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Who's Volks Ian?

Oct 4, 2004

    1. Just passing this on. o.o I haven't heard of any Ian! At first I thought, it must be the next Tokyo boy, but the kanji doesn't say "Tokyo Shounen Monogatari". But I can't read any of the kanji except the last one, so I'm no help. ^^; (Go me, I can only tell what it *doesn't* say.) Uh, sorry if this is old news and I'm just the last to know!
    2. Very Very old news actually. She (Yes, SHE) was the first MSD ever produced and is significantly shorter than the regular MSD. She was also very limited, which is why she is not seen very often.

    3. Several years ago I bought a Japanese book that featured 1/6th dolls, but at the back there was a section featuring the SD Four Sisters and what appeared to be a Mini SD.

      Recently, somewhere on DoA, someone displayed a picture of this same doll and explained that she was indeed Volks first attempt at making a mini. I can't remember what her name is now and I can't figure out where I saw the info. If anyone knows anything about this cute mini in a red kimono and geta with a black pageboy haircut, please let me know.

      On the picture I have of her, the name Kei Toume appears. Kei Toume is also the name of the mangaka who created "Lament of the Lamb", coincidence?
    4. I think you're talking about Ian? I have a picture of her in one of my doll books, and she looks rather pretty.

      Here's the original thread about her. ^^
    5. I don't think she was so much a "first attempt" at making a Mini Super DollfieL she was made with the intention of reproducing a particular character. Even now, Volks refers to her as an "SD", not an "MSD". She's very much one-of-a-kind. ^_^ (not meaning that there was only one of her produced, but that she doesn't fit into any of the categories of SDs perfectly).
    6. It is Ian! Thanks for the link.:daisy

      Now, does anyone know if she has anything to do with the creator of "Lament of the Lamb", or is it a coincidence?
    7. She might, since she was made after a character. Maybe the creator of Lament of the Lamb was the creator of Ian's character? I'm not familiar with that author or that manga series though...

      BTW, Does anyone remember how much she went for in auctions?
    8. Yes, she was a character in one of his books. Kei Toume wrote a manga called "Fuguruma Memories" which featured a girl named Ian.

      Here's a page, with a picture.

      She was a doll who could take photos of other people's memories. ^_^
    9. Thanks Cinnamon!

      She really does reflect the look of Kei Toume's work. I have a couple of "Lament of the Lamb" art books and I was hoping there was a connection. It figure's I'd go and be intrigued by a mini I have no chance of getting. I think I saw it mentioned in the other thread that the last auction on Y!J for a Ian kit went for $3,000.00! I just can't go there right now.

      Not yet anyway.
    10. No problem. ^.^

      If you haven't read Fuguruma Memories, I really do recommend it. Ian is quite endearing,... She's supposedly based off of an Ichimatsu doll.

      After I finished reading it, I wanted Volks' release of her and an ichimatsu doll. ^^;
    11. yup that's right, it's Kei Toume's!

      some more information I posted about the book at the bottom of this thread: http://denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19105

      I haven't seen an Ian on sale on YJA for a really long time... in fact in the couple years or so I've been looking at YJA... I"ve only seen maybe 2 kits total posted. (maybe three)
    12. Necroing an OLD thread here, but Kotonoha scanlated Fuguruma Memories. It's not yet licensed in English. You can download a zip of it at the link below: