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Who should travel with me? (from my Iplehouse BID collection)

Sep 21, 2011

  1. Elodie (Elin)

  2. Hanako (Byuri)

  3. Rahni (Nami)

  4. Athelie (Erzulie)

  5. Allie (Naias)

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    1. I am thinking of taking perhaps one or two of my Iplehouse babies along with me for company while I travel in the USA for 3 weeks. The problem is I love all five of them for different reasons! So I thought it might be fun to take a poll and see who you guys would choose from amongst my five cuties. You can also make multiple choices if you just can't decide!

      They are, in order of appearance:

      Elodie (Elin), Hanako (Byuri), Rahni (Nami), Athelie (Erzulie) and Allie (Naias)

    2. It might be nice to take just one little love with you to spend some quality time with just her and solidify your bond:D I voted for your Elodie. She's utterly precious and my favorite mold of all your girls. Of all BIDs she and Efreet are my favorite molds. I'm excited to hear you are coming to the US:D I hope you enjoy your stay!
    3. Thank you Mitya!

      Looks like sweet Elodie is in the lead with Athie not far behind!
    4. I'm voting for Rahni! She looks like she is up for anything! The rest are more tentative-looking. Rahni will keep your spirits high on the trip, I think. What part of the US are you visiting?
    5. Thanks Kathleen for voting! Actually I agree about Rahni. She isn't as classically pretty as Elodie or Athelie, but I really love her sweet smiling face and think she could be a very cheery presence to have along while so far from home.

      I am visiting Wisconsin (I have relatives there), Boston, New York, LA and Honalulu on the way home!
    6. They're all so cute! I wouldn't be able to decide. Maybe draw straws?
      I voted Erzulie, but I am biased :P
    7. I voted for Hanako. She just looks like she'd really like to go. :)
    8. I voted for Erzulie! They are all so cute and lovely, so it was hard to choose only one. ^^''
    9. I voted for the next to last girl, with the darker resin. Her big brown eyes just melt my heart!
    10. Hanako so you can take lots of photos of her on your travels!
    11. I voted but I just want to say that all of your girls are adorable. It was very hard to chose and whoever you pick will have a great time. Very sweet collection of girls you have there.
    12. I voted for Rahni and Elin, they look like they want to travel! What a lovely bunch of girls you have!
    13. They are all so cute!
    14. They are all so cute! I voted for Elodie and Allie
    15. Thanks so much for everyone who has voted and commented! I still have a week to go so keep the votes coming in!

      Thank you for the nice compliments on my dolls. I just love these Iplehouse babies!

      I can see Erzulie is a clear favourite but it's nice to know all of the girls have their fair share of votes too!
    16. Elin and Erzulie! All your girls are really outstanding. These two look like they work well together and will have fun keeping each other company when your not around.
    17. Thanks for the nice compliment on my girls, PRGerry!

      It is interesting to see who are the most popular ones! Perhaps Elin and Erzulie are the most classically pretty and the most photogenic which probably explains why they are ahead. But I love them all equally and for different reasons and am sitting here wondering how I might be able to take all five with me! No - I'm joking....I think....!! :)
    18. Perhaps just put their names in a box and close your eyes and pick. :)
    19. They are all wonderful. Iplehouse BIDs are my favvorite dolls. I have 3 and I'm lookubg for more. Take Elin. She draws the most comments from people because she is so beautiful. Have fun. puglynne