Who is your dream doll?

Dec 7, 2016

    1. Hi,
      I'm just interested in what is everyones dream doll. Do you already own it? Are you saving for it? Or did you order it?
      My dream doll is a fairyland Mio in a goth like outfit, I don't know why but I just need her. But right now I will not buy her, because on of my other dolls (minifee chloe) needs the new fairyline body with horse parts :D.
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    2. If I have to choose just one of the beautiful dolls I dream of owning, it would be Iplehouse Aurora. I first saw her used as a model in an Etsy shop and could do nothing else till I found out who she was! Since she only seems to come out in an occasional special edition, it will just have to be fate if I can find her when I have the money.
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    3. I like her too :) I wish you good luck with getting her! ^^
    4. My grail is Iplehouse Roger and I'm incredibly blessed to own him - I don't think I could ever love another doll the way I love him >w> He's the sculpt I shelled my favorite rp oc into and he's perfect. I got him as a graduation gift earlier this year... just before IH discontinued his sculpt :'D
      Mio is adorable - best of luck on one day adding her to your family <3
    5. Thank you! <3 I'm always happy to hear that someone is that happy with a doll <3
    6. My dream doll is Lieselotte from Volks (in my closet room version), she is soooo cute :fangirl:
      Sadly my budget won't allow me to haha.

      I wish you lot of luck to get your dream one, and please if one day you do, post pictures :aheartbea
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    7. I will post pictures of her <3 Lieselotte is really cute <3 I hope that you can somehow manage to get your hands on her <3 good luck ^^
    8. Well... my dream doll is DollChateau Medeas, but it seems it will never come true. :(
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    9. This is a very nice coincidence! My dream doll is also Aurora but the Impldoll one :D She has THE jawline and perfect cheekbones. I would love to get her head and put her on a male body... So I guess its more of a dream head :D Also i would love to get my hands on Dollzone male body, I love how defined they are.
      *sigh* maybe one day...
    10. Oh no! Why can't you get him :( ?

      Please post him/her when you him/her *-* <3
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    11. TonisMind,
      Because I almost lost my job, unfortunately.
    12. My dream doll was a Luts Zuzu Corni, and I actually own her now! SO happy~ :chibi
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    13. Oh no :( I'm really sorry for you :(

      Congrats to her <3 I love to hear when someone has there dream doll <3
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    14. My dream doll is between Souldoll Oscal (Terra Zeneth) and a Dollshe Saint but because I am on a very limited income it is almost impossible. What is sad is that Souldoll is offering free shipping right now and Dollshe has Saint on sale again!
    15. BJDs are my dream dolls - I drew them (joints and all) when I was about nine, back in the 70's and had to wait for many years until they came onto the market.

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    16. My grail is Atelier Momoni Momonita and I am blessed to have pre-ordered her just this November! :dance It'll be a long wait but I'm excited for her.
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    17. Depends on the definition of "dream doll". :)

      If you mean grail doll, it's Volks FCS F-16, and yes, I do own him!

      If you mean doll who is just utterly perfect that you absolutely adore every time you look at them, then it's Little Rebel Andre, and yes, I have him as well.

      If you mean doll you really want to own, then the next one I have planned is April Story Rebecca. I do not have her yet, but hope to order her before the end of the year.
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    18. The doll I really want is a Kaye Wiggs Layla. She's so cuuute. I'd like her in sunkissed tan or darker. Some day!
    19. My dream doll is Mousse in cookie skin from Merry Doll Round. She's so cute and a perfect size for traveling. I hope that she comes back on preorder and I'm prepared to purchase her.
    20. My dream doll is a Fairyland Sionna. Of course it is an old limited edition, so chances of getting her are slim :...(
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