Why are all you boys so muscular?

Mar 3, 2020

    1. Dear precious sculpts,

      You have those beautiful, soft face. You have beautiful, soft features, and yet your body looks like you're training to fight. Hey, I know you're a main character. All of you are main characters, but it's okay to have a body that is as soft looking as your adorable face. I know it takes muscle to hold your 60-70cm body upright, but work out less, okay?

      What are some of your favorite male body sculpts? What all companies offer "soft" alternatives for the big boys?
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    2. I prefer more mature sculpts and body types. There are some softer, less buff style bodies out there. Dollzone's 62 cm male body is one I've actually been considering getting. Here's a link www.doll-zone.com. Soom Gem is another, though it's still a little buff. You really just have to search companies to find them. Female dolls have a similar issue too . They have soft childlike faces but definitely adult bodies . It's gotten way better over time but there are still a lot out there.
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    3. I was actually looking at Dollzone's bodies just a half hour before posting this thread. I figured the easiest places to find soft lanky boys would be either them or Doll Chateau, who, to no surprise, has some bony lanky boys. They are still muscular, but a little softer. This is going to be like finding that perfect head sculpt again: search everywhere for many hours over many days.
    4. You could try to sand down abs some and soften the body your self with modding.
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    5. Dollshe’s Mystic and Arsene bodies are some of the softest looking mature males I’ve seen. Simply stunning. I’m biased. I have one of each with another Mystic on order.
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    6. I really like the Dollshe Rythmos body!
    7. I totally recommend Asleep Eidolon they have few males the male body looks less bulky also soft :O but ..maybe that is a teenager body...
      Fairyland has some soft looking male bodies >~>...
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    8. I would consider the Akagi 66cm boy body to be pretty slender and non muscular. He also has pretty slim arms. Argo Doll is another that has a softer physique for their male SD body.:3nodding:
    9. I find Iplehouse's SID model to be a very nice, clearly mature body that is not musclebound - it doesn't even have the usual six pack and bulging pecs. I don't actually know a lot of men who have teen bodies, and I find this to be a good, in between alternative.
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    10. Luts has a senior self that is underdeveloped. I forget which type it is but I know they still offer it
    11. you mean SDF/SDF65 body slender type?
    12. If you mean like a chunkier softer body, I like SD volks boys. Then there are a few that are just more slender but not super toned. Some companies like Luts make a more muscled body and then a more slender or soft stomach tone.
    13. I don’t like muscular dolls, either. I currently own a Luts Senior Delf type 3, a Luts Junior Delf and a Volks SD10, and none of them are muscular.

      Doll Chateau, Angell-Studio, Asleep Eidolon, IslandDoll Wind, Fantasy Doll/FDoll, Dollzone all make 1/3 Boy bodies without too much muscle. If you’re up for modding, you could always sand a body to be smoother as well.
    14. Muscles don't bother me, if the body is balanced. Even in real life I don't like when guys are too much muscled like bodybuilders but you give me a guy with Chris Evans or Ryan Gosling body I take it ! haha
      For BJDs I love Dollshe 28M body, I find it beautiful and very realistic (hands are crazy !) as I can like Luts Senior Delf or Dollzone body.
      On the contrary, I really don't like when bodies are too thin and smooth, I find them so weird. By the way I think face of mature man can't match with a thin body
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    15. Ohh, I'll be watching this thread. Muscular sculpts are nice but I admit I'm a sucker for the look of the still-developed but smoother, slender boy bodies! I also have to second Dollzone's 62cm body, that's probably my favorite of my own search so far. The hips are nicely proportionate with the shoulders, and the chest isn't overbroad the way other non-beefy boy bodies can sometimes still be. Plus the stomach/torso has nice definition but some softness at the same time, nowhere as chonky as a six-pack. So lovely! <3
    16. I'm not aware of that terminology. This was specifically their Senior Delf. I double checked my order and it's still labeled as type 3, the type I bought. The body alone can be seen here lutsdoll co.,ltd.
    17. I really like the Beyours bodies. Super soft. I got one for my more effeminate boy and I have to say it was tough to find a body like that at 65+.
    18. I know right? I really like the slim male bodies. Muscular dolls is just not for me!
    19. You might also be interested in some of the older, pre-2010 BJDs! The OG Volks SD13 and SD10 bodies are softer, as are the older Delfs and pre-Super Gem Soom dolls. They pop on the Marketplace every so often.

      BeYours has a nice 60cm body that isn't too muscular. Switch's 60cm body or the Poika body are nice alternatives, too.
    20. I didn't notice anyone mention the Dikadoll body. It's pretty delicate-looking. I guess most boy heads are sculpted in such a way that a narrow-armed body would look unproportional. I plan to include one boy (I miss having one) and I am considering fdoll. My only concern is their knee joints :/