Yukinojyou. D: He looks like he will kill you if you put him in a dress! XD And Saint and Bernard are pretty manly to me too.
    20. I think Heath looks pretty masculine. :)

      And Yukinojo of course. XD