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Why are so many limhwa half elf girls resold?

Sep 18, 2007

    1. I don't understand that a lot of people are already selling there limhwa half elfs?
      Is this because they turn yellow?
      I have my girl now for only a month, but I never buy a doll that I want to sell again, I have a lot of dolls of all kind
      I now have 4 bjd dolls and the 5th is coming, but I never will never sell any.

      Do you buy them to impulsive? Or what reason is there for you to sell this beauty?
    2. People sell dolls for all kinds of reasons, it doesn't always have to do with the doll itself. I mean, they could need money, want fewer dolls in their family, find the size isn't right for them, that the mold doesn't fit the character it was meant to be, that they want another doll and need the money or simply not bond..so it may not be the Half Elf's 'fault'.
    3. I think when you are excited about a doll, you also notice more when others are selling one or talking about it. The market threads are full of dolls for sale, but the ones which catch your eye are the ones with dolls you own or want to own.

      We have been selling the Half Elf and Human now for over a year, and they are all over the world. Many people have loved theirs so much, they buy a second or choose to get a Human to live with their Half Elf. They are very well loved.

    4. I've noticed that people have started to sell them when they start to yellow. But i've also noticed that alot of people are selling them because they fear the yellowing and think it will ruin her.

      I went to a doll meet up and brought my limhwa half-elf with and my friend said "You know the first thing someone is going to say to you is 'OMG you brought her out in the sun!!'"

      She was right - that's the first thing anyone said to me.

      To be honest... I don't care if she yellows or not. All dolls yellow sooner or later - and it's not like i can really tell anyway. My friend said her face is starting to yellow some... but i can't really tell!

      I'm hoping she starts to yellow out some... her skin is so white and glaring it kills alot of her photos I think... hoping it beiges out some with time.

      Enough soapboxing for me :3
    5. I have both the Half-Elf and the Human, and there is nothing wrong with them. I got the Human for Christmas and the Half-Elf for Valentine's. I have been careful with them, but I still get them out. And they are still as perfect today as the day I got them. If you are thinking of getting one, you won't be disappointed.

    6. yep, mine was from around that same time too. I keep her in her box but i've taken her out and played with her and she's still the same (at least to me). i took her out in panic a couple of weeks ago because i felt i hadn't seen her in a while to check how much she's yellowed and she looked the same. I love my limhwa to pieces and since french resin is the only way i can have her, that's the way it is :)
    7. My husband and I both really liked the half-elf we had. She was extremely beautiful and I still love viewing other half-elf's in the gallery. But the mold has some very delicate features (especially those long fingernails! And those 'locking tabs' inside her torso!) When you have something like OCD, you can quite easily obsess over accidentially breaking something and it becomes impossible to actually enjoy the doll. So we didn't really have much choice except to sell her.
    8. I've noticed that sometimes dolls get sold in waves. For example, I was once looking to buy a SD-13 body and none were for sale, but a month later (when I had spent the money on other things) there were four different ones for sale each from a different person. If you watch the for sale doll threads, you'll sometimes notice that all of a sudden five or six of the same Luts doll will go up or suddenly a Volks head that is rarely seen has three or four sellers.

      It's almost a chain reaction sort of thing where one person sees that another has a doll up for sale, realizes that they have that doll too and could use the money, and the next thing you know there's several people all selling the same doll. So it may not be entirely there's something wrong with the limwha doll, just that it's her time to go up for sale in mass.

      A heads up... For limited dolls that you miss out on they tend to go on a pretty set schedule... First wave will be the flippers (the people who get it and immediately realize it isn't what they wanted or the bill arrives). About a month after the doll is released there's usually a second wave of the doll, and about two months after the doll's initial release there's a third smaller wave. Then the doll goes up more rarely and/or you have to start advertising for it. Or at least that's what I've noticed.
    9. Mine are over one year old now, I have the Half Elf and Human girls which are the exact ones used in the photographs you see on the site, where they are in the white outfits with pearls.

      I put them on display again in Austin for everyone to see.. right next to the new Limho Mano. They are still the same color, and looking beautiful. In fact I put them right next to Limho Mano, and aside from his body blushing, they were all identical in color.

      Everyone needs to remember: keep all resin out of UV light, and heat. Direct sunlight is not good for any resin doll. Don't store them in hot rooms, or go on vacation and leave them in a room which will be 120 degrees while you are away. Remember too, if you put your doll out in a display in your room and leave her.. the sun moves during the day. While you are asleep in the morning, the sun could be blazing through your windows right on your dolls. Because I'm a bit absent-minded about things like that, I tend to put mine back in their boxes when I'm done playing with them. Then no worries.

