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Why are limited dolls worth it?

Feb 2, 2011

    1. BJD community, let me pose a serious question to you:

      Why ARE limited dolls worth it? Besides the occasional doll that just PERFECTLY matches whatever character is in your mind, limited dolls like SOOM ones generally are too valuable and/or cumbersome to play with and change, so they end up just sitting around like statues. I once got rid of my whole wishlist just so I could save for future limiteds, but then I realized that I could neither play with them or change them, and nor did I really really like them too much. Sure SOOM little dolls are just adorable, but have you noticed that besides the hooves/horns/tail/whatever, that their faces all look really similar? And the big dolls are WAY too cumbersome to bring around on a daily basis and play with a lot.

      So why would you buy a limited doll? (Besides the inevitable true-love kind of deal.)

      EDIT: I just realized that I might have sounded a bit mean here, and I want to clarify. I just wanted to play Devil's advocate with this thread and hear some reasons. I've only ever wanted a SOOM Limited, so that's all I can talk about; and the reasons I listed are ones I heard from BJDcast. I profusely apologize for any hurt feelings due to my careless remarks.

      So here's a nicer, abridged version of original post:

      Why would you buy a limited doll? Would you buy a limited doll just because it was limited? How do you deal with the rarity of them? Etc, etc.
    2. Just because it's limited doesn't mean you can't customize a doll, I own limiteds from a few different companies and of all of them only one has the default faceup, the rest I've had repainted to suit my characters.

      It really depends on a persons approach to the hobby, not everyone 'plays' with their dolls or lugs them around everywhere, most of mine are sat on display unless I'm doing a shoot with them. Since you seem to be focusing on Soom limiteds, yes there is a certain style to their sculpts and some have been similar but that's true of any company since they all have their own aesthetic, but saying that there are also dolls which look nothing like any of their others, Beryl springs to mind for example. If you find them too samey or they don't suit your style of collecting then maybe limiteds aren't for you but that doesn't mean others don't enjoy them for other reasons.
    3. For some, its the fact that is you do not get the doll right now, you may never be able to get it. It also makes your collection a bit more unique to have a limited rather than a doll anyone can get at anytime.

      I have a little Soom doll and bits and pieces of a few others and I love changing her parts and taking her to meets. She is the doll I play with most at home. I agree that some of the SOOM Teenie MD faces have a similar look to them, but I can usually tell them apart in the Gallery even with non default faceups.

      All my dolls are limited (I am guilty of the "if I do not get it now, I never will be able to" thing), and it does not stop me from taking any of them with me to meets and out for photoshoots. Granted, I have all of them insured at replacement value, but its not like I would care less about them if they were non-limited.
    4. Well, some people are fine just admiring them as they sit on their shelves, and other people don't find them too valuable or cumbersome to play with. It really depends on the individual and how much they really want a particular doll, and people's tastes are very different. LEs can give companies opportunities to release dolls with special parts or outfits that might be too difficult to release in a regular run which gives hobbyists the chance to snag some dolls that are really different. Some people also enjoy the thrill of hunting down harder to find dolls.

      I would buy an LE if that doll really grabbed me on a gut level. I have mostly standards, but I'm not against the possibility of more LEs in the future (never say never in this hobby, lol). Plus, I really want a YO, and they're only available as LEs.
    5. I have a limited. She was at a doll show, and when I turned the corner and saw her it was simply love at first sight.
      I bought her because I could not go home without her -- simply could not do it.

      And she is changed and played with!
    6. I play with my LEs and take them around to doll meets and change their clothes if I have the time. I've even done my own face-up and hybridized them.

      What makes them worth it for ME is that they are usually unique in some way, Soom's fantasy parts, a mold that is only available for a limited time, or a particular skin color. BUt I don't treat them differently than I did my standard edition dolls.
    7. Beryl was the girl who got me interested in dolls in the first place, and she's one of the ones I play with the most. *shrugs* It just depends on if the doll is worth it to YOU, I guess. I really like the Soom aesthetic, so I get a lot of them when they come out, if I can afford it at the time - mostly because if I don't grab them then, I won't be able to afford them later. I've had to put a lot of regular dolls off because of the limiteds, even though I still want to get them eventually.

      I personally think all the tinies look pretty distinctive, but if you think they all look the same, isn't that kind of better? :XD: I mean, that way, if you don't like the parts or outfits on one, the next one won't be all that different to you, right?
    8. If you want it enough to pay for it, it's worth it. LE or not.

