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Why do you buy BJDs?

May 25, 2010

    1. I have seen others talk about wanting (more) BJDs & asking for help in finding certain things.. price being 1 thing I see a lot. I was wondering what was the reasoning behind purchasing your 2nd doll and so on? Were you completly inlove with the mold & had to just have it? Did you simply want more dolls so you grabbed 1 you could quickly get? Were you looking for a specific doll but ran into something else along the way?

      As for me, my 1st doll was a "quick buy" I suppose. I wanted a SD BJD but didnt know a thing about different brands and such. I found an Abio Angel & thought he looked really cute & was cheap compared to other dolls. Every other doll I have purchased was completly out of EXTREAMLY loving the mold & no other reason.
    2. I like collecting figures but they're just in a fixed pose and will be like that for the rest of my life and figmas are tiny and easily broken. I wanted something I could more or less play with and have fun with. And then I saw how big some BJDS could be and that settled it for me. I want character dolls. As I said I like collecting figures, I want to own re-creations of my favorite characters and BJD’s are taking this to the extreme and I like it (which is good because my mom thinks all my figures are dolls. She’s so cute:)). I also like the idea of having a beautiful doll and knowing she/he's everything I wanted them to be, copyrighted character or not.

      I also hate the limited mass produced Azone style of dolls. They just irk me to no end. I feel they could’ve done so much better but settled for crap. And for the price of Medicom Zero or Chun Li I could put a down payment on a real doll with joints that won’t snap like twigs and aren’t so completely fugly. Who needs interchangable hands when you can have jointed ones?
    3. My first doll was also a "quick buy", but my second doll (I should say my second COMPLETE doll, as I had a floating head before I got my Yo and only recently got the body for it) I saw and he just....called to me. I kept circling him at the doll meet I saw him at, holding his little sign that said he was for sale. I couldnt go home without him.
      I guess I try to keep all my doll purchases that way. I don't buy on impulse or because of the popularity of the mold/doll. There are TONS of dolls I say I want, but the ones I own, I own because they had that special SOMETHING that resonated within me.
    4. My first doll was weeks of agonizing fretting and research. Then I decided it didn't work so I got a different doll to replace her. I had a second character that I rolled into yet-another doll. My Cuprit basically came for a need to have a complete-set doll. My others are all naked and don't have proper wigs yet, etc. so I really wanted a masterpiece doll that was completely finished that I could display immediately. My own characters will be done eventually, but for now Cuprit is my masterpiece until the others catch up :)
    5. I have been in love with dolls since i was a child (barbie), throughout my teenage years (bratz and barbie), and into current years (BJDs)...
      The first BJD that i ever purchased was a "Quick buy" as you call it, and i didn't fall in love with her... I sold her almost 2 months after having her to save up for a girl i really loved...
      Being on the forum has taught me a lot of things about different brands(cheaper vs. Not) and i definitely do not buy anything "quick buy" anymore, unless it is a brand i know and love. But even then i never buy any doll that doesn't fit one of my characters because i cannot handle a doll with no personality, and i do not want to have a doll in my collection that doesn't fit somewhere in it...
    6. LOL awesome. My 1st & 2nd dolls were modeled after the singer & lead guitarist of a Japanese rock band named D & my newest doll, whom will be here in less then 3 weeks will be LINK! *points at uour icon* 8D. I have gone so far as 2 make Chuchu & Tingle figures lolol *inspired by Wind Wakers & Minish Caps figure collection *. Having a 60cm Link will be BOSS as hell!
    7. My first doll was something I agonised over. I truely loved how it looked so I made the purchase ...and I then learned it was an illegal copy. My second doll was to undo the bad choice I made with my first doll.

      I then bought another doll as an impulse "rescue" and thus started my interest in second hand dolls. Since then it's been a lot of selling in order to buy something I want more.

      These days there are no impulse buys although there are times when it is very tempting. I am now focusing on completing the dolls I do have.
    9. I was a hardcore tomboy growing up & it wasnt until I was 22ish that I found dolls (BJDs) to be amazing. As for having characters 4 my dolls, most have 1 set up long b4 they are purchased. As for my twins, they are kinda like me. One is shy, a nerd, loves lolita fashion. The other more uh.. bold :).
    10. Well, after I got my first doll, I realized I loved BJD's, and that minis were a good size for me. But, there were some things I didn't like about him: his eye sockets were so big that it was hard to make his eyes look good, and I didn't like his hands; I wanted his fingers to be separated. Also, I thought it would be nice to have a girl to dress up in dresses. So for my second doll, I was looking for a mini girl, with smaller eyes and nice hands, and that's exactly what I got. I had no intentions of getting a third doll until the doll I had wanted for my first came back in stock (back then I wasn't really clear on how these things worked; I thought he was gone forever) and I caved and got him. Fast forward several years (I was out of the hobby for a while due to my location) and I started missing the feeling of opening a new doll, and besides I should have an even number of girls and boys right? (Oh the ways we justify these things!) So I started looking around and a ton of new dolls had been released while I was gone, and I absolutely fell in love with doll #4. I had been curious about tinies for a while so when I finally found one that appealed to me that was my fifth doll. Then I thought, if I had a new mini girl I might as well have a new mini boy who represented my current tastes better (excuses getting flimsier and flimsier, can you tell?) and I got doll #6. Then I found an adorable tiny boy to go with my tiny girl, and then Dollmore had some to-die-for LE's, and then I figured I might as well try out SD's, and wouldn't you know it Iplehouse just made one that looked just like one of my favorite actresses . . .

