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Why are you into BJDs?

Aug 24, 2017

    1. Just a curiosity of mine because I know everyone likes them for different reasons, but I'd like to get to see more of the reasons why everyone enjoys BJDs (regardless if you own one right now, are saving up for one or not)!

      I personally like them and dolls in general a lot because I like to create characters and am rather introverted so the characters I create provide me a sort of company or someone to talk to when I rather stay at home than go out with friends. I also just really like dress up and fashion in general whether its on real people, drawings, or dolls and there's so many different styles available for BJDs that its amazing! I'm really excited to get on ordering my first one soon and have a little fashion friend!
    2. for me it's the hype of finding a doll that matches the facial structure and body proportions of a character i'm writing. I dream of dressing my dolls up in cosplay of my own creations and taking them to conventions *__*
    3. I've always loved dolls and collected various sorts. BJDs are the prettiest dolls I've ever come across. I love how customisable they are and that you can play with them and pose them (unlike porcelains), and like you, I enjoy creating characters for them and writing them little backstories and such.
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    4. Honestly, not sure. When I was a kid, I used to love crafting random things, so I kind of wanted to get back into that. And I also wanted the dolls I wished I had as a kid. I think 90% of the reason though is that they are just that pretty. :sweat
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    5. I first got into the hobby because I've always enjoyed dolls, but I loved the ability to choose everything about the doll from sculpt to eyes to wig to clothes and even different bodies and sizes. I especially wanted unique male dolls. I was bored with Ken and Bratz Boyz and the lack of diversity. I wanted some boys who weren't the tanned muscular clean cut guys!

      Now, I stay in the hobby still because of the customization abilities, but also because I role play my characters and am very attached to them, and because this hobby motivates me to keep creating in other hobbies too: sewing, photography, painting, making miniatures and dioramas, writing, character creation. I like having a hobby that combines so many different things I enjoy.
    6. I have been a doll collector since my highschool years, and at that time I collected MH. Bjd's became a curiosity to me a few years after that, because of the unique sculpts and posability. The artistic vision, fantasy style, and customizing aspect drew me in, to the point that dolls from the store just don't have the same appeal anymore.
    7. I love crafting, writing, sewing, and everything in between, and BJDs offer a sort of center for all of that creativity. I originally got my big MSD girl to be a character I've had for years, and got a bit addicted to having more than one based off the fun I had with her. I can customize them, take pictures, write little blurbs about them, and be part of a cool community.
    8. I started to collect dolls in 1985. Went from large dolls by Himstedts and Gunzels. Then in 2001 started to collect rebounds, silicone and OOAK baby dolls. But like the earlier dolls was only photographing the newest outfit. Found BJD in late 2006, and had my first one by January of 2007. I love that they can be posed, have different eyes, hair, and come in so many different ways, sizes and so.

      I do stories with most of my group, and take them on trips both locally and for vacation. I love it.
    9. That is a hard question for me to answer. When growing up, I did not like dolls. I preferred animals to humans so had many toy animals that did what dolls normally would do (like live in the dollhouse). I guess bjds are so unique and customizable that having human dolls is appealing to me now. I have more human esque bjds than anthros, so that is opposite of what I grew up with. Mostly bjds are art projects as I get to design a complete character. Something I'm really enjoying!
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    10. Alright! I get to wax poetic about dolls, sounds great! A few of the reasons I like them in no particular order are:
      1, They're very calming. I'm generally a pretty anxious person and when I get upset or overwhelmed or sad or something, I can just sit and pose my doll. It's really grounding and it helps me to focus on something outside of my head. As an extra thing, my doll is normally a great poser but whenever I'm upset and I try to pose him, he suddenly starts flopping all over the place. It always cheers me up a bit with how silly he looks and it kind of feels like he's trying to cheer me up.
      2, They're like tiny personal sculptures that can reflect whatever you want. It's pretty self explanatory, you have a tiny piece of artwork that was hand made just for you and you can completely change and customize them and they can reflect anything you want.
      3, They give me goals. There's not a huge amount of things I really want and I don't really have a lot of goals or motivations. My doll gives me solid motivation. "Oh I should make xyz for you" "I should get you xyz" "I need to work on xyz" "I'd love to get x doll" Etc.
      4, They allow me to try new things and be creative. I now know wig making and sewing. Those are two skills I never thought I'd acquire and I would not have learned them otherwise.
      5, Yes I'm still going, they can be like a little friend. Want to just vent to a completely non-judgmental thing? Now you can for only the cost of your wallet's tears.
      6, SO. MUCH. CREATIVITY. Everywhere I look there's someone awesome who has created something awesome and wholly unique. It's really inspiring to me and I get so happy seeing everyone's creations.
      7, Anatomy, pose, and writing help. Want to draw someone in a weird yet realistic pose or write about someone and actually be able to see and interact with a physical copy of them? You can do it. You can do all the things with help from your dolls.