      There is no reason in the world why you couldn't do the same things with your LE that you do with your basics. I've repainted and modded most of my LE's and to me they're worth every penny I had to scrounge up to get them. I actually am planning on taking one of them to our next meet which will be in a public place. He's gone to conventions, had outdoor shoots (today in fact), and I'll continue to drag him all over the place. The only thing that kind of worries me is the day I have to redo his faceup...and it's only half his original faceup to begin with. I don't see it happening any time soon *knocks on wood* as I inspect it every once in a while and it's in perfect condition, and somehow, he's really clean for such a WS doll XD
    9. I find it lame when poeple just keep their doll with default faceup and outfit. but that's out of the topic.
      personnaly, i've own a few limiteds (2 breakaway and 1 afi). none of them have default faceup, not even the outfit or wig and 2 of them I opened their eyes.
      I buy the limited because I like THE DOLL and it suits a character. not because their outfits are nice.
      so I play with them too just like any other of my dolls ^^ since I usually pay more for them than my other dolls, they gotta be worth that money! if I was to keep it locked in a glass box with always the same outfit, I would just print the picture in big instead
    10. Why not? There's certainly nothing stopping you from changing their look - aftermarket value is only a concern if you're planning to sell/seeing the doll as an investment anyway.

      Often they're cheaper than buying a similar doll + outfit, so if the clothes work with your tastes, why wouldn't you want to save money? Other times the dolls are available in non-standard resin colours, so if you prefer a tan (or grey, or whatever) and an LE in that colour shows up, why wouldn't you buy it?
    11. As someone who has bought a couple limiteds before, I just have to say that if I fall in love with a doll, that's it. I want it, and I will stop at nothing to get it. And no one has the right to tell me what I can or cannot do with my dolls.

      I DO play with my limiteds, I DO change their clothes, faceup them, re-wig them, and pose them, just as much as I do my other dolls. I'm careful with my Euclase Sleeping head, but that's because I'm afraid of the cost of replacing a broken wing-ear. But this just keeps me from taking him everywhere with me; it doesn't stop me from playing with him.

      As the central character in my 'story' (which I SWEAR I will one day record on photostories...), my Euclase head is important. But then, so is the dollcatch body he's on, so is my damaged (bought him that way) DoC Yu, my Bygg, my broken Gogo (T_T need to get her a new body...) and her Momo, and every other doll I own. If I lost or damaged any of them, I'd be upset. I do acknowledge that the limited parts cost more, and I am careful with them, but whether a doll is limited or not, I buy a doll because I like the face sculpt. If I don't like the body, I buy another body (hence why my Meditation head is on a Dollcatch body instead of Super Gem).

      Again, I do whatever I want with my dolls, because nobody has the right to tell me otherwise.
    12. I'm another one who treats her LEs just the same as her standards. I've redone faceups, made hybrids, and they get handled just as much. And I don't see how a Soom Super Gem on hooves is so drastically more cumbersome to deal with than a 70cm, especially an EID. Having an LE around is no different than having a standard. The only real difference is in how the doll is typically obtained.

      Companies have common aesthetics across their lines or within lines. It's their particular style, and means there are going to be sculpts that "all look the same" to somebody. But I bet to Soom fans who look at Soom faces all day, they don't have much trouble distinguishing, just like I don't think all Volks sculpts look the same.

      As to being worth it: My top priority is sculpt and suitability to character, and it's actually more common for LEs to resemble my characters than standards. And then there's the buy-it-now-or-buy-it-possibly-more-expensive-much-later pressure . . . And on top of that, I think it's just the icing on the cake to know that this particular sculpt isn't super easy to get, is attached to a specific event, and probably came from a pretty specific artistic vision. I mean, every doll was designed, but LE fullsets often have strong concepts with multiple designers involved (sculpt, faceup, wig/outfit), and that's really cool to me.
    13. Why ARE limited dolls worth it? Besides the occasional doll that just PERFECTLY matches whatever character is in your mind, limited dolls like SOOM ones generally are too valuable and/or cumbersome to play with and change, so they end up just sitting around like statues.


      First of all-- limiteds just happen to be dolls that are sold for a limited time or in a limited number. They are like any other dolls, otherwise, and people buy them and treat them like their other dolls... Or at least the people I know do! I treat my Soom MDs like any other doll. If YOU don't want to do that, fine. But why assume everyone is acting just one way? Everybody is different. It's the same in the BJD world as in real life.

      I once got rid of my whole wishlist just so I could save for future limiteds, but then I realized that I could neither play with them or change them, and nor did I really really like them too much. Sure SOOM little dolls are just adorable, but have you noticed that besides the hooves/horns/tail/whatever, that their faces all look really similar? And the big dolls are WAY too cumbersome to bring around on a daily basis and play with a lot.

