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Why are some dolls not allowed, and others are?

Sep 22, 2011

    1. I'm new into the doll world, and my first two dolly-kids are not resin, and therefore, not allowed. One of them -is- strung, just made out of the 'wrong' material.
      So the question is, why are some dolls that are just as expensive (if not moreso) as other playscale or dollhouse scale BJDs, not allowed because of being the wrong material.
      I don't mean just allowed here, but allowed by the doll community in general. I mean it seems like plastic dolls are looked down on when compared with resin ones

      If this is in the wrong section sorry, I won't be upset if it's moved.
    2. I think it's mainly because DoA is trying to keep things uniform, so they have certain requirements for on-topic dolls. It just makes it easier for everyone to understand what other people are talking about. It also makes it easier to discuss dolls that all follow the same basic mechanical structure, because there's a greater chance someone has that doll, and can help you out. Chances are someone either has that doll, or has a doll from that company, and can identify with a problem you're having.
    3. As far as I can understand it, it's just the rules.

      The rules were created by the people who started this forum, in order to have a more comprehensive idea about what sort of community this is. It's not about costliness (or even material that much, certain non-resin dolls are allowed), it's more about the aesthetic and feel of the doll. There are some resin, strung with elastic, ball jointed dolls that have been decided to be off-topic here, and while it might not make sense to me, I accept the rules of the forum and I try to find pictures of those dolls elsewhere, like Flickr.
    4. Hi! The mods' definition of abjds for this forum is an attempt to keep the site managable and focused. They aren't the definitive authority on bjds, though, and there are several forums where other types of bjds and other dolls in general are allowed. I believe you can have a picture here of your OT dolls if they are in a picture with an on topic doll and the on topic doll is the focus.
    5. To put it simply, if every single doll of any type was allowed in this forum the size of the forum would be enormous. I assume it's because of this reason that the mods have narrowed what dolls are on-topic, so that way most topics in this large forum are ones that most of the users can relate to. Imagine if reborns or collectible barbies were allowed on the forum, then you'd have entire sections of the forum that would never interact with each other due to how different the dolls in question are.

      I don't think they're looked down in the community in general at all. They're just not considered on-topic or of interest in this particular portion of the doll community. I know there are forums on the internet for just about every specific type of doll hobby there is, this just happens to be a forum specifically for BJDs. I have actually at one point been a member of a barbie collector forum ( no longer active to my knowledge, but I know there are many more out there) and they had no interest in my resin dolls at all. In fact, they seemed to look down upon them, seeing them as nothing more than an over-glorified barbie.
    6. I think it's much the same as if someone was on a porcelain figures forum and was annoyed that they couldn't talk about their porcelain plates. If a forum is for specifically resin ABJD, then that's what it's for. It's not a values statement on other forms, nor is it looking down on other forums, nor is it 'elitist'. It's just a forum where the topic at hand is resin BJD.

      There are many doll forums out there where it would be inappropriate to talk about your resin ABJD as well. Going on to a Barbie collector's forum and talking about them is inappropriate, in just the same way as if that porcelain plate collector was to talk about their plates on a figure collection forum.

      It's like saying "Hey, everyone! I have an awesome Staffordshire Terrier!" And someone else replying with "Hey, that's great, but this is a forum for owners of Border Collies, not a discussion of every single breed of dog." The original person may not like it, but if a forum is for a specific purpose, they should be finding another forum that better suits their purpose rather than trying to change the other to fit their needs.
    7. Wow, other side of the coin huh. I guess I'm so used to view on barbies on here that I've never really thought about what the barbie collectors would think of bjds.
      Now, I keep imagining some giant gang fight between the barbie collectors and the bjd collectors :lol:

      When you spent a lot of time of DOA it's easy to forget that the rules on here, arn't world rules. I used to spend a lot of time on a forum for cocker spaniels, the people on there were very nice, but like here they had a specific focus, I eventually left that forum because I found that I didn't share that focus. I found somewhere else to go, where I did share the same focus as the other people on it.
      The internet is a big place, and while many forums can feel like exclusive clubs they rarely are, they're just a place for like minded people to chat.
      I guess my rambling point is, don't ever feel like your being looked down on, or excluded from the club, chances are it's just that you don't have the same focus, and there are plenty of other places to go :)
    8. ^ this made me laugh so hard omg

      But on topic, it's to keep the forum comprehensive I guess. If every material was allowed, there would be a lot of mixed information and it would be really hard to find what you're looking for. Same if they allowed dolls with less joints, or dolls not strung with elastic. It's not so much about them being looked down upon as it is the mods needing to put limitations on what is and isn't off topic so that it doesn't grow crazy and huge and hard to navigate the forum xD
    9. They have, in fact, said this in the past. Part of the reason they began developing the criteria was that there are just so darned many of us that our enthusiasm for discussing our resins threatens to bog down the servers. :) So they needed to find a focus. It wasn't an issue when the dolls first started coming to the US, and there were only a few types available, which is part of the reason DDs and big Obitsus are grandfathered in.

      Picture the server strain if our very large active user base tried to include ALL of our dolls! ;) We'd have it crashing to a halt in no time.
    10. I guess I was asking, since until I save up the $ for an on topic doll, I can't really share my doll family here. And then with me having two OT dolls, and one allowed doll, who makes the decision of what the main subject of the photo is?

      I can imagine the server strain, yes, and no my dolls aren't Barbies or porcelain (one is a Pullip, one is a Pullip-Hujoo hybrid, together they're both about $250) I just wish the allowances were a bit more... open... since a lot of groups seem to go off of DoA's allowances (several DeviantART groups, and even one or two real-life dollmeets I've been to)
    11. Who makes the decision? The mods do. It's their forum-their rules. Aren't there active Pullip forums, I'm pretty sure I've seen one or two around when I briefly dabbled in researching them. In any case, if you feel the DA groups and such are too strict in which dolls they allow, start your own and I'm sure like-minded individuals will share your enthusiasm. DoA is a wonderful resource but it's not the only place on the internet to discuss dolls.
    12. I'm new to the doll world as well. I'm brand new to Den of Angels. When you are on the outside trying to get into Den of Angels, yes, DOA would appear to be as you say "the holy grail" of BJD forums and knowledge. It's so exciting and frustrating to try and be part of this world, especially if you're still saving for your first doll like me. DOA is the best. We want to be a part of it, because it's so awesome. So when you say that DOA is not the only forum for BJDS, or any doll for that matter, I have to say YES YOU ARE.DEN OF ANGELS IS AMAZING!!! All Vampire wants is to show off her cool new dolls to the best people in the doll world and say yahoo!!:aheartbea
    13. Den of Angels is only one BJD hobby forum out of many and the decisions made on DoA about on-topic dolls reflect the tight focus of this forum only - the mods of DoA don't have any influence over the entire hobby and the on-topic criteria for this forum is different to the on-topic criteria for other forums.

      DoA isn't and can't be a catch-all forum for all resin dolls or even all dolls with ball-joints, we just don't have the space or server power to provide that - we also wouldn't want to take focus and traffic away from other forums more dedicated to certain styles of doll than here. Den of Angels isn't a 'one-stop shop' for all dolls and we're not trying to be :)

      DoA is privately owned and operated by volunteer staff and the rules/criteria are not open to debate. If you have suggestions, please direct them by PM to a moderator or start a thread in Ask the Moderators. We cannot say that any suggestions will be implemented, but you are free to make them.