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Whose your favorite Volks Harajuku Girl?

May 8, 2008

  1. Kurumi

  2. Luna

  3. Bianka

  4. Rose

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. Out of the four Volks SDs (Kurumi, Luna, Rose and Bianka) which one is your favorite and why?

      Forgive me if this is in the wrong section or already a topic!
    2. You forgot Ran! She's part of the Harajuku line too (:

      I own Kurumi, Luna and Rose myself so this was hard to decide! ;)

      In my opinion, I would say Kurumi had the prettiest faceup and sculpt, Luna and Ran had the best outfit and accessories, and Rose and Bianka had the best wigs.

      But overall, my favorite of the five is Luna. <3 (I fear future girls in this line....)
    3. Ever since I first saw the first picture of Kurumi I've been in love with her. She's my dream doll and I really hope I'll be able to get her sometime in the furure, no matter how far away it migh be...
      She's absolutely perfect to me, Everything about her is perfect in my eyes...

      So my answer is Kurumi. ^^;
    4. Kurumi is hands down the cutest girl sculpt Volks has done in a long time. Possibly ever. :D Even though she doesn't fit into my plans at all, I must respect her undeniable awesomeness. *worships from afar*
    5. Rose all the way for me!!:love I'm no longer trying to figure out exactly why I do, but I just adore her! :aheartbea The good news is that I finally won her on YJ today, so she will be a bloom in my BJD garden afterall!!!

      I do like all the other's in this poll too, and until I saw Rose, I would've voted for Luna. I guess I'm partial to those pink princess types. :lol:
    6. nena~ Urgh! Evil, forgive me!
      julidc~ Oh congratulations on winning Kurumi!

      I would have a ridiculously impossible time deciding upon which one I love. If I were to receive any of them I'd fall off my chair with utter joy. But I'd guess I;d have to go with Kurumi then Luna. Kurumi for her wonderful mold and face and Luna for her cute pouty-like lips and eyes. Besides All their default outfits are really pretty!
    7. I voted for Luna. Luna is one of the most favorite heads for me. :aheartbea
    8. Wahhh i wish people didnt like kurumi as much.*_*
      so Her price would be affordable :sweat i think kurumi is the most cuttest.
      im saving for one now but like T^T its $2800*_*
      but i bet when she comes she will be soo worth it ><
    9. I voted Kurumi. I'm not surprised she's so popular but I too wish she was less expensive. After Kurumi, I would vote Luna. She's so cute too, I love her pouty lips <3 Both are on my wishlist.

      I like Rose and Bianka too. Rose's wig is awesome! I like the Momoko sculpt but probably not enough to buy one until I get some of the other dolls I love more.
    10. Hi Mello,

      Thanks for your sweet congrats and it was ROSE I won...my favorite! :fangirl:

      Hugs, Juli DC :fangirl:
    11. Luna is my favourite :D I voted for her. After that it would be Rose. I love her wig.
    12. Kurumi, Rose, and Luna in that order.

      I would love to own any of the three and hope too soon. As someone who dresses in lolita on a regular basis and owns quite a bit of lolita brand clothing (a majority of it BTSSB....my other expensive hobby) I of COURSE want one of the BTSSB garbed girls. It doesn't help their faces are so precious and lovely!

      My poor bank account!!!
    13. I can't vote because I'm loving Ran too much, or at least her clothes. Face wise I kinda like Luna, but I prefer her out of her default. Maybe Luna in Ran's frill dress? That would be awesome~
    14. Kurumi is the cutest! But Luna photographs the best! LOL! At least that's been experiance...
    15. I voted Luna but I think Kurumi is just as adorable :D! I don't own any of the 2 but they are both adorable and my fave Harajuku gals!
    16. Out of those girls, I voted for Kurumi. :D
    17. LOVE Kurumi. If I had enough money to spare, I would probably get her. Luna kind of gives me the creeps and Bianka and Rose look very alike... ^^;;
    18. I voted for kurumi!!! although I'm going to get Rose in the mail soon hopefully!!! Kurumi is so cute and its really hard to come by. But Rose is my favorite too lol :)
    19. I really like Luna. if i want a SD doll one day i think it might be her