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Why did you sell your doll?

Jun 3, 2007

    1. Well, another post here about selling dolls just got me to thinking - what are some of the reasons people have for selling dolls? I really don't want to have to go through that, so I figure I'll check out some potential problems now!

      So...not what you expected, fell out of love, didn't bond, or what? Please let me know why you have sold a doll. :)
    2. I bought a tiny that I both broke the ears off (elf... -.-) and who was just too tiny for me. I never played with it, and it was just stupid to keep something that expensive when I don't love it.
    3. my first doll was a mini, while I loved the face mold, he was just to small for me ^^;
    4. i sold my tiny as i wasn't giving her the attention she deserved...she was just too small for me.
    5. please delete post
    6. i couldn't bond with them D; (DZ Megi and DoC U) even tho i love the molds they just weren't for me ;o; but i am super happy with my two dorries now ^^ (MNF Shiwoo and MNF Lishe boy) and i am pretty sure bonding won't be an issue for my KD Hodoo since i am in love so in love with CP dolls :D
    7. I sold my AR Angelica for a few reasons.

      One was because she didn't fit in with my other dolls, both in terms of esthetics and personality. She was so gorgeous, but she never meshed with the other dolls.

      I choose which dolls I bring into my family based on the role they'll play and the personality they have. For example, I have my Megu who is the nuturing motherly type, my Pitts who is the brat, my F-04 who is the innocent cute one... there was no place for an antisocial demon girl in my family. :sweat

      That she didn't fit in may have come from the second reason I sold her: the fact that she was a total impulse buy. I took her on as a "fixer-upper", and I think I did that. Gave her a nice faceup, great wig, etc... And I really really liked her, but then there was the third reason...

      ...needed the money :doh A friend gave me the great oppotunity to adopt one of her dolls, a Nasia, and I jumped on that opportunity like a cat on a mouse! And my Nasia fits in much better with my doll family than Angelica did. Plus, Angelica went to such a GREAT person, I really feel like selling her was the best thing I did for her. :)
    8. Hmm... I sold my tinies because they were too small. I never took them out for fear of losing them. So I decided to let them go to a home that would play with them.

      My Souldoll Lupinus. I didn't bond. I ordered him without a faceup and through 3 different faceups he still was just not right for me.

      My Latidoll Aida Elf. Impulse. I traded him for a doll I love more than anything!
    9. I list the issues I had with the ones where it wasn't a bonding issue:

      All the DOD Dolls I've owned: Poor poseability. Once I saw other peoples dolls by other companies, I realized my dolls couldn't do much.

      Narin 60 cm Doll That doll was beautifully sculpted... until you got to his butt... then it looked like the sculptor just kind of... got tired or something. This ended up bugging the heck out of me because he always felt unfinished. Plus a friends 60cm Narin yellowed HORRIBLY and in a strange pattern.

      Unola Light That doll was just too delicate... it always felt like it was going to fall apart at any second.

      PocketFairy May Uhm, she could never put her arms down in clothes... always reminded me of that scene from A Christmas Story when they're walking to school and the brother falls down! XD

      YoSD Anne She had chubby little hands and short little fingers. A minor thing, really, and otherwise she was lovely... but it bugged the heck out of me.
    10. I sold my Yue cause someone really wanted her more than I wanted to keep her. I sold my Metel because I never played with her. I sold my Lati M because he was too heavy for me and although I loved him, I was afraid I would drop him so he just sat in his chair all day. I sold my Liebchen cause I needed the money and I know she has a good home.

      Various reasons for different dolls. I still have a large family, they are just getting smaller in size.
    11. Sold my Lati K because I found he just wasn't right for me. I'm finding I'm still attracted to the snarky boys. (Although I just got a 43cm Narin that I adore... and he's got a "happy" face... we'll see how that goes I guess. :sweat)
      And he didn't fit the character I was trying to use him as.
      I kept getting frustrated with his look. Couldn't make it frowny enough.
      Found a home looking for a K, and felt better about him going.
    12. I sold my Elf Ducan for this reason =_=;; He was beautiful and so fun to photograph, but I hated his body...

      I sold my CP HarangSS mod, cause I ended up not liking the mold (his nose was too thin, I didn't like the shape of his mouth) and he wasn't right for the character I had in mind. I sold my Latidoll M head because he looked too real in comparison of my CP dolls (his head was so small!). And I sold my El, because I didn't play with him at all anymore.
    13. I bought a Tender Too two years ago, but right away we never really bonded, I ket him ainly because he was 'pretty'. But after two days when his make-up melted away... I knew I'd never want him again.

      It took two years of attempting to put it right, trying to give him another face-up, then having him sat nude on a desk, when Ifinally put him on DoA for the second time and sold him in two parts. o_o;

      People have said it's because he was the only boy, but to be honest, I just couldn't love him because his face wasn't expressionate enough for me, he didn't look happy... lots of stuff.
    14. Well sometimes it's those things... but sometimes I just get to feeling I've had a certain doll "long enough", and it's time to let her ...travel.

      This frees up funds and space for someone new, or more clothes and accessories for the remaining ones.

    15. Usually its because I just don't like the way a doll 'feels' (physically and mentally). Also, I may have not really liken the character they have taken on, or how they fit in with the rest of my doll family.

    16. Financial worries.

      Unfotunately, these dolls are an extravagant luxury, so when money gets tight, they have to go.
    17. I sold one of my first bjds - Narae Butterfly - because she just didn't feel right for me and we didn't bond. That's usually the reason for me.

      In the past, I've sold lots of Pullips and Blythes. Mostly because of the above reason, but also to finance other dolls. After a while you get a little picky, I suppose. Also, it takes time to develop and learn your own taste in dolls - at least it did for me. :)

      Since I'm still fairly new to bjds I expect myself making more of these "mistakes purchases" in the future, so I'll probably end up selling a few more dolls. :doh
    18. The first two dolls I sold, my tan el and DM U-jee, were because I didn't bond with them. The next two dolls I sold, MD L.Leroi and CP Shushu, were because they didn't work out for the character I wanted them for. I've sold several heads inbetween those full doll sales, for various reasons. Needing money, not bonding, etc.
    19. I sold my Supia Roda because she was an impulse buy that I had a lot of trouble bonding with. I'm just not a girl-doll kinda girl. She found a better home, so I let her go. The sale did "happen" to coincide with the release of a new boy I fell in love with, so I bought him with the money.
    20. I sold my first doll because after being in the hobby for a while I found that I wanted more posability than his body offered and he didn't look right on another body. I am still waiting for his reincarnation to catch my eye!