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Why BJDs?

May 19, 2016

    1. I'm not sure if this was talked about here before and i hope this is the right forum for it..but I have a few questions please feel free to answer

      1.Why Bjds?
      2. What is it about BJDs You love?
      3. What have BJDs Brought to your life?

      I guess thats it for now..
    2. Hello!
      I like BJDs because i enjoy the artistry of the hobby. From the most basic part, the doll, to the finishing touches of faceups, to clothing, accessories, photography, story telling.
      So far, bjd's have brought me a lot of fulfillment in my life by giving me outlet for my creativity and a way to make friends with the same hobby.
    3. I like the creativity. Most dolls I've owned before were pre-made and not meant to be customized. I like having a doll I can really call my own by choosing every aspect of how they look.

      I've made a lot of friends in the hobby, online and in person, that I never would have met if I hadn't joined. I've learned to take better pictures, paint faceups, sew more things and all around improve skills.
    4. When I was around nine years old I drew pictures of my dream dolls.

      They were BJDs. I drew all the joints and everything. I was always attracted to dolls with more articulation (Action Girl/Miss Dolikin rather than Barbie, for example) and decided the best dolls I could dream of were fully articulated ones.

      Fast forward 30 years to my spotting photos of what I later found was a BJD on a website selling clothes for Sasha Dolls and having a conversation with the owner about her distraction with this doll... then doing a web search and finding a small UK forum attached to a doll shop that had a section on BJD's and getting detailed and patient replies to my asking newbie questions, and I was ready to buy a BJD (foolishly thinking it would be my only one).

      Ten years later, I have around 50 of the damned things. They are poseable, customisable and great to play with, what's not to like? Especially as there are more smiley sculps on the market than there were ten years ago, and I'm all about the smileys.

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    5. For me, it was all about the customization -- the fact that you were expected to make a doll into a personalized expression of yourself in some way. The dolls were a means of artistic expression, and so beautiful at all stages! At least that's the main draw I felt back when I was just studying pictures on the internet. But when I finally got my hands on one, I also found myself loving the heft and weight of them. They were just so much more substantial than anything I'd ever encountered in a doll!
    6. 1.Why Bjds?
      I don't know exactly. I found out about them from a young age, over ten years ago. I just thought they were so cool looking, even though many people said they were those "creepy" looking dolls lol. I thought they had a sort of ethereal quality to them. They are in a nice area of the uncanny valley c:

      2. What is it about BJDs You love?
      Mostly just the way they look. But I also like that they're a more mature doll for adults lol. Not like Barbie or baby style dolls. And the variety of sizes. You're not stuck with something super tiny. I can have a 65cm doll if I want! Much larger than the standard doll. Plus they're much nicer to pose, and so customizable.

      3. What have BJDs Brought to your life?
      Definitely an additional creative outlet. I like to make art in a variety of forms, and I feel like there are never enough outlets for me. So buying a doll and being able to do faceups, sew clothes, customize their appearance, etc... It just really helps give me something more to do. And I feel accomplished.
    7. 1. Why BJD?
      Not sure what it is about these dolls, but ever since running across them back in 2003/4 I've been unable to get them out of mind. They are perfect representations of miniature humans, beautiful beyond belief, customisable and most importantly fully articulated which is why they're so unique compared to other dolls.

      2. What is it about BJD that you love?
      Where do I even start. First of all they are wonderful sculptures. They're gorgeous art pieces from the get-go even eyeless, wigless, lacking a faceup and clothing. And they're customisable, as noted above; through them I can bring all my characters to life so to speak and there's nothing more amazing than that to me. I also happen to love the doll community, especially here on DoA. I may not be as active as I was back in 2011 but I'm still here and there's many friends I've made on the board and other platforms that I deem irreplaceable.

      3. What have BJD brought to your life?
      Dolls! Not too long ago owning these dolls had been a dream. Right now we're about to start our own company selling our own dolls that we developed after countless hours of work. I would have never dreamed that it would be possible to sculpt in this manner all these years ago but now I'm so close to seeing the finished product I have trouble sleeping at night from excitement. Other than that it's brought me a lot of friends I wouldn't have made otherwise and a great creative outlet that I just can't get enough of.
    8. 1. Why BJD?
      Their aesthetic style is unique. I love the sculpts and how perfect they look.

      2. What is it about BJD that you love?
      The detail, the art that goes into the sculpting, faceup, and styling. I also love the photography aspect, and character development.

      3. What have BJD brought to your life?
      If you want something, be persistent and don't give up. I've acquired some rare sculpts that I though might cost me too much, or that I would never find. BJDs really opened my eyes to photography and allowed me to grow in my technique. They are also a relaxing hobby that allows me to take my mind off of the serious things in life.
    9. 1. Why BJD?
      They looked cool, so I wanted one. I liked her, so I wanted another one. And another. And another. I'm a bit of a collector.

      2. What is it about BJD that you love?
      They're pretty. They're very customisable (moreso than the porcelain and fashion dolls I own) and you can pose them however you want. The detailing makes it very easy for my mind to weave stories around them.

