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Why do you go/want to go to meetups?

Jul 12, 2009

    1. Ok so i searched through 12 pages of threads and didn't find this so sorry if its already been talked about! ^^;;

      Anyway, while reading the "Why do some collectors refuse to go to meetups?" thread i got to thinking:

      Why do people go to meetups? Is it just for the social part of it? Are you secretly needy for attention? (>.> <.< *coughmecough*) Do you just want to finally be around people you can talk to about your dolly pains and triumphs?

      I've only been to the A-Kon meet and left really fast (didn't have my Lestat, only my off topic girl so i was nervous and embaressed) But i really want to go to meets for multiple reasons. Not only would i like to make friends in this hobby, but I will admit i want to show off Lestat (and any others i get by the time i finally can attend a meet!) and see what reactions/comments he brings. I also would just love to be around a group of people who share a hobby with me (i'm weird like that i guess?)

      So whats your reason for going for wanting to go to meets?
    2. To see the dolls in person and if I really want one of those sculpts. Also it is nice to meet people that like the dolls and how they interact with your doll is always fun to see and hear.
    3. To see other dolls in person. It is never the same to see dolls in picture vs in person. You will see things that you may not notice in photos
    4. There are some of the absolute nicest people I have ever met in my life at the the meet-ups I go to. I go to see dolls in person. I go to take pictures. But most of all, I go to be social. I've never much been social in my life and I find conversations really hard to start. But at a doll meet, you have a while list of conversations right there. They are easier to talk to. And you know you have something in common, too.

      And it's fun. Like super fun.

      So I go because they are my friends. I go because I can't keep locking myself in my room with a dolly and a computer and say that I don't need people. I go to doll meets for the same reason people go out drinking with their friends or kids have slumber parties. I go to have fun with friends. To be social. To share my loves and my hobbies with other people. It's a great way to meet some good friends and to have some great fun. And at some meets you can even win prizes or learn things from other hobbyists. But most of all, it's just fun. And really, what more of a reason do you need than that?
    5. I totally agree with Arichan... my big drive is the social side as well. I love seeing other people's dolls, and all the photo ops are fun, but the best part for me is meeting the other people. I've only been in the hobby for a two and a half years, but I really feel like I've made friends here who will last the rest of my life.
    6. I've only been to one meet up, and though it was a bit awkward for me because I felt so young, I went to see the dolls. I had never seen a BJD in person except for my own. It was actually a huge shock seeing them up close. I would like to go to another, because people get new dolls all the time, and it is nice to know people in your area that have the same hobby as you.
    7. I want to go because I want to see more dolls in real life, and see what people have done with their dolls, as I find a lot of the creativity displayed truly awesome. I also want to meet people who collect these dolls, because I am pretty new to the world (I collect a lot of mid-century and earlier dolls, but not BJDs yet) and I want to learn more as I save up to make my first purchase. And I just think it would be fun! I'm hoping to go to the meet-up at ComicCon, though I'm kind of nervous because I don't have a doll yet...! But I want to meet the people who do go, see their dolls and chat with them about the world of collecting BJDs and how amazing I'm finding it -- and them.
    8. I think that meetups are absolutely fabulous, you get to meet new people in the same hobby, see some sculpts in real life and it's also nice to take pictures ^^

      It's always nice to see everyone's dolls and let them interact with each other, whether it's positive or negative xDD
      It also gives you chances to see other people's dolls in person and sometimes the owners will exchange tips during the chit-chats, this will increase your experience.
      Don't forget the group pic for the win x3
    9. I've met one other person in real life that liked and had ball joint dolls. It was so lovely! We both knew the terms and what dolls eachother wanted and I was so happy. I want to meet other people like that too, that's why I want to go to a meetup.
    10. I can't go to meetups - the nearest other ABJD collectors I know of are in Yellowknife, which is over 1000km from here. When I do get 'down south' it seems it is always for family (though Mom has vowed we will go to the Doll Museum next time I come visit).

