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Why did you decide on an Anthro Doll instead of a 'human'?

Sep 24, 2009

    1. Other than the fact these dolls are SUPER cute! Why did you decide on an Anthro/Animal Doll, instead of an human/ or elf/ or vampire doll?

      I'm torn between getting a Fennic Fox doll or my Boris. My boyfriend is a furry and I know that if I bring that fennic into the house... I may never get to play with it cause he will highjack my doll! This doesn't stop me from wanting one, ((or two... or three... ;)))
      I want all the fox dolls. The mice ones. ALL THE WOLVES! <3 omg... the list goes on.
      So... tell me what pushed you over the edge? Either way... I'm getting both ~ but which to get first!?
    2. I decided to get my bobo before getting a human doll mostly to test things out and see if I liked BJD's in person as opposed to just in pictures. I had been admiring pictures here on DOA for a couple of years, but hadn't really found a doll that I just *had* to have. The doll factory pets caught my eye, and with part of my tax return this year I decided to take the plunge and order my bobo girl.

      Upon first opening her box I knew not only that I loved her, but that I was surely going to end up finding human companions for her.

      I think you'd probably be safe to go with either first, but it sounds like you really like the idea of an anthro, so I say, go for it!!
    3. The only think I don't like are the sad looking ones. I want happy babies! The basic Bao doesn't look to depressed does he?
    4. The first dolls that I'd encountered where I first experienced the MUST HAVE feeling were Pocket Fairies - I'd visited DoA on and off the past years but never took part or even joined... after I'd purchased my Pocket Fairies, I went straight to the Tinies category of DoA to read up more on them... found the comparison pics that had anthro dolls in them as well... looked into anthros a bit more in detail and now I'm hooked!

      Now and then I will find a human-ish doll that I love but I know that my main focus in BJDs for the foreseeable future will be cute little anthros!
    5. My first 2 dolls were humans. And I love them to pieces still. At the time, there weren't very many anthro dolls out (or at least, any that I enjoyed enough to purchase).

      However, I have found that I have a preference to the animal/anthro dolls because of the customizing aspect. I don't know, but I have a lot of characters that are animals, so it has been quite fun for me to mod my dolls into looking similar to my characters (or in one case, modding a doll to look like my RL dog so I could gift it to my sister who REALLY was missing our dog cuz she lives away from home).

      *ends her nerding out session now* xD
    6. My first doll was a human. Once I ordered my Soom glot, I realized i wanted all of my dolls to be tinies, so I traded my first human girl for a pipos anthro. I had no idea how much he'd grow on me! I now have another anthro on the way, and I'm debating whether or now to get any more humans at all XD

      If you like the look of anthros, I don't think you can go wrong, because they are always cuter in person! Plus, they don't have to wear clothes XD
    7. I wanted a companion for my soulkid, but wanted to avoid getting her another human counterpart, as I knew that would spiral out of control. In terms of humans, I'm only planning on two, but with anthros, I can never say a definitive no! I love that clothing is optional and that they are travel-sized and so darn cute! The list of humanoid dolls I like is relatively small, but the list of anthros I'd love is immense.
    8. My very first was an anthro -- a DZ fox and while I have "human" BJDs (one MSD and several Pukis) I like the anthros because they are a bit different. And they can still be dressed like their human counterparts. I guess it might also go for anthros partly because I collect vintage vinyl dolls and I already have a number of "human" dolls and I do want something a bit different.
    9. i have several human dolls and no anthros, but i have to confess that every time i see a picture of one i am sorely tempted to get one. they just look so adorable and i know one of these days i am going to give in and buy one. i really like the pig. he is so cute!
    10. I wanted minions for my larger humanoid dolls. (I have a Soom Amber, a Luts Bory (shall be modding him into a dragonboy) and a Heliot on layaway). Smaller humans wouldn't cut it, all my character's are fantasy based so the minute I saw Cheshires I -knew- I had to get one. x3 The list's been growing since then, there's now a Bao and hopppefuullyyy the new "teethy" Cheshire soon. I've also been keeping my eyes out for Luts Lios on the marketplace. :D While my human doll list is almost done and dusted, the anthros will keeping growing as long as something totally awesome is release. <3

      (I... Hope that makes sense!)
    11. Hi I have mostly elves and one human but have always liked the anthros, mainly cats...
      I have a BBB pup one of the boston terrier types and he is lovely but I have not bonded with him?

      He was much shorter and chunkier than I thought and it might even be a she! as you can see no name.
      I can't find a character for he/r and it sad. I have done a full body paint to enhance the somewhat cursory factory one. and that is better but maybe it is the wrong colour.

      I still love the pipos dolls and the cats are all great, I want a/some basic ones to paint cos I really want a classic black and white moggy.

      I keep thiking that the pup may be the "disreputable dog"( garth nix, lirael) but it would need painting again to get the right colours.

