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Who is the most popular SOOM tiny? (monthly dolls)

Jan 9, 2010

    1. I thought since we have these polls for the larger MD's and we've now reached the end of the tinies (well, hopefully not ^_~), we should have a look on which tinies have won most hearts <3

      *Glot/Glati 4
      *Hati/Skoll 4
      *Bygg (grey)
      *Alk/Yrie 1
      *Afi (tan)

      (aw, I didn't get to enter a poll, because I had to check Soom's website for the names and skin colors. Sorry ;_;)
    2. Good idea! My favorite pairing is Glot/Glati. To me they have the best faces and fantasy parts. I really think Soom did the best job on them.

      I don't own any tinies myself but I am tempted to try to find a Glot, even though the size is not really one I like. I actually was going to get an Ai but decided last minute no, over her size.

      I hope that Soom decides to keep making tinies. What if they made one for each MD? I'd so buy a tiny Topaz or Cuprit.
    3. Hati and skoll have my vote :)
    4. I think they must have sold the most Glati/Glots because they were first? I really liked the last two and Beyla/Bygg personally :)
    5. Well, we can still answer, right? ^_^

      I liked all of them to some degree or another, but the ones I brought home were Glati and Yrie; with unlimited funds, though, I would have wanted a Bygg and an Afi, too!
    6. I'm pretty sure Glot and Glati are the most popular just based on the number of orders and dolls I've seen. I would probably count them as my favourite- I have a Glot. :lol: I do quite like Beyla/Bygg's human head and Afi/Ai's deer-eared heads though, they're very cute!
    7. Yes please, vote away!
      I might do a count and add to the first post if more people reply ^^
    8. I would have to vote Alk & Yrie as most popular (to date..)
      Alk & Yrie are definitely popular in the WTB area...not good
      for me. *sigh*

      edit: What was I thinking?! Bygg & Beyla are at 115 to 114
      (I was the tie breaker lol) sold here alone, not counting those
      that never posted in the WR or the outside world! XD
    9. Glot and Glati I think ...
      But I loved bygg/beyla, Alk/Yrie and Afie/Ai alot as well especially Afie <3
    10. Glati and Glot hands down for the most popular Soom tiny sculpt. I believe they had about 800 of those ordered around the world?

      Bygg and Beyla comes a close second. On DoA alone there was over 100 of each kind ordered ^^

      Personally though, as much as I love my Glati, I prefer my Skoll more due to the fact I have an obsession with wolves XD
    11. Skoll and Hati!

      I wish I could have brought them both home. The fullsets were really amazing to me and they don't seem to be photographed as often as Glot and Glati or Bygg and Beyla.
    12. Hati and Skoll for me, handsdown. Unfortunately missed out on them...
    13. My vote goes to the Ai,
      but I find glot/glati a close second (that's why I have ordered my ai and will be turning the open eye head into a glot hybrid with glot hooves and horns :lol: )
    14. Glati is my favourite by far. But I have an Ai coming in hopefully soon... She's still being prepared. But they're all so cute, its hard to pick just one. :)
    15. Can someone post a link so that I can see the dolls you all are talking about? Thanks from a newbie:)
    16. http://dollsoom.com/soom/gem.html

      And if you go to MD(Monthly Dolls) in the left navigation bar (under Limited Edition), either click that one (or select 2009 from the menu which appears when you move your mouse over the link), you can see all kinds of Monthly dolls. Some are supergem (65+ cm) and the others are the tinies who are discussed in this topic. (and way back, there are more sized like mecha angel 80cm) :)
    17. Beautiful dolls, thank you for the link VelvetBat :)
    18. Of course I think the hooved ones were the most popular overall (makes sense as to why I have bought all the hooved ones and none of the others :)), but I think the bygg/beylas were the most popular, even more so from the glot/glati. I think there are actually more of them. I think the beylas are my favorite as well. I'm hoping Soom is done with their tinies, because there are other doll characters I need to get. I need to go back to giving my money to Fairyland. :lol:
    19. My vote goes for Ai. Hooves, ears, antlers? It was a killing combo for my Christmas cash....

      I am very curious as to what they will come up with next month!
    20. Yrie's my fave - her face is so different from the other tinies that I had to get her. ^^