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Why did you buy your first doll?

May 19, 2019

    1. I was wondering what people were thinking about when they decided to buy their first BJD doll.
      I want a doll To take pictures? To design clothes? To display? For companion? Etc.
      I had a huge Disney doll collection and accidentally find out about BJD while looking for Disney stuff. So at first I thought it was ok to have just one that wasn’t Disney related.
      Fast forward , I sold part of my Disney collection to afford more BJDs
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    2. I just liked the look for the BJD that I chose (Fairyland Little Fee Ante). Her face was just so pretty.
    3. My first bjd was a Doll Leaves Hedy. I chose her because she was so pretty, she reminded me of an angel. When I received her and found she had light freckles dusted upon her face, it made her even cuter! She’s very precious to me and in a way reminds me of my irl younger sister. :)
    4. I like the style of AnikoriDoll's bunnies, and her intricacy. I generally like miniatures, so her size is perfect for the sort of diorama and props I want to use in my photos. Having her as a photography model is the main reason I got her.
    5. Just because i i wanted to join the community.... Wanted to own a doll after seeing nice photos

      Throughly regretted my first
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    6. i saw some bjd photos on my instagram explore feed and thought to myself “those are so cool, but I doubt i’ll ever get one.”

      fast forward to a few months later and i ordered my first :^) i think i was mainly interested because of the art side of it. even when i was super little i’d watch doll repaints and stuff like that.
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    7. Because Thranduil. :sweat
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    8. I bought my first doll because I was ready to get my first BJD and I always wanted one for years. The sculpt I was looking at was very nice and I wanted a cat BJD. After I got him, I realized he wasn't a cat, but a wolf. I still have him and he's used to me man handling him. But I love him dearly.
    9. I bought my first BJD because I want to buy a doll can travel with me.

      After I did some research on tiny BJDs, I finally decided a Lati Yellow or a Pukifee should be the best option. Then I saw her, my Pukifee Ante, with beautiful pink oscar eye waving her hand to me... I bought her immediately ^^.

      I take Ante with me to many countries in these years. I bought a few more tiny BJDs later, but they stay at home. I always take Ante with me when travel.
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    10. My online friend had a doll and she kinda persuaded me into getting one myself. Then I talked to another online friend and she gifted me a doll for Christmas. So I'm like, "Okay I'm in this for the long one."
    11. I started sewing for monster high but I wanted more realistic proportions so I got a bjd
    12. I saw on DA and I fell in love with them. I order first on a year after first discovering them.
    13. For me, it was the customization. I’ve loved all sorts of dolls all my life, but I always had such a hard time finding make dolls that weren’t clean cut plastic haired fashion dolls. Soooo boring to me! I fell in love with BJDs because I could create a doll to be literally anything I wanted him to be. I only wanted him, idk what happened. :XD:
    14. I bought my first dolls just because his official picture is so handsome.
      I was so attracted so I bought him home.
      Never regret.
    15. I had been doing faceups on Monster High and other fashion dolls, and I was at the point where I was sick of how limiting they were sculpt-wise. Plus I wanted boy dolls and (no offense) I've never found a male fashion doll that I didn't find absolutely butt-ugly.

      I stumbled upon Doll Chateau through an aesthetic blog on tumblr, and discovered Dollzone through them. As soon as I saw DZ Benjamin's snooty face and aesthetically super cute body, I had to have him. I got him mostly because he seemed like so much fun to customize, but also just for that novelty factor. Like WOW, a male doll that... I don't want to change EVERYTHING about just to tolerate him.... wow......
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    16. I wanted to get a bjd for years but I was always too scared to take the plunge since they were so expensive. I later found out after researching that there are cheaper companies, and I fell in love with Resinsoul's sculpts. Shortly after my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I thought I might as well ask for a doll like I've always wanted!
    17. I've always loved dolls (all kinds of dolls) and BJDs always seemed so divine to me, like some kind of deities among other dolls. At first I was comfortable with only collecting playline fashion dolls and oogling BJDs from afar (the 'too expensive' thing), I also added Pullips to my collecting repertoir, but then all my favorite lines died out and Pullip/Groove went on a six or seven months long hiatus and returned with dolls I didn't like as much as the older ones, and for much higher prices to boot. That made me think about what I want to do with my hobby next...

      I still collect Pullips, but I started oogling BJDs more and more, and then I made a pinterest board all the better to oogle them on, and then I finally admitted to myself that I absolutely need these in my life, made a wishlist, and then Withdoll relaunched their JWD girls, who make up significant portion of my wishlist, and boom! My first BJD has been ordered.
    18. I wanted to make my characters I write and Roleplay with into physical forms because they've been with me for like 8 years.
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    19. They are a creative outlet for me. I like to make up stories about my dolls, I don’t roleplay or write their stories out but I really love creating characters for each of my dolls. And also photography, I am still learning and I haven’t been able to do much with my girl yet but I will eventually get around to doing more.
    20. well i collect anime figures and i fall in love with the sculpt of things easy i love detail and i had already wanted a bjd for some time but never had the money but when my bf offered i just went ham and looked at so many, i fell in love with cain his features,the aesthetic, the sculpt and face up it was all so my brand i was raving about it for a week im surprised no one told me to shut up XD i was mostly just thinking "wow it's finally happening"