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Why do you take the doll home and what you care most about your doll?

May 12, 2010

    1. i konw so many guys here get lots of dolls,and most of u dressed them sooo amazin'
      i think there must have a reason that make u wanna take them home
      so,what do u care most when u decided to take them?
      the quality of the resin,their face,their scuplt,their fame??
      u take the doll home just because u like the style of the doll or just because u love them at first sight?
      or even just because so many guys take him/her,then u take the doll home?
    2. It's all about the sculpt for me. Both the face and the body. I have a few criteria: I prefer SD size and polyurethane resin but beyond that as long as I love the doll it's enough for me.
      I don't buy dolls to fit existing charachters and I don't worry too much about the styling in the promo shots because I like to do my own faceups and most fullsets don't appeal to me.
      It does take me a long time to decide a doll is the right one for me, I have to spend a lot of time comparing alternatives and looking for owner pics. I'm not too worried about popularity though, I don't mind if every other person has the same doll or if I'm one of only a few owners.
    3. though i'm newbie here,and new to bjd,i only have two dolls.
      i choose a doll cause i think she is the one i have to take home,although no one else have taken a one.
      i like risks,just as someone said,Life is full of risks anyway, why not take them?
      hah,of course,before i take the "risk",first,i think i would consider how's the resin of the doll
      anyway,i don't wanna take a doll who would yellowed soon>,<
      i'm the one who always like to do some changes for myself and my dolls.
      and i'm keep on trying new style not only on me but my doll,
      then,i would think about the flexibility of the doll.and the potential of the doll.
      anyway,this is just my personal opinion.XD
    4. Face for me and what kind of face up they have
      Clothes too
      Just the general appearence of face up, clothes, hair, eyes all combined as one gives the doll such character
    5. In my opinion, I'm kind of impulse spender.
      I will take this doll just becaue I love him/she at first sight>_<
      Of course, it's good to buy a doll after long-term consideration.
      But come on, they are so fantasy and just waiting you to join with them, did you noticed their eyes??
      They are talking with you, and invite you to go with them >,<
      Of course, I always would contact with their customer services first,
      cause as a impulse spender, I always have dezons questions after I placed the order (Oh, my gaga, how can I DO THIS lol).
      Their manner will influences my mood directly in a