      I haven't ruled out another one but am being more cautious.;)
    12. I had no intention whatever of ever buying any anthros until someone on this forum got a Doll Factory mouse and started posting little stories about her. Somehow, she wormed her way into my heart until I had to have one. Not long after that, my mouse-owning friend pointed out to me that Dollzone was making elephants (I have a thing about elephants) and I bought two of those. In August, she sent me a little message about group orders and now I have a Coco Tribe cat and another Dollzone creature on the way. I still mostly buy human dolls, but sometimes I see an anthro that I just can't resist; I guess it's because I grew up on Disney's talking mice and still love them.
    13. When I first got into BJDs, I thought I'd get a couple of SD boys and that'd be it. Then I made the mistake of browsing DoA and saw the promotional pictures of a new Pipos limited anthro. I write fiction, so bear with me when I say that the doll announced her name and the fact that she was going to come live with me. She teased and exasperated my single other doll, an SD boy, until she got bored and decided she needed friends/minions, and that's how I ended up with two more anthros. So, I never really went through a process of deciding on an anthro instead of a human doll, I just kind of went along with the doll's plans!
    14. I already had several kinds of human dolls. But I always loved rabbits, had living house rabbits for over 20 years. When the last one finally passed last year, it became time to acquire a rabbit bjd as a character in my stories. Got a Curo and it was ok, but a little topheavy for the posing I wanted. Then came a Rooney and it was immediate love.

      And my floors are clean, and people don't get hay in every envelope I send out....
    15. My very FIRST doll was a Pet Ari Popo, the baby fennec fox. I've always loved wolves, and foxes, and when I seen those little guys I HAD to have one. I chose it for my first doll because he wasn't too expensive, and I wanted to see if dolls were for me. Needless to say when I got her home I fell in love.

      That is actually how I found my way to DoA. I was looking up anthro BJD's, when I discovered this site. I ended up getting human dolls later. I got an MSD boy that I made into a half wolf, and another one that is a cat. The only "fully human" one I have is Netsuke. And in fully human, I mean no ears or tail add on's. It further developed into an obsession for Soom, who does amazing half human, half animal dolls.

      In the end, I love the anthro ones as much, if not more than the human dolls.
    16. Well, as much as I love the human & fantasy humanoid dolls I'm a big cat lover. I've always had pet cats around since age 3 until I was married 6 years ago...but we've been partially adopted by a local tabby known as "Mr Scratchy" who seems to be owned in part by the entire neighbourhood ...no one knows his true owners. My love of Anthos therefore started with the Pipos Baha, Bingo & Mango, & the cheshire cats. Then I came across the Fairyland Doll Pukishas and really fell in love. The Pukisha Basilah Amir was my first love but as Fairyland aren't planning a re-release of the face plate just yet I caved in and bought a Pukisha basic package + pukisha parts & various hands... he posted out last week and according to EMS he'll be here tomorrow! :dance:celebrate:cheer
    17. I guess I was testing waters when I bought my Bao ^^" I've been planning to get a human doll ever since I started the hobby, and when I saw some of the anthro dolls I started wondering if I would ever consider buying one. I wasn't going to- Until I went to the Marketplace 8D" Now I have my Bao and I am very, very happy :aheartbea
    18. The reason I brought an anthro doll to start with instead of a humanoid doll is because when it comes down to it, they're not anywhere near as cute as the anthro doll are.
      I mean, I've seen a lot of good looking doll and I've been interested in a few other but when I started looking at luts Delf Zuzu's I was all like "<3 so cute @_@" and since discovering pipos, well at this rate I don't think I'll be getting a humanoid doll for awhile. xD
    19. I have a small brood of tinies and I've been seeing anthro's for a while. I've always thought they were cute but never thought I'd actually get one. Then a friend on flickr posted that she was thinking of moving on her little Bobo and I just had to ask... then I spent an hour or two looking at pics of Bobo, and this one in particularand I just fell in love. She's the first of my dolls to decide what her name is before I've even made the decision to buy her... so I guess she's going to have a strong character!

      I'm SO impatient waiting for her to get here though. It's been a week, but she's coming from Australia so things can take a while.
    20. Long story short, I adore animals (I should we have four cats) :) anyway I do have around 50-60 human dolls that are not BJD's and they do take up quiet a bit of room. I still collect them. One day I saw a sugar Robin Pipos and fell madly in love! Sadly too late and there is none to be found. I found the Pipos Mouse and bought it for myself as a Birthday present but once I opened the box to be sure it arrived in satisfactory condition, I couldn't put it back in the box :) I adore cats, mice, foxes always have. To have something smaller in a whimsical animal style just appeals to me. Something different and magical about them. Besides my cat is not going to let me dress her up in clothing :) Next on my list is a Bingo and I can only hope they release another Robin!