      My main reason to want to go to a meet-up is to see dolls in-person that I don't want enough to buy (as that is the only other way I get to see them). There are many, many dolls I very much like the look of, but have no desire to possess.

      I think it would also be interesting to see what outfits people choose to dress their dolls up in to 'go out'. And of course, there's the wonderful thing of being in a place with people who share common interests and experiences, despite a diversity of backgrounds. Also, it would be wonderful to be able to trade or buy things like eyes and wigs being able to see them in front of you instead of having to guess at their true colour.
    11. Tomorrow I go to my first real meet; though I have gotten together with a local fellow collector a couple of times. I've been very much looking forward to it but you know, I never really considered WHY I wanted to do. I'd have to guess it's partially for acceptence and validation. Partially to make new friends, certainly to learn something new as the 2 occasions I have hung out with my friend here I have come away more knowledgable. Throughout my life I have had many hobbies, and most did include a social aspect, so I think it's kind of human nature to seek out people with simular interest.

      Just my guess though
    12. I like going to see the other dolls. I'm rather shy, so the social aspect is a little awkward for me. Taking pictures of the dolls can also be fun.

      If there's a doll I'm interested in, I'm not so shy that I won't ask questions.
    13. It's very fun to see these dolls in person and also to meet other people who like them as much as I do. My husband and my dog aren't interested in the least in my dolls, and I bore them to death talking about them. I have made some lasting friendships at meetups with people that I would never have met otherwise, as we have nothing else in common. I am an awful hermit and I think it's good for me to get out once in a while and meet new people.
    14. I couldn't have said it better myself :)

    15. There are two reasons I go to meetups- one is to see all of the lovely doll people in Perth, the other is to see all of their lovely dolls! :lol:

      I just went to a meet yesterday and it was great to see everyone and catch up (about 1/3 or so of the local doll community are friends who I see outside of meetups, but the rest I only really get to see at meetups), plus I was totally wowed by a doll I'd never really given much thought to before, he was so beautiful in person!
    16. I haven't been to a meetup yet, but I'd like to get to one. Mostly, because I'd like to meet other dolly people in my area- I have one doll friend, but he hasn't gotten one yet. I'm also interested in seeing other people's dolls and what they do with them! The variety of ways you can make a doll unique is just so interesting to me, so I want to see more dolls in the resin :sweat even if I have no interest in owning them myself.
    17. Honestly, one of my biggest reasons to go is sewing.

      If I know a meetup is coming up, I'll do everything I can to make new outfits for my dears, or costumes if it's got a theme. Without the meetups, I probably wouldn't sew nearly as much as I do, or push myself to try new themes.

      Don't get me wrong, the social aspect is great, and I'm really enjoying getting used to some of the faces and seeing new ones, plus it's great to see new dolls.

      I guess a little bit of it is to show off my dears, too. ^^; But it's really equal parts that and seeing other people's dolls, but both are only about 25% of why I go to meetups. Both pale in comparison to the fun of just hanging out with other doll people and relaxing, and pushing myself to create.
    18. --photo ops! Much more confident taking public doll pics en masse, and to do some sight-seeing and shopping! I also like to give things to people.

      --meeting folks! Learning things such as pronunciations ;-P...gossiping, networking, having someone to conversate on a topic that Will Not interest non-collectors

      --seeing everyones dollies IRL, there are often folks around here that have rare/expensive ones. Showing off my doll unabashedly!
    19. This. I meet someone new almost every meet up! It's a great way to pass the time and chat to other people you have something in common with :D
    20. I don't have my own doll yet so I'd like to go to a meetup to see what the dolls really look like in person. It would help me determine whether I really want one or not. Also, if I do decide to get one then I'd want to go to meetups to meet fellow doll lovers and their dolls. Hobbies are always more fun when you've got someone to share it with ^__^