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Who makes doll bodies with one piece torsos

Aug 18, 2007

    1. Is there a company that makes super dollfie bodies that dont have the seperation of stomach and chest? Like a doll that will look good in a swim suit...or do all dolls made with the speration between their chest and stomach?
    2. standard Volks Super Dollfie have one piece torso.
    3. Standard Volks SD10 girl torsoes are one-piece. I'm not sure about other companies BJDs, though. :)
    4. My Elfdoll boy has a one-piece torso. His is the shorter-leg version so I don't know about the current one they are selling.
    5. A few I can think of:

      Soom boys and girls have low split torsos, as well as CP boys and girls. (Torso is solid, they bend at the waist.) The Leekeworld "Gentle" male body is the same. The Elfdoll boys both do as well.

      My Gaia has a one piece torso, but she is a tiny. :)

    6. Elfdoll Ruru is the only doll I know that has a solid one piece torso. She was a one-off issue from elfdoll though.
    7. The first one that sprung to my mind was Unidoll's Jace. Phwoar... :wiggle

      I'm not sure whether the other Unidoll boys have the same, er, physique though...?
    8. The old iplehouse-bodies only have a hip-joint. But they're not for sale anymore so you have to find one in the marketplace.

      Not all CP Girls have a lower hipjoint. Some still have a waist-joint, I know my Lishe has one.

      The Kid delfs have a waist-joint, it's only the mini-fee's and the normal Delfs that have a lower joint. Senior Delf has a waist-joint again.

      But indeed the Volks SD10's girls are a one-piece torso. And I believe the boy-bodies too. Well at least Michaels and Ushiwakamaru's bodies are a one piece.
    9. Everpurple Iris has a beautiful, one piece torso.

    10. Glorydoll also has a one piece torso.
    11. Volks SD10 boys have the solid torso too, indeed. There's a Full Choice System option for a SD10 boy body with a torso joint, but apart from this, SD10 boys have the one-piece torso.
    12. Demon Garden male 1/3 bodies don't have the torso joint. Not too sure on the girl bodies.
    13. Since we've mentioned Unidoll, don't forget Raurencio boys!

      Also, Elfdoll LE Bambu had a one piece torso as well.
    14. eluts' delf and fairyland's feeple boys :)
    15. Some torso joints are so well hidden it's hard to notice them. Look for ones hidden under the breasts.
    16. The best one peice torso body, in my opinion, are the SD10 standard male and female torsos. Very posable, yet sturdy.
    17. My favourites are the already mentioned from Cerberus Project. The Feeple sold at Fairy Land and the Delf sold at Luts.
    18. Dream Realm's first two bodies also have a solid upper torso. And the Leekeworld Gentle body as well^^
    19. Luts makes one! That's already been mentioned above, but I thought I'd throw it in for emphasis XD