      Again, this is your reaction, which is valid for YOU, but everyone else has their own feelings about limiteds, and Soom tinies and big dolls! *_*

      So why would you buy a limited doll?

      I've been buying limiteds since my first BJD in 2004. I buy them because I happen to like those particular sculpts (and faceups and whatever else I get that come with them). Just like any other doll. If I saw a standard I really wanted, I'd get that, too. I don't make divisions between limiteds and standards--except that I often have to pounce on a limited if I want to make sure to get one. That's the main difference to me--and it's a PAIN--not something that I'm going for!!! But it DOES make me bite the bullet and pay up for the doll (or at least put it on layaway)--which, I suppose, is one of the reasons some dolls are limited to begin with.

      My first doll was an Elf El--which was almost exactly the same as the standard El, but with pointed ears that you can't really see under most wigs anyway. I got him because I wanted an ELF and I liked the El sculpt. But aside from the ears that you can barely see that make him a little rarer than the gazillions of Els out there, there's no difference. If someone wants to make a big deal out of ear-tips (that can be modded on to any El), then that's THEIR business... but it's really not a big deal to me (other than my wanting elf ears).

      I've got big Soom dolls and I've hauled all three of them around to a number of meetups and I've changed their clothes and parts and and blushed them and they aren't just sitting about like statues. I've got one mostly stripped and I'm fitting some jewelry I'm making on him at the moment.

      I also have a couple of standards. I bought them for the same reasons as I did my other dolls.

      To each his own, you know? :nowords:
    14. Some reasons:

      1. If the sculpt is limited and it happens to suit your character, it's better to get it direct from the company than to pay the mark-up.
      2. Splits can actually get you the human doll cheaper than a standard, if you're talking about Soom.
      3. If you get a Soom limited and find that you no longer want it, many people will be happy to take it off your hands at more than the price you paid.
      4. Personally, I like just owning and staring at Soom's fantasy parts, even if I don't have a doll to wear them. They're like pieces of art on their own. <3

      But of course, the main reason for buying any doll is because you like them, right? It's not to chase the 'limited' label. Limited dolls don't have to be treated any differently from normal dolls. I play with mine normally. They get injured during shoots (QAQ), but accidents do happen, and it's just part and parcel of doll ownership.
    15. I just bought an LE doll that I've had my eye on ever since she was released last year. She's a Dollmore LE, which means the "limited" part of her is her faceup and her outfit, not her sculpt. I could have just as easily bought the basic release of the sculpt and got a custom faceup that was close in style to the LE faceup and taken a pass on the clothes, but I didn't. The faceup was perfect for the character I wanted to embody in this sculpt and I just couldn't pass it up. Besides which, I did the math and after allowing for a custom faceup and other extras I was going to order for her, the price difference was only around twenty dollars. Seemed kinda silly to me to skip out on a limited outfit (a lingerie set!) that I'll have her wear under her other clothes all the time for just twenty bucks when I'm already shelling out much more than that on the doll herself :sweat

      And I do plan to take her to meets, outdoor photoshoots and conventions, being just as careful with her as I am my other dolls. Accidents happen, but I'm not going to not enjoy her (or my other dolls) the way I want to for fear of injuring them or their faceups. If I was that bothered by it I wouldn't buy them. I've already got enough stuff in my house that does nothing but collect dust :sigh
    16. There are a lot of assumptions here, many of which aren't really... accurate. They might be for you, but they aren't universal.

      Well, to some people, they aren't. If it's a doll I don't like, it doesn't matter how limited it is, it wouldn't be worth a dime to me.

      Well, I don't buy my dolls to drag them around really, and get my enjoyment out of them just fine when they sit on the shelf. That said, I've not had a problem dragging them around when I go to meets and so on.

      Here's the thing, though: that's you. Other people can play with them, happily change them, and do like them. If you don't like them, why would you consider buying them?

      ...yeesh. I have a pile of Sooms, so I understand the fixation better than most (much to my wallet's chagrin) but since when has Soom been the only company that makes limiteds in the minds of this board? Volks does, Iplehouse does (and larger ones at that), Luts does. :P Soom is not the only company that makes limited editions, or expensive limited editions, or big limited editions, or delicate limited editions, etc. This seems more like 'why would you buy a Soom LE' thread than a general LE question, but it's a question I'd answer the same way either way.

      For the same reason I would buy a doll that isn't limited: because I like it. :)
    17. I agree with what people above have said: Because I like the doll. Sadly my wishlist contains A LOT of limited dolls, but not because they are limited, I just really like the sculpts and I think they would work really well as characters that I have in mind.