      3. What have BJD brought to your life?
      Writing and storytelling practise, photography practise, learning how to do face-ups and body blushing and tattoos, and just general happiness when I see them. Plus new friends from doll meets.
    10. 1.Why Bjds?
      I love dolls, always have (well, I love small things as in miniature everything). I like the idea of dioramas, of ultra realistic tiny things. I've collected tiny porcelain & the like for years, and these dolls are the only ones that are worthy of the craftsmanship some of my tea sets show.
      2. What is it about BJDs You love?
      They are works of art and they pose realistically. They are big enough for me to sew complicated costumes for them.
      3. What have BJDs Brought to your life?
      They bring together all my creative endeavors in one fell swoop. Photography, costuming, cosplay, storytelling :D
    11. 1.Why Bjds?
      I never liked dolls as a kid so I was even surprised when I saw a BJD for the first time and I wanted it. The first BJD I saw was a male doll and a male doll was completely new to me so I was awestruck by it. Besides ken, I have never seen a boy doll before (that wasn't a girl first) and I think that's the reason why BJDs called my attention a lot. Another reason was the joints, I thought: "woah they can move and look like humans!" and they look so pretty....it was meant to be! 11 years later and I'm still a hardcore BJD lover.

      2. What is it about BJDs You love?

      The customization. I know any doll can be customized but BJDs are made for it, you can do absolutely anything on them, the possibilities are infinite and what I like the most is that there can be millions of dolls of the same mold but they all look different. They are our creative outlet: you can sculpt, modify the face and body, paint, sew clothes, make wigs/eyes/shoes, write stories/new characters, get into photography etc etc

      3. What have BJDs Brought to your life?

      Besides bringing out the artist in me (I started photography, drawing and painting thanks to them) they bring me infinite joy =) and when I'm stressed (which is usually 98% of the time) I just grab one of my dolls and play with them. Stress is gone!. They're my little creations/companions.
    12. 1. Why BJDs?

      Honestly... don't know! I think it's the combination of the particular aesthetic of them, and the fact that they are completely customizable. I like my fashion dolls, but honestly, since I picked up steam on BJDs, I haven't been buying as many of them. Sure, you CAN customize like, a Monster High or something, but that isn't the point of them. BJDs are much more easily changed- in fact they're meant to be changed. Hair, eyes, clothing, face-up. Even mods are easier to do on resin. And there's such a huge variety of them, and of items made for them, that combinations are nearly endless, even before you factor in things you can make yourself, completely original.

      2. What is it about BJDs you love?

      See above, lol. Also I love the size of them. The bigger ones, 1/4 and 1/3, they're just so hefty and solid. The little ones are convenient for just storing in a purse or bag and taking around with you. I also love, love how poseable they are. I'm pretty picky about bodies, I want them to be as flexible and jointed as possible (while also pretty to look at), and that's because I love making them do things. They're like giant, custom action figures. It's great. Also they're so pretty.

      3. What have BJDs brought to your life?

      Well, other than all the stuff listed above? I guess I've been pushed into doing more things with my... art... ness. I don't want to call it "skill" since I'm still developing it. But anyway, I've done a lot more sculpting, gotten into sewing, branched out into molding and casting. I've even started working in new mediums, like resin and wax. It's challenging, working on such a small scale, but I'm more detail-oriented in my sculpture anyway, so it works for me.
    13. wow, thanks so much to everyone who replied I loved reading your answers....

      i guess i have 1 more question and that is.......

      how hard was your wait? im getting pretty excited for my first bjd to ship...
    14. 1. Why Bjds?

      Good question really....

      The first time I saw them I was drawn in but at the time the cost stopped me from trying to get one. Fast forward three years and I finally made the plunge... and now I'm going to have at least 15 dolls before summer ends... I guess I was drawn to how cute some of them were and I've been drawn to cute things always.

      2. What is it about BJDs You love?


      I collected anime figures first, then I went to Azone Pure Neemos. While both were great, figures are kind of completely set in stone and Azones only have limited customizability. I like BJDs because there is so much choice from start to finish. You can choose the size.... the body... the facial features... the makeup... the clothing style... everything. This is attractive to me because I'm into different styles and can have a doll to reflect each of those. I can also just send a doll to an artist and say "do what you want" and be surprised. It's really just a lot of fun!

      3. What have BJDs Brought to your life?

      Debt xD.

      In honesty, fun, a few new friends, and occasionally a reason to get out of the apartment. Also I just enjoy seeing a completed doll and gaining that love and sense of attachment to them. As far as practical things, it has been a help to my photography. Being that they are human shaped they are really helpful in learning about lighting and I've used my girls to help me learn how the position of a light affects the highlight and shadow on a face in photos.

      4. How hard was your wait?


      And it's still hard even now every time I get a new doll. I just got one yesterday and even though I know I wont be sending the head off for faceup until June, I'm already anxious for her to be done ><
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    15. I've been a doll collector since I was a preteen. However, I fell in love with the realism of BJD's. I also enjoy the active participation we share in creating and customizing our dolls. I'm a clothing/accessory designer by trade and this gives me an outlet to produce my ideas that aren't necessarily marketable in my day to day job.
    16. I only noticed BJD's fairly recently, i happened to notice a photo of one on Facebook and thought wow what kind of doll is that!! It turned out to be a Migi doll but after looking that up i found a whole world opened up with so many sculpts and looks. I love how varied they are and how well they pose. I am enjoying learning how to make clothes for them and planning what i will get in the future. I also enjoy photography and like the idea of taking photos of them wearing clothes i made.
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    17. 1 They are beautiful!
      2 It's a creative hobby.
      3 Fun and enjoyment. I love to craft and having my own doll helps me to focus and learn new skills. I love to read about other people's projects and the whole idea of sharing ideas on the DoA forum.