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why are there so many girly/dressy outfits/clothes?

May 17, 2010

    1. like i realized from what i seen in the bjd companies they all have girly girl/dressy outfits for girl dolls only that kind and not much else as options.

      see why i say this is because well im not that good of a sewer and not much into sewing either just is not my forty. i have yet to have anuff money to get my doll but i have been looking around for outfits clothes for my to be doll.

      from what i have seen is that all the doll outfits mostly are girly dresses girly skirts. i have thought of getting guys outfit and use it for my doll once i get but i don't know how that works for a girl doll.

      i realize that this hobby is more for girls but i don't think that all girls in the hobby want the same type of girls or same type of doll outfits. i say that because not everyone is the same person with the same likes and same dislikes.

      well thank you for your comments posts or reading or otherwise
    2. There are a great many girly outfits for BJDs, it's true, but there are also more 'everyday' clothing for them too, you just have to keep looking :) Companies like Dollmore and Volks sell everyday outfits (I say this as I've bought more clothing from them than anywhere else), although I do love my Dollheart flouncy outfits as well and don't mind the girly clothes so much.

      The other thing you can do is check out independent ateliers and seamstresses. Her Delicate Strength by Brennil immediately comes to mind because of the high quality of the clothing and also because of the wearability, as does the-Happiest Princess' pieces of clothing on Etsy, I have a pair of fashionable wet-look black leggings as well as t-shirts and skirts.

      I find that trying to get hold of quality outfits for a Volks SDC boy to be more of a headache than finding girls' clothes. The 45cm boy is sadly neglected - I would get my Rupert some HDS boys' clothes, but I think he is going to be slightly too large to wear them since they're for slim minis like MiniFee and Unoa.
    3. You could check the measurements of the dolls the boy clothes are made for and see if they are similar to your doll's measurements. I think a lot of boy clothes (at least shirts/hoodies/etc) should fit girls. For pants you should probably check the hip size or something. (I'm new to this too but from what I've seen, it works the same as real people clothes for the same general reasons.)
      But modern/androgynous clothes are easier to make than fancy girly clothes, so there seem to be a decent amount of people who make and sell that kind of thing, and I've seen a lot of girl dolls modeling that kind of thing so it shouldn't be too hard to find the stuff you're looking for. :3 eBay is probably a good place to look.
    4. Don't forget that your girls can also raid the guys' side of the closet... A lot of dress shirts, sweaters and such made for male dolls will also fit female sculpts. Having a few absolute tom-boys over here, I do that a lot with my own. XD

      ETA: Jinxed by nk-chan. ^_^
    5. I like Nine9Style myself, true there are some girly guy clothes but they have some pretty awesome guy stuff too. Ther are a few others that i know of with more "manly" clothing, but my links to them seem to have disappeared.
    6. I think the reason is that BJD fandom is linked to the Gothic Lolita subculture, and there are many BJD people who like those kinds of clothes, especially in Japan. Also, I sew, and I must say that it's way easier to make a doll skirt than pants. Pants are harder to fit, too--as in, my Obitsu has way bigger thighs than my Resinsouls, and they can't wear the same pants, but most skirts will fit them both.
    7. Thanks Jessica and Raeljas. Both sites have the type of clothes I had in mind for my girl.
    8. I guess that's the default for doll companies (I've seen a lot of loli-type dresses), but I've checked ebay and they have normal clothes :)
    9. Thank you for all this info very helpfull :)
    10. There is really a lot of variety out there in clothing styles -- you just have to hunt around for what you want. Eventually you'll find the places that tend to sell the stuff you like, and then clothes shopping will get easier. I like lolita-ish type stuff, but very few of my girls wear it--most dress in sort of average person girl wear, and I've gotten stuff for them from Dollmore (which carries a little bit of everything), Cheery Doll USA (has both frilly and non-frilly clothes), Denver Doll Emporium (carries a lot of different clothing lines--Guess Doll has some cute casual tops cut for girls), and Volks USA (carries a mix of stuff). There are also seamstresses that take commissions if you have something specific in mind that you're not able to find.
    11. There are but I seem to find more punk outfits more than anything. I can't find anything for my 70cm boy.
    12. Personally I like to sew and create things with my own hands and if I decide that I want to fully commit to BJDs as a hobby I will probably end up dressing my doll up in a plethora of clothing from around the globe since I have a passion for exotic clothing. I also love detailing and accessories. I find modern Western clothing a bit bland in my honest opinion and I too find the Gothic Lolita a bit too 'frilly' for my tastes with some rare exceptions made. But as others have stated there's lots of indy stores and individual commissions to choose from as well as everyday clothing from some doll companies.
    13. so im guessing from what you all say its easyer to make dress/skirt/girly/dressy outfits/clothes interesting. kinda like not alot do blacksmithing/artisan because its not that you cant sell its that it is hard to do or did i miss read what people are saying?
    14. Angelicdreamz.com has clothes for 60cm ball-jointed dolls, and a lot of the clothes are casual. Cute stuff!