      Why do I buy BJD's? I think it's an addiction. :sweat

      As for the money thing, back when I got into the hobby there were no inexpensive dolls. You wanted a BJD, you coughed up the money. About the only way to make it less expensive was to get an MSD. That was the size I was interested in anyway though, so it all worked out.
    11. Whos the actress? :D
    12. I bought a doll about five years after seeing my first BJD back in 2000. Volks was the only company making BJDs at the time and even though I loved the way they looked none of them were quite right for me. I stopped looking for a couple of years and when I checked back into the hobby I saw that there were new companies and lots of new dolls. That's when I saw one I wanted.

      My first doll is one of the central characters in a story I play around with. After that I started buying the next most important characters and I'm slowly working my way out to the edges of the full cast circle. So if I have the character in mind already I wait until I see the right doll. Sometimes I buy the head and then see where I can fit them into the cast list. Pretty soon I'll have to choose dolls to play Innocent Bystander #1 and Bank Teller since I'm running out of characters and I still want more dolls.
    13. My first doll was definitely not was quick buy. Took me near two years before buying one.

      However once I found the right companies that sell dolls with lots of fun potential, it just kinda snowball from there.

      I buy them because I like them
    14. my first doll wasn't a quick buy either but now that i have him i started hunting for another one i figured that since he was 60 cm i needed a 70 cm one.

      There for i buy them cause they are my resin crack:aheartbea
    15. my very first doll was given to me by my friends, although i was already saving up for one. I buy dolls because I like them, they are not so demanding as rl-children, but do give a bit companionship without eveer beeing bossy or so. they amuse me and help me be creative for them, as a focus instead of just doing things any old how.
      mainly because they brighten up my day 8)
    16. My first doll was a gift from my parents (graduation present) and I got my second doll, because my first doll was a boy that I didn't want to crossdress, but I did want to make doll dresses and skirts. It was kind of hard to find the right girl doll, as I don't find girl dolls that interesting, but in the end I found a mold that appealed to me.

      I've bought dolls because it was a bargain, the mold called out to me, it was a limited, it suited the character I wanted to make, I wanted to do a certain mod project, I wanted to have a body with that style of jointing and engineering, it was a "rescue doll" that I couldn't leave in the MP, or I had trouble deciding which tiny to buy and thus I bought a MA. :sweat

      So I have very diverse reasons to buy dolls, but mostly because I like them and how they look.
    17. Sena Jun.:) Allow me to spam my comparison:

    18. Well I started out just wanting to shell a few of my most beloved characters from things I've written, but while I was trying to find the perfect mold for them each (I was originally planning to have six 'character' dolls) I have found so many other molds that don't fit any of my characters at all, but for some reason I'm completely drawn to them and I feel like I just have to have them. @-@ BJDs are a curse and I'm locked in their grasp. So basically for me, I just like to have them to feel happy; I like how they look and in the case of my characters, it's sort of like a dream come true to be able to make them real.
    19. Why do you buy BJDs?

      Basically because I like them. I did not know a thing about different brands and such either when I bought my first. I fell into BJDs and purchased my first one because when I saw her she curiously reminded me (And many people who know me) of myself. Pretty soon, before she arrived home, I found a peach wig which made me change my mind about the character she would be. She became Nami, from One Piece manga and anime series. After that I had to get the rest of the crew. That has been my main why to get more BJD (The rest of the main characters from this title for me). I have recognized my vision of many of them in BJD molds really quickly, but some other few (Last) times I have been looking for sculpts which matched the characters I was chasing. Therefore generally my request to buy BJD is liking it and seeing in it a character at a same time. My reason to go on buying, the characters who join the crew in this Eiichiro Oda's pirating adventure.
    20. I originally saw some beautiful bjds at a blog site, and feeling curious looked them up elsewhere online and on Ebay. That was only this year, but I realised very quickly that I could work with these dolls creatively, both in terms of fiction and photography. I almost bought a doll on impulse - a Dollmore - but let it pass. A couple of days after that I bought a vinyl jointed doll, and she was somewhat held up by the volcano. In the five or six weeks that it took her to arrive, I saw another doll, an HZ boy, that I really loved. I left it for a few weeks, but kept going back to have another look at him. In the end, I bought him as a full set. I'm a longterm saver, so though I live on a low income, I had money in the bank and could actually buy more, however I'm determined to get my savings up again. I may put the next doll on layaway. The HZ boys are less expensive than others, but that was not what drew me to them. I simply loved Wangye more than any other doll I'd seen. His price was a bonus, and made me more willing to take a chance on him. I haven't seen him yet, but I've already got my eye on Schuster, am starting to get a little too fond of Tian, and the doll I liked least, Han, is starting to make his presence known big time. I may however buy heads for some of them. I love Iplehouse's Asa and Jessica, but they're far more expensive, so at this point it's more likely I'll buy one or two more HZs first.