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Why do you like feminine male BJDs?

Dec 10, 2016

    1. I've seen a thread recently which got me thinking, (called "Girly but not gay?," not sure how to link it) which was an interesting read. It had people describe their straight but feminine boy dolls, a bit about their characters and such. It made me wonder just why this hobby has such a high proportion of feminine male dolls, ranging from little things in the way they act or dress to the ones that consistently get mistaken for girls and are indistinguishable for most people outside of the hobby. I personally love the more feminine sculpts and mannerisms, I believe it was probably from my reading manga when I was younger and having the boys be much "prettier" than was ever seen in western media, and I have a feeling that others here can attest to this. I think this is a great way to show that guys can have feminine traits and not be considered gay or social outcasts. If girls can be "tomboys," then it's unfair if guys can't have a similar style. I think gender roles are just as strict if not stricter on guys in the western world, and it's really a shame.
      My question is, if you have/want to have dolls like this or are simply interested in this style, why do you think you are? How "girly" do you make your guys, is it your consistent taste or is it just a few characters? If you aren't, why do you think others like this style? Does it seem "wrong" to some people? I think it'd be interesting to know!
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    2. I am androgynous in some respects myself, and my dolls, as an extension of myself, reflect that. In a broader sense I think androgyny in very popular among far east youth and it is reflected in how many company make their sculpts. Iplehouse and Soom tend to be the two outlying companies who make very masculine and very feminine sculpts. How the grandfather of bjd itself, Volks just started up a new line of androgynous dolls called Dear SD. I think some of it is purposefully intent by the owner to make their doll androgynous and the other half of it the sculpts being made that way. The far east just has a different perception of gender than the west does.
      Personally I tell to be more comfortable with masculine body sculpts than feminine body sculpts. I have had a male Soom Megagem, but a Volks SD10 is about as feminine I go. I have also had my yeon-ho be mistaken for a girl constantly without me dressing him in a ''''misleading''' manner.
      I think it comes down to the West being more unfamiliar with androgyny then the East is.
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    3. I really like the feminine guy, masculine girl trope. Not only do I want my dolls to have it, but I have several characters like that too. I guess I like androgyny. I want my dolls to look like they could be either. So while I want my guy to be feminine, I don't want him too feminine. I guess those kinds of guys always seemed more sensitive to me.
    4. Because I believe that beauty and femininity exists in males as well as females but due to gender roles men often get the "You need to be "manly" spiel a little too often and it really bothers me personally. I am also attracted visually to beautiful men as well as vice versa. I'm not saying that masculine men are wrong in any way, but I really am uncomfortable by how a man is looked at weird being overly feminine and use of the word "manly" is sometimes almost championed as though that's a the way a 'man should be'. People are people and I think it excites people to be able to make characters outside the box, because the likelihood of seeing them in reality without scorn is sadly so slim.

      That being said I think masculinity AND femininity should be celebrated as both genders have each and I prefer to make more sensitive feminine men sometimes, but I also have my share of men who have more apparent masculine traits. I am just happy that I found a hobby that allows me to feel comfortable doing that and it is exciting and a relief that I have this outlet. So why not show it off ;)
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    5. Interesting topic! I do like feminine male doll. Actually I also like feminine male rolls in fictions and comics since long time ago but not in real world. I never search the reason why I like this. I don't like him to be too girly. Beautiful, graceful and not muscular is the right one for me.
    6. I have the same opinion!!!:)
      Stop gender roles and stereotypes!
    7. I can wear man's clothes and act like a man if I want to (middle aged woman FYI) as can any girl or woman. But if a man wants to wear women's clothing and act like a woman, everyone judges him, comments, stares, etc etc. No-one would bat an eye if I went to work in a man's dress shirt and trousers though, or had short hair. I resent the injustice of this - men are forced very much into a narrow stereotype almost from birth - Women are told from being small they can be 'anything they want to be' - it's outrageously unfair!

      So I like the idea of a doll (or in fact a REAL BOY) having the freedom to wear what they feel like wearing, without arousing negative comment in the process - be that a pink hat with bunny ears, or lilac shorts over yellow tights - why not? However they must also portray a youthful character, because the most inflexible stereotype I've encountered is ageism, which is something else I find very unjust. I should create an old hag character who wears decora/fairy kei - because in real life it just wouldn't be acceptable.

      As far as mannerisms go though, I think both genders are very much forced into a stereotype there - girls and women are expected to behave and speak a certain way, just as boys/men are. It is very oppressive to shame someone just for being different, when not conforming to gender stereotypes doesn't actually do any harm to anyone. Ideally you should just be 'you' without fear of being criticised for not being feminine or masculine.
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    8. I also like androgyny, in myself and real people as well as my dolls. I don't know why, exactly, but feminine guys and masculine girls really appeal to me. My doll guys who act feminine probably do so because that's what I'm familiar with from myself, though, rather than because of any particular ideal of mine.
    9. I have only collect guys and some are more feminine and some more masculine. My characters can fall anywhere on the gender spectrum really and I love that. I see beauty in both masculine and feminine looking men. I also have a love of long hair on guys as my other love apart from bjds is heavy metal and I spent many years around guys with beautiful long hair that also often wear eyeliner. Maybe this is why I have great difficulty creating any of characters with short hair :)
    10. I only have boy who is even slightly feminine and that's Dhani. The doll itself is a masculine Senior Delf body with a Souldoll Zenith Iliya head. However he does own some clothes and lingerie made for girl dolls. The reasoning here is that Dhani is into fashion, and feels limiting himself only to men's fashion means he misses out on half of the beautiful clothes out there. Dhani is all about equality for all people in every aspect, and he frequently challenges traditional gender roles. They aren't 'girl clothes', they're HIS clothes.
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    11. Because...why not?? They look so beautiful! I can daydream looking at their faces all day :D:love...and I tell you that's like a piece of heaven for me, you know...Life is not easy all the time, so finding comfort in pretty faces is a mood booster. :XD:
    12. I totally agree with @elve - although it is becoming more acceptable for girls and women to dress in men's clothes, like boys' toys etc the reverse is still considered weird. Maybe it's because boys have cooler toys and more practical clothing whereas stuff aimed at girls and women is designed for the purpose of attracting a mate - by looking attractive (hair clothes makeup) or by being a housewife/mother - and heaven forbid a boy should grow up aspiring to be a full-time parent or spend too much time on his appearance! A woman dresses masculine to be taken seriously. But if a man dresses feminine it's more likely to have the opposite effect.