    10. I think the Limhwa Half Elf is one of the the loveliest girls around, but I won't buy them in the French Resin without UV protection. Of course, normal resin isn't always much better. It's so much money to pay and then to have discoloration is awful. I don't know why they don't add the UV protection to the dolls. Kaye Wiggs does and says it means 5 years without the risk of the resin yellowing. All you have to do is look at the photos of Narae's and Narins that have yellowed to see how bad it can be. And keeping dolls out of sunlight and heat is not terribly easy in the Australian sun when the temperatures start rising. Our whole house gets hot and while we have airconditioning, I'm not about to start running it to keep the dolls cool when I'm out. So there would be 3 months of the year at least when I'd be scared to play with these dolls.
    11. Here in the netherlands it's never getting very hot.
      And I have seen the yellowing of the narae's but it's more beige so I know I won't mind.
      She is sitting in a closet not in direct light but I am not going to put her in the box, so perhaps she will yellow a little faster, but she is so pretty, I want to look at her every time.
    12. The thing is, though, ALL resin yellows, as Catrina mentioned -- yes, French resin can yellow faster under some conditions, but I have some older urethane-resin ("normalskin-type") dolls which have also dramatically yellowed, especially my poor LovelyHouse ShinB.

      After a while, though, I just started seeing it as her 'natural skin color,' and she's still one of my most-prized dolls.

      Yellowing happens over time, but to me, it makes the dolls look like they're carved out of ivory . . . which is a really beautiful effect.

      FWIW, I bought a Snow White Narae, knowing that her skincolor would change over time somewhat, but loving her anyway!

      -- A <3
    13. I have 2, my first has mellowed to a more normal skin color. People in my doll group actually like her this color better, because the pinky white is a little pale. But I must confess I take her outside quite a bit. She is not yellow though. The secon,more recent has had some changes in her tabs, and as a result is better at sitting. Very noticeable improvement.
    14. Well Limwha has some feature that make her a very delicate doll. I have bought mine with the locking tab inside the torso broken by one of her previous owner and it is very very difficult have her posing good in that way, but of course I know what I was doing and I enjoy the doll anyway but, indeed, she is very delicate and need to be gently handled.
      About the yellowing, my Limwha half elf is sitting down in front of my computer all the day, near a Narae. My room is a black crypt I admit ^^'' but anyway Rome is an hell in summer and I can't see any yellowing on her...
      (Honestly the half elf is so gorgeous that I suppose I will keep her even if she become green, but this is another story :P ).
    15. I own a Half Elf, too. I admit, that I though about selling her ONCE, since I have her, but I forgot that Idea, fast.As some people have said: Yellowing is natural! I&#180;m very careful with my dolls and hate it, when something isn&#180;t right, like chips on hands and feet or something like that. But I&#180;m too much in love with my Half Elf to sell her. As for her hands...Yes they ARE delicate, but I own Luts WS Hands from a Lishe and they fit on Limhwa, too, even if they look a little small, in comparision to the Limhwa hands. So this might not be the problem. If one of the Limhwa-hands MIGHT ever break, I still have white skin hands from Luts. Oh an...my Limhwa was yellowed a little. Her Face is perfect as ever, because of the MSC UV stuff. But her arms and legs, who are exposed to sunlight or daylight in general, got a little yellow. But I&#180;ll still continue to take her out to dollmeets with me. She&#180;s too pretty to be kept in her box all the time.
    16. I've only seen pictures of Lovelovekitty's Cora (half-elf), and I honestly think she is the most beautiful doll I have ever seen. I would take her even if she turned bright orange.
      I think there are two types of doll owners. One is the Mint In Box type, who want their dolls to be perfect and increase in value, so they do whatever they can to protect their investment.
      Others- like myself- buy dolls to play with, take outside, photograph, and live with. So for me- the little dents and dings and scratches and discoloration just add to their patina. I don't want a doll I'm afraid to play with.
    17. Perhaps this might help a little? Here are two Limhwa Half Elfs, the one in dark blue was from the first order of the 57 cm girls, over a year ago. The second was purchased from a lady who had only bought her a couple of months back. (Liked them so well, had to have two! Not to mention the Human as well. :aheartbea ) The newer one does not have all of her blushing yet, as you can see in the body here. There is not a lot of difference in their resin, other than the blush. Might add that the first one has never been back in her box, only in a room with normal light for the entire year. Does there appear to be much difference in the two resins?

    18. My Human has yellowed quite badly, it's not equal yellowing either, thankfully that doesn't show in the photos yet = =; and yes I followed all the usual tips 'keep your doll out of sunlight and heat'

      But for me it's no reason to sell her... although it has upset me quite a bit.
    19. To the question asked: I guess that some people, like me, might be a bit intimidated by how fragile the Half Elf is and the prospect of yellowing, and it also takes some time to learn the finer workings of the body system - this might gove some people enough reason to sell her? Or then there's the possibility that you just don't always bond with a doll, that can happen with any doll.

      I personally am a tiny bit scared of her yellowing, but if she does, it would not be a reason to sell her. I can only imagine selling her if I didn't bond with her, it's been a bit hard for me. She's now having her face-up done by a pro, so I'm really looking forward to getting her back and seeing how we get along!
    20. This has been my experience with French resin too. My Narindolls are splotchy yellow, not in any way even toned. They are kept in a dark room, and rarely exposed to sunlight, and when so, only for a few minutes. I honestly think that French Resin is unstable and though light may add to the problem, I think the resin will change regardless. I cannot explain why some of the dolls seem to not yellow, and others, like mine, yellow to the extreme.

      It's terribly upsetting to me to have spent the kind of money I have on these dolls, and have this happening, with nothing I can do to change it.