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Who's watching Oceanmoon? Hui-rang!

May 13, 2007

    1. Olla,

      I know my second edition boy caused quite a stir and helped next to Omicheo's first edition Shou-ryu to gain more Oceanmoon fans.

      Since Oceanmoon at the moment is busy making a little brother for Shou-ryu I was wondering what you guys think of him!
      He will be 49-50 cm tall so he isn't a reall mini (iff so I'm sorry mods for posting it in the wrong section!).
      But Oceanmoon didn't wanted him to be a mini but just a shorter younger brother.

      I think he looks adorable please share your thoughts about Hui-rang.
    2. Awww, he is a cutie :D Wish he was SD sized tho! Do you know when Ocean Moon will come out with their SD size? I really wanted a Shou-ryu, but they're probably coming out with something else?

      LINKAGE: http://www.oceanmoon.biz/
    3. Any idea on when he'll be released and pricing?
    4. Oh man, I think my heart just stopped beating for a moment. He's amazing. I've been wishing for a 50 cm boy, too. :aheartbea If anyone has a guess as to pricing, I'd love to know~. I may have to save my pennies for this lovely.
    5. I dunno she's still busy with Hui-rang and her 26cm tiny. And she was thinking about a body for Shou-ryu os she's very very busy!
      There will be a third edition of Shou-ryu in a couple of months or sooner.

      I also think think Hui-rang's size is a wonderfull idea od Oceanmoon!
    6. Hui-rang looks so cute! :D I also really like his body sculpt. I hope I have enough for him when he is also released!

      I also have a Shou-Ryu second edition, but I'm scared to post him. ^^;;

    7. AWWWHH I wanna see pm me some pics XDDDDDD!!
    8. Hui-rang is adorable. :fangirl: Was the ordering complicated ?
    9. He looks like the perfect in between size and a very sweet face

      Her other dolls are in plastic bags :o
    10. No, they speak very good English and payment is by Paypal. All you have to do is post on their board. ^^
    11. Oooh an Oceanmoon thread!
      I'm still a newbie to the doll world, but I like the look of Shou-ryu... Bliss has a stunning boy! (*envy*)
      I just saw that they have updated photo of their new boy Hwa-lan today. I think he will look sexy and cool! Love his body (*drool*)
    12. Nahhh you're talking about Wentz ain't he a cutie XD I'm so happy I got him I can't believe I actually got myself a boy!! I was always the type that said she'd never buy a boy although there are so many hotties out there!
      I kinda hate having Wentz(so not true XD) a bit cause now I would love to have more boys!!
    13. Hui-rang is adorable <3 I don't know if I'd have room in my life for a 50cm boy though *sadface* Also, Hwa-lan is looking awesome too omg. I'm not entirely sold on Hwa-lan's face yet, but the body is looking pretty good indeed...

      (I don't suppose this thread could turn into a discussion of both Hwa-lan and Hui-rang? XD" )
    14. I used to (and still do) like boys, but Eun-ryung and some BF girls got me into girls! Quite opposite isn't it? ^_-?
      I :aheartbea all of their stuff. Volks and DOD got me falling in love with dolls first but I love the fact that they give their on-the-go photos.

      and twiggy, I totally agree with ya too. I mean, that body!!! I started saving and if I get bonuses this year I will get theirs...
      I think there WAS a thread on Hwa-lan...I found out after I wrote here though.
    15. It's sad since I haven't seen any Hui-rang update, but they just-really, just now. the number of readings are not even 10 yet- updated Shou-ryu for YJ and more Hwa-lan photo. Yay XD

      And sorry if I am messing with this thread's subject.... I thought there are separate threads for each of their stuff, but I don't know. How do I "and" search here? Every time I try A+B or A B it seems to be coming out as A or B... *sweats*
    16. How can you order from the site? It's pretty much a mystery to me.. o_o
    17. I can't find a trace of Hui-Rang on the website. >___> Can anyone link me to a photo?