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Why do people put up with dolls that can't sit up?

Jun 1, 2010

    1. I've been wondering about this. I've been to a few meets where someone has to prop their doll against something because it can't sit. It falls backwards at the hip. Some of these have been very expensive dolls... (EID comes to mind). I know we're all kind of numbed to the price of these dolls in a way, but if you looked at it with fresh eyes, the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on a doll that cannot even sit up is pretty ridiculous... so why do people put up with this? I can understand dolls that can't stand because achieving perfect balance is a bit harder than achieving sitting stability, particularly with the larger ones.

      But something as simple as sitting...? I know it has sometimes to do with the pants but even then, the doll should be able to sit while wearing pants, since that is certainly possible with other dolls I've seen.

      I'm not trying to sound complaining or anything, I'm just honestly curious. The owners of these have behaved as if its just part of the sculpt, and not something that's a problem... but I think we can all agree that this is not what we should expect for the money spent.

      So I guess to put a couple questions out there.....

      1. Do you have a doll that can't sit up? Did you contact the company? Does it bother you?
      2. If you don't, what would you do if you got a doll like this? Do you think it's a problem?

      EDIT: By the way, I don't consider dolls that can be made to slouch dolls that can't sit. Slouching is a form of sitting ;P I'm only talking about ones that can't sit straight, can't slouch, but just fall backwards no matter what.

      Also, people have been saying that they dont mind so long as it can be fixed with modding, but is it really okay for companies to cut corners on design, expecting the new owners to fix their problems?
    2. This prompted me to try sitting my Kid Delf down for the first time since he has had proper trousers... :sweat He still sits fine with a bit of persuasion (the fabric is thick). Without them there is no problem at all and my other 2 dolls have had no problems.

      It would certainly annoy me a little if they didn't, especially if it was a doll I had spent a lot of money on.
    3. My Asleep Eidolon Mo, when she co-operates, can stand like a rock and hold some pretty wonderful poses. When she doesn't, she constantly belly pops and one of her arms always swings into her chest like she's trying to cross her arms.

      Despite this, I'm in love with her. She was a sculpt that grabbed me and held on. She has a wonderful figure, an adorable face, is the perfect size, and an easy doll to fit things to. I also managed to nab her while she was on sellout since she was being discontinued by Asleep Eidolon, so she was MUCH cheaper than normal (like $90 cheaper! AE isn't even an expensive company!)

      For her, the good things outweigh her quips with posing.
    4. My Souldoll Ignis can't sit because she's strung so tightly that her feet go back and push her off whatever she's sitting on. It drives me nuts, but it's my own fault for being too lazy (scared) to restring her. Maybe other dolls have problems sitting because of their elastic tension? Then maybe the owners don't mind as much because the tension allows the dolls to make other poses or perhaps stand better?

      That's just how it is for my situation :)
    5. Do you have a doll that can't sit up? Did you contact the company? Does it bother you?
      i did. a delf boy. i sold it. couldnt sand it! it could'nt sit, his elbow didnt bend much. he just couldnt do anything!
    6. None of my dolls have a problem sitting, but certain pants make it hard to have them sit on their own (like super tight thick denim) but I don't dress them in that kind of pants so it's ok. My SD13 has locking butt joints so he can sit in any pants XD
    7. my Soom monthlies have a few issues, I put up withit because they CAN if I take the time to lock the butt in the groove properly, but the fantasy leg parts can also get in the way. Other than these dolls, which I own for their dramatic sculpts, well i simply do NOT put up with a body that is unable to sit! It would be crazy to do so, it is one of the most basic poses and I actually store my dolls sitting so it is necessary to me
    8. I had bought two limited dolls from Dollmore, I was still pretty much a noob at that point. When I got them I was absolutely delighted by the way they looked, but that soon faded to annoyance. I'd spent two thousand dollars for the both of them. They couldn't sit, they wouldn't stay in any position I'd put them in... at all. I couldn't believe that they could make them look so beautiful and they couldn't even make them sit! I was so annoyed that I had to sell the both of them. Will I buy from Dollmore again? sure, but I may not buy the larger sizes, I was so disappointed. As it is I use stands for my yo-sized dolls. I know the FL dolls will stand on their own, they're made very well, but I don't want to risk them falling and breaking.
    9. Would that bother me? A world of yes! One of my boys couldn't sit very well after a while when his stringing got slack, and I took him apart to restring and suede him immediately because I could not stand it.
    10. I do have a couple of dolls that have problems sitting up straight... my most notable is my Super Gem girl. She leans back pretty badly. The problem can be solved by placing one hand behind her, like she's using a hand to steady herself. Her body is aesthetically gorgeous, and she stands well (once you get her in position), despite having the extra joint of digitigrade legs... and she also otherwise poses well, so I put up with it.

      Likewise for my EID girl... she has a similar problem, though her mobility joint helps. But with her, she's just so goshdarn gorgeous that I forgive her. She stands like a champ, and has a very wide range of motion other than "sitting up straight". Nearly every doll I own has one posing "quirk" or another, so I don't really think about it too much.

      I did have one doll body that posed very stiffly, had an extremely limited range of motion, and couldn't stand up on its own (despite sueding and multiple restringings)... and in that case I decided it was just too much. I sold that body. But all in all, if the doll doesn't sit up but otherwise poses well and is lovely to look at, then I am fine with it.

