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Why do certain YO-SD Four sisters have a higher pirce tag?

Oct 22, 2008

    1. Hello! Please forgive me if this is in the wrong place or if its been already discussed. I was looking around at Yo-SD four sisters on second hand markets and realized that certain sisters seem to be more expensive. I heard that Megu was the most valuable (I'm not sure if that's true). I was curious why (though they seem to be the same headmold) the price of one sister is greater than another and if that's true. Can anyone explain it?
    2. It depends on how many people want to buy each one. Alot of people liked Megu best for her faceup, so she's the most valuable. (Supposedly) The only difference was the faceup and the wig. ^^
    3. I've seen a lot of people buying the Yo that matches their SD 4 sisters- i.e. a Yo Megu with an SD Megu or a Yo Nana to match SD Nana, etc. so in that case they care about which they get even if the head mold is the same. I guess more people must have SD Megus then too. *shrug*
    4. Thank you for clarifying it!
    5. it's just supply and demand. they were all released at the same time. Actually I think Sara had the best face up.
    6. I just got my hands on a Yo-SD Megu from YJA because it had a buyout price. I've been bidding for months and getting outbid but I finally got one!!
      I really wanted Yo-SD Nana but when I saw Megu I just had to grab her! I got mine for about the same as any of the others, and a little less than some of them had been going for (but more than the Kira I'd just bid on).
    7. Congrats ryochan! Its seems that the prices during auctions can go high no matter what (especially near the end of the auction). It seems that its all personal preference when it comes down to it.