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Why do you need more than one?

Jul 13, 2009

    1. Sorry if this has already been asked. I'm kind of sure it hasn't :sweat.

      Anyway, when I first saw Little Fee Ante I thought she was all I needed. In fact I was down right sure. But now, I have someone different on the way with two others as well as Ante on my wish list. But I don't know why!

      So I guess my question is this, why do you need/want/have more than one BJD?
    2. Really hard to explain, I wish I could just be happy with one, but with so many sizes, colors, shapes, genders and so on finding just one to be happy with would be hard. I guess if I ever do find that one that would want me to spoil them with every thing a BJD could want I would be happier as would wallet, but would I really when I know I could love 2,3, 4 or even 10!
    3. The only reason I'd have someone other than my incoming Dante is if he got lonely. Or I saw a really, really nice sculpt :D
      Actually I'd like a travel doll- a nice small one you could pop discretely in your handbag. You can't really pop a senior delf in anywhere except a tent.
    4. I am starting with two, a tiny and an MSD, because I want one of each size. But there are a few MSD sculpts I really love, and I don't want to have to 'settle' for only one. All in all I will probably end up with 2 or 3 MSD's and only my one tiny. Basically, for me it's that I have more than one 'dream doll' and I like the scuplts for different reasons, so why have only one?

      I also have plans for my first MSD to be a VERY specific fantasy character, and can only really look a certain way and wear certain clothes. Because of that, I would like to have a more versatile, normal MSD to play dress-up with a little more often. ;)
    5. Pictures are more fun to set up with two or three...

      The "prefect" wig/eye/outfit combianation may look better on one sculpt than another...

      Resin is addictive...
    6. Because I like more than one mold. :XD:
    7. I think the more interesting question would be "Why do you feel like you only have to have one?"

      After all, these are toys. They're luxury items. If you see one that you like enough, you can buy it and mod it all you like. Why on earth would you decide that you should only ever have one? You don't marry the dolls, you collect them or play with them or mod them or whatever makes you happy.

      Besides, you can't do everything with the same doll. I can't get a brooding manly man doll and make frilly girly dresses half the time because I really want a frilly girly-girl too (Okay, I guess I *could*...). I have different dolls with different 'looks' to them. My plainer, happier boy can't pull off the dark brooding look, but, dammit, sometimes I want dark and brooding. Likewise, my dark and brooding boy can't pull off the turn of the century little girl's clothing like one of my tinies can.

      Really. Why on earth would someone limit themselves to the point of denying themselves something that might make them very happy? To me, it's like buying only one color shirt ever, or one style, or deciding that you'll only ever eat mac and cheese again. Some time in the future you're going to want something completely different, and mac and cheese is no substitute for chocolate. ;)

      Sorry if I'm not making a ton of sense, it's both freezing and super noisy in here, so my train of thought is having trouble staying on dolls. Plus I'm hungry, and that food analogy made me really want something to eat...
    8. Totally this. Each sculpt has such a wonderful different quality to it and I find I fall for so many different looks. As well, I do love seeing how they look with each other and giving each one a different style. And no, I don't need them, I just enjoy having a large group of lovely dolls. :aheartbea
    9. I want more then one for a few reasons. :) One being there is an older sister/younger sister story of mine I'd like to bring to life in resin with an MSD and Yo, and while I'm at it, why stop there? I might as well make the MSD girl's best friend. If I felt I needed to, I could just stop with one, but I don't want to. :lol: I want to have cute little families and groups of friends.
    10. Exactly. Each one of these is a character, for me. I'm not going to try to write a book with just one character in it, and likewise I wouldn't try to create a story using dolls with just one doll - each one would be a challenging exercise, but they're not what I want to do. I'm not interested in making stories where the dolls interact with me, or interact with their environment (whether as dolls or as something else). I want the dolls to interact with each other. Thus, more than one doll is needed.
    11. To feed the addiction! Bwa ha ha! So many pretty dollies out there! Must have more!:D
    12. Same.
      It's just that easy.
    13. Because "collecting" means "assembling multiples of the same sort of thing all in one place". I like more than one doll, so I have a collection of them.
    14. I had several BJDs when I joined this hobby, but for various reasons sold them all. I decided to get JUST one when I started looking around again, and I even sold the first one I bought after coming back in order to keep that promise to myself. Of course, then I saw Soom Beryl, and I *had* to have her. And then, I saw the opportunity to get my dream doll, the doll I thought I would never be able to obtain, and lo and behold, I have another doll on the way right now. My feeling is that if you are not putting yourself or others in harm's way with a hobby, you shouldn't feel guilty or embarrassed by it. I work for a living, and everything I have, I earned. I'd be delighted if someone just gave me a BJD as a gift, but I feel really good about knowing that I was able to afford these luxuries, and if I get anymore, it would be the same. Of course, I am not getting any more BJDs after this one, really, I swear...:sweat unless, of course, I get swept away by another doll...
    15. This. They're all different, and beautiful, and have different personalities - and you can only do so much with just ONE, it's more fun doing stories where they interact.

      Plus it's an addiction. Each one inspires a new character...
    16. Well I have characters and a story. There are alot of different molds I like alot of different personalities i want, and lets face it having just one can get to dull after a while. My dolls like having company and relationships, friends, etc. And just one doll would make a boring doll website dont you think? Its kinda like if you make a book with one character, who wants to read that?
    17. I like lots of sculpts. I like posing dolls together/interacting. Different styles work better on different dolls.

      I don't NEED more than one. I don't even need one. But I like the ones I have.
    18. I don't need even one doll, but I love them, so why stop at one? To me, that's the whole point of collecting something; to have a bunch of them to enjoy. I collect lots of things, not just dolls, and have multiples of them all. I guess some people don't seem to have the collector mentality and are content to just own one doll, but that doesn't appeal to me very much.
    19. Why not have more then one? I know there are a few out there who are content with one, but the majority of those in the hobby get more. The best way I found to describ the feeling is, they are like chips. You CANT just have one. X3 Iv currently limited my self to only getting ten, since I might be moving and moving more then that would be stressful and worrisome. But once I have a bigger place and am settled, I plan to get more, just because there are far too many varities and beauties out there to just be content at a certain number. ^^
    20. Well it started with Lir, my sexy Soom Lupin man.
      "I can have just one." Riiiiiiiight.
      Then he had to have a lady. So I got him Rowena.
      Then we had to have an antagonist and romantic tension, so I got Mathonwy.
      And well, by that point I'd convinced my roomie she wants at least one someday, so we're saving change for her to get an Iple sylvia.
      And if she makes that character, I need her truelove Donovan, and he'd have to be an Akando...