      As for feminine looking boy dolls, personally I find female or feminine faces more attractive. It could be because women may spend more time on their appearance or are more likely to wear makeup to enhance their features. I have one male doll who I tried on a female body (it's one of the first things I do when I get a new head or body, swap everyone around!) and did consider the possibility of making him a girl instead - especially as all my face-ups looked quite feminine too - but he remains a boy as I had bonded to his character. He does borrow my girls' clothes sometimes (everyone shares) and the Dollheart fashions I have are quite frilly and flouncy but I don't set out to dress him "like a girl"

      Sometimes I think people just find it fun to dress up their boy dolls in a stereotypically girlish fashion. Like their very own Ladybeard.
    13. I agree that women's clothing is designed mainly to appeal to the opposite sex by making her look helpless and sweet or sexy - so I think you're right there - I guess there's a lot of homophobia mixed in with disapproval of men dressing in women's clothes, because men are terrified they'll 'accidentally' fancy another bloke!
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    14. cause i like anything cute XD so i would totally make my boy feminine to look cute but not gay
    15. Gay, straight, bi, whatever. :love To me it's not a matter of what their orientation is. I, like others here, am androgynous and even call myself such when others ask. I've got the features and demeanor for it, and it reflects on my dolls. All three of my current dolls are very "cute" or "feminine," but all three are boys. I find an appeal to the feminine male concept because it shows a side of men that you don't often see over here. At least where I live in America. The feminine males bring out a sense of fantasy that is easy to build stories around or feel comfortable with.

      I feel I may have been slightly influenced by anime in my teens, but a lot of the appeal centered on my draw to androgyny and rebelling against gender stereotypes. I have nothing against masculine males and feminine females. In fact there are a couple extremely feminine and masculine dolls out there that I'd love to take home and add to my collection. But when it comes to blurring lines in gender, I definitely love the pretty boys--gay or not.
    16. I dress rather feminine, personally (though part of that has to do with a deeply ingrained need to fill society's standards for a woman that I would never dream of holding any girl I'd date to.) My girlfriend, however, dresses a lot more masculinely, and is very free to do so (except when her mom accuses her of dressing like a lesbian, and I smirk into my palm.) I do know a guy who consistently has better eyeliner than me going, and power to him, cause he faces a lot of adversity for it and will not change.

      As for my dolls, I do have one very feminine boy, and it's even a trope in his story that he is feminine--dealing with a lot of the issues a girl would face in his time and all. I actually wrote him like this because of a naming error, but kept him like this because he really subverts all the classic 'girl meets boy' tropes. He is still a strong character, and actually ultimately saved his girlfriend from the big bad who'd been pushing him around for years, but does so in a short skirt with long hair.

      I suppose the draw to his character came in subverting tropes. He isn't some ubermasculine broody teen-fiction kind of guy. When they first meet, the girl he ends up with, Katherine, is a guardian angel trying to rescue him from an abusive situation--200 years too late. Ultimately, this leads to them saving each other, because I wanted them both to have agency (him gaining this is a major victory in his arc.) I'm not saying healthy relationships don't exist between very masculine and very feminine people, but a lot of the time, in fiction, I find this leads to an adherence to a 'knight and damsel' archetypes, where these two needed to be pointedly different.
    17. I simply find androgyny attractive when it comes to my more stylized dolls... It's really no more complex than that.
    18. For some reason I just find it endearing...maybe because I grew up with too much anime? I'm not sure. I also think I find it makes them much more versatile in terms of style, since they can easily become more masculine or feminine.
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    19. I like feminine or androgynous male sculpts because they tend to not have exaggerated muscles. Slim male sculpts or chubby male sculpts just look very cute to me. I think that's just the type of body I enjoy looking at, in both males and females. Muscles are great, but there's just something about a "soft" looking body that tugs at my heart
    20. I'm not really attracted to androgynous guys, but I don't like the muscular ones either. I guess it's difficult to achieve something in between on a doll. Of course, the facial hair is not easy to do or achieve either, and they only seem to "work well" on the most "masculine" sculpts. Still, I've never found a bearded face-up that appeals to me. I think it's easier to work with the feminine look because of these tiny details. And of course, it would be very difficult to make a short haired wig without the wig cap showing, and we tend to find short hair more masculine. I think if I get a male doll sometime, I would choose something like iplehourse guys, and then I wouldn't try to paint facial hair, which would make him look a bit sweeter, but not feminine.