      I do think it is "just part of the sculpt", to be honest. Everyone is going to expect something different from their dolls, and "sitting up straight without being propped against anything" just won't rank as high on some people's lists than others. I'd rather have a doll that stands sturdily and looks pretty than one that sits up straight, to be honest.
    11. My boy is kicky as can be o-o;
      Just randomly his leg swings up... It kind of sucks and sueding doesn't help. But for some reason when he stands up, he's perfectly fine! I still love him so so so much though, even though the odd time he kicks me. xD!
    12. My SuperGem girls, my Delf Type 3 boy, and my Dollstown 15 girl have very arched backs and weak or non-locking thigh joints that combine to pull them over backwards and it's extremely disappointing. I usually keep them in stands, but it means that without hot-glue suede they are hopeless to pose. The Delf Type 1 boy body didn't have that problem and I'm often sorry I swapped it out. :(
      I rarely buy more than one of a doll body because I like to have as may different body types as possible, but I can certainly say that I wouldn't buy another of any of these bodies. Good engineering is paramount to my enjoyment of these dolls.
      Anytime I've commented to the above companies about engineering I either get no response, a bland thank you or a suggestion that it is "user error" so I don't bother anymore.
    13. One of my tinies will only sit unaided if her back is slumped due to her sculpt - she has rather chubby thighs! As it was her tubbiness that attracted me to her, I can live with that! The other is currently sitting on the edge of my desk where I more-or-less plonked her without any problem.
    14. Possability is a huge thing for me. I won't keep dolls that can't be made to pose in the ways I want them too. I don't mind if they just need sueding or restringing but if the doll just cannot do certain things they wind up gone. My first doll was a BBB and she was a nightmare to pose. I also had a custom house and while he was the cutest little thing he frustrated me with his lack of posability and wound up leaving as well. I expect each doll to have quirks, and some poses it holds better than others, but if a doll just can't pose it just can't stay here. I recently sueded my Little Monica Dyuke. He is on the A type body which is gorgeous but that bottom joint tended to pop and made him slouch funny. He still sat fine, just looked like he was leaning. A little hot glue and no more problems. I've actually sueded all of my boys with that low torso joint, they all had similar issues.
    15. I think it is sometimes a bit of a trade off- one of my dolls does sit, but at about an 80 degree angle? This annoys me a bit, but he is so perfect in every other way, that I put up with it...I figure every doll has one thing that we may not be 100% happy with, and his happens to be sitting!

      That said, I have owned other dolls that were worse at sitting than him, and they found other homes pretty quick!
    16. My Delf boy has always been super floppy, and after glue-sueding him twice I switched to moleskin...so now he sits up fairly well. But even if he never did, I would still love him. Why? because he's just so sweet. I love his facial sculpt, his expression, all of that. He's perfect for his character. looks wonderful dressed up, and I love him to bits. He'd have more play value if he were rock-steady standable and poseable like my other boys, sure, but that's not why I chose him to be my first doll.

      I guess love is blind, huh? =)
    17. Mmmm, yes. I do indeed have a doll that refuses to sit, my Soom Amber. The poor thing has curved thighs. They are beautiful when she stands, but they make sitting something of a stunt. I love the silly thing though, so she is here to stay.
      I suppose that I have come to the conclusion that all dolls will have something in their design that I have to get used to. In a way, I almost like this because that makes each doll unique to me. It is part of how I make them mine. I learn how to work around each of their flaws, and that means that I've spent enough time with each of them to know how they work. Does that make sense?
      That isn't to say that certain flaws don't drive me mad sometimes, but I haven't yet found a structural "flaw" that would make me sell a doll I already own. Either I get used to it, or find a way to improve it. Hehe, my theory is a bit of the opposite of your opening question. I figure that after all the time and money I have spent on each of my dolls, it would be silly for me to give up on them just because I don't have the patience to work with them. However, my experiences with my dolls certainly have an effect on my future purchases. I admit that my Amber (as well as the darn elbows on the Soom body that my MNM head is on) has made me rethink my opinion of Soom dolls. I doubt if I will ever purchase another Soom doll because I do not want to put up with anymore such structural issues. My Faun is here to stay, but she won't be getting any cousins. ^_~
      As for sitting particularly, I opt for the mobility joints whenever possible and this is a great boon for the larger, bulkier dolls. I have a new EID on the Superhero body and he seems to sit just fine, even without popping the extra joint out. Perhaps it is more the pants than the doll? I make all my own clothing, so I make sure that sitting is possible whenever I am sewing something new.
    18. I've never had trouble getting any of my Delfs (and I have Type 1, 2 and 3 bodies here-) or either of my Soom SG guys to sit up... My EID Akando, though? Oooh yeah. Even with the thigh "mobility" joints he's a pain in the butt to get into a balanced sitting position. Without the thigh joints, which are an optional feature on the EID bodies, I'm not sure it would be possible to sit one up at all. o_0

      So, why do I put up with it? To be honest, the sitting issue is just one of an extensive list of posing problems that I have with that particular doll... EIDs are all form and no function, in my opinion. They're beautifully sculpted, but it comes at the price of their engineering. The reason Palrah's sitting difficulties aren't a deal-breaker is because I have very low expectations of him when it comes to posability to begin with. I have him because the sculpt is gorgeous and in the limited range of poses he CAN do, he looks great. I just know better than to expect him to be able to do much beyond that.
    19. I have a couple, the one that comes to mind first is Serenius. I love him to bits, so I put up with it. He's my floppy angel. He has issues and has always had that problem, despite being through two bodies. I say it's his character.

      But it doesn't bother me too much, because he's extra cuddly when he's floppy. [hugs him]

      He's had a DoD body and a Bluefairy body, if that helps anyone.
    20. Huh...I could see an EID Model Body being impossible without the mobility joint, but since I have the Superhero body, I just swivel the...um, butt plates (is that the "technical term" for them?) until they are splayed out a little and they prop him up easy peasy.