      I have a Soom LE and I originally purchased her with default faceup, eyes, and wig. That didn't last. The doll no longer has her limited special parts, her eyes, wig, or even her original body. The only think left from the LE set is the head. And I love it. It just fits who she is so well. So I don't even think of her as being an LE anymore, never really did. She just happened to have a face that I fell in love with.
    18. What are you talking about? Absolutely nothing you have posited so far is true. :nowords: LEs don't end up sitting around like statues; the faces on my LEs do not all look just like each other; and they're not too cumbersome to play with, because they get played with frequently.

      I think you'd better start over by honing your discussion-point into something concrete and specific. Which, to distill your OP, would thus turn into: "I personally do not like those large fancy LE fullset dolls by Soom, so I want everybody to justify to me why I should even understand the fact that other people might like them".

      And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. Sensible responses to inanity: they're out there.

    19. Why ARE limited dolls worth it?

      Well in truth no doll is REALLY worth it, regardless of being Limited
      or a basic, unless YOU feel it's worth it.

      But I'm curious why you have singled out Soom? There are plenty
      of companies that have Limited dolls. Many companies rely on the
      release of their Limiteds to draw customers back and new ones in,
      not just Soom.

      but have you noticed that besides the hooves/horns/tail/whatever,
      that their faces all look really similar?

      Well no, I disagree. Do you even have any Soom tinies in your possession
      to determine that? They all have their own differences, but lets face it,
      they are tiny faces and unlike BIG dolls there is limited space, in general
      I do agree that on OE heads most of the eye shapes look the same, most
      companies "recycle" things, like ears...some companies never make new
      ears for ANY of their dolls which I find rather annoying.

      And the big dolls are WAY to cumbersome to bring around on a daily
      basis and play with a lot.

      Once again this is a matter of opinion. Some people have no trouble
      carting around large dolls and prefer it. Cumbersome is not singular
      to Soom MDs.....ALL large dolls take more effort to hold and dress!!!!!!

      Basically it sounds like you just don't like Soom MDs and wanted to let everyone
      know. There are plenty of companies that I don't love but I just move along so
      I don't offend or hurt anyones feelings. A big part of this hobby is deciding what
      style of doll you like and what companies have this style. Nothing you said is in
      fact pertaining only to Soom.

      From your post is seems that you don't want an LE because you worry about
      whether you would feel comfortable playing with it. That makes sense, just
      remember that for the most part LEs Heads and or fantasy parts are the only
      LE thing, bodies can almost always be bought again. I think most people will
      agree that they take equal care when handling their basics AND LE dolls.
      Also it just seems that you prefer a smaller doll since you keep saying how
      cumbersome Soom MDs are. Again this is all a matter of preference. :)
      Large dolls ARE bigger & heavier so yes it takes a bit more to carry them &
      dress them. This is why many people prefer MSD/YO-SD and smaller dolls.

      If you don't really really like a doll (which you stated) too much then it's
      clearly not the right doll/dolls for you. There are plenty of other companies
      out there that have LE dolls for you to choose from. I hope you find dolls that
      you absolutely love!:aheartbea

      edit: I forgot to say why I buy Limited dolls!
      Well it's true that almost all of my dolls are LE. I did not buy them merely
      because of that though! I actually have to really think a doll purchase through
      since I (like a lot of others) cannot afford every single doll I fall in love with.
      The trouble with Limiteds of course is that they are either Limited in time or
      in number, when they are limited in number you really have to think clearly
      (lol) and quickly.....I much prefer the Limited sale LE's because it usually allows
      you a good amount of time to think about whether you really want the doll.
      Most of my dolls were bought because I loved how they looked first, regardless
      of LE status.
    20. For me, it isn't that the doll is limited that makes me want it a lot. I mean, sure I enjoy a little individuality and knowing not a lot of people own the same sculpt... for example, I've got an SDC Kaede on layaway, and she was limited, and not many people have her, as opposed to my SD10 Four Sisters, which is a very common mold. To make me want a limited, it has to be undeniably cute, like Charlotte, Lieselotte, SDC Renee, YoSD Tanpopo, etc. Also, it can't be a crazy price like Suiseiseki would be (even though she's gorgeous). The limiteds I like aren't any more cumbersome than a regular SD doll, because they all have the same bodies as a regular doll, just a different head.
      I wouldn't treat a Charlotte any differently than my Elena, even though I know Charlotte would be my favorite. The only thing is I'd be afraid to take her in public as much to avoid hurting a doll worth a lot more.

      To me, it sounds like you have a problem with SOOM, not limiteds...