      There are a lot more but this is all I can think of at the moment and my post has gotten pretty long :sweat
      Those are a few of my reasons why!
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    11. For me they are a perfect extention for my love of my characters. I had thought about custom figures before, but these seem so much more personal! Not only that (unlike a figure), if you suddenly decide that you don't like part of the doll that can be easily fixed! *Oh, his face-up doesn't look right, I should get it re-done/his wig isn't the right color/ect

      On top of that... there is just something magical about them! And even just looking at photos of dolls is fun!

    12. I feel like most people here always liked dolls or figures in some form or fashion myself included. I'm not just collecting BJD's right now I'm also amassing a collection of 1/6 scale Hot Toys figures. Dr. Strange is being shipped as I type this and I have a Tarkin/Vader set on layaway.
      I like dolls for a slightly different reason than the figures though. The customizability of the dolls makes them like blank canvases to me and it really fun to mold them into characters slowly. Building the doll to match the vision or even changing the vision because of an idea I got working with the doll.
    13. I like designing clothes as a hobby, but had never thought to attempt to turn those designs into reality until recently. Since I am no cosplayer, I decided to go back to dolls so I could dress up something and have it double as an artist's pose reference.

      I started with the small vinyl Obitsus, but soon I got frustrated because their size meant they're vulnerable to seam bunching and are very limited in the kinds of fabrics I could use. Researching on other options introduced me to resin BJDs, and I now have two SD-sized dolls that are a joy to make clothes for. But they aren't there just for clothes -- I eventually made up stories and characters about them, and thus I got to enjoy the hobby on a different level.
    14. I like the freedom of range you can do with the bjds. I never liked regular dolls but the bjds, especially the anthro and animal ones, allows for more control with the customization and posing. It is the same reason why I prefer Nendos and Figmas over just scale figures. The range of customization and flexibility when taking photos or just storytelling makes them way more fun and desirable.

      I was the same way when I was younger, still am today. lol I do prefer the animal bjds over the human ones still but I wouldn't be too upset with some of the non-anthro bjds. ^_^

      I have always loved dolls and enjoy pattern making and designing clothes for them. I ran across ball-jointed dolls when I was looking for a wig for one of my 1950's dolls and I was captivated by their beauty and the articulation. Customizing them was icing on the cake, I would have never even dreamed of changing a doll's entire face, I had only cleaned and restored the original face. I am now hopelessly obsessed with these amazing works of art and I'm constantly challenged and inspired by all the talented people here on this forum.
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    15. For me, it was because I was interested in a sculpt that I can shell a character that I like. As I learned more about bjds, I became interested in making original characters when I fell in love with more sculpts. So here I am :)
    16. I have always loved dolls and all the crafting, imagination and creativity that goes into them! When I was little I had an American Girl Doll and I loved the backstory and history of all of the characters. I also loved setting up miniature dioramas. When my siblings and friends stopped liking dolls/toys and I put them all away I always missed that I was too old to like them anymore. When I found the BDJ hobby it sparked that imagination and creativity again and that is just fun. I work an opposite shift of my family and friends now and so it's nice to have something to work on in the time I spend alone.
    17. I think I have the same experiences as the rest of you, only I don't write, so I really don't have characters. However, I think the dolls are all an extension of myself and in my head, all my dolls are nice and happy and I just like dressing them up and posing them. I'd like to get better at taking pictures too. Since I was a little girl, I've loved dolls, probably because I too am introverted. I remember seeing the "dolls" at Sleeping beauty's castle in Disneyland, and thinking "why can't they make dolls that pretty for us kids? But the last time I saw those dioramas, those "dolls" aren't nearly as gorgeous as BJDs or the porcelain dolls I started out with in the 80's. Dolls have come a long way! And at least the Furga and Ideal fashion dolls of my childhood were decent, but that's about it, LOL.

      So yah, just a doll person. I like crafting too, but don't have much time. Although my kids are hitting the age where they don't need me as much.... well I can dream??? And I know my old age will not be boring, I'll always be into this hobby, as it's as old as time, and I know it will continue long after I'm dead :D
    18. I like this hobby due to seeing all the different styles everyone has for their BJDs. I think it can depict a story of that individuals life if they see fit. Much like a painting, if you would.
      There are so many different dolls out there too, that can make anyone's idea come to life.
    19. For me it's the creative side of things. I'm so excited for when I get my doll to be able to give her a faceup make her clothes and create her style and develop her character! I also really love the idea of having a little companion I can sit with at home as I don't really have many friends :sweat
    20. For me, there are several reasons why I like bjds. First off, I love seeing my characters come to life, so to speak. I aspire to one day actually write the stories that my characters are from, but for now it's nice to see my characters be given shape and form outside of my head. Also, I love the art aspect of bjds. I see them as a sort of collaborative art.... it starts with the company/sculptor, and goes to the owner, who may buy eyes from another artist, clothes from another, wig from another, so on and so forth.... until you have this art piece that is the result of so many individual artists, whose talents meld together into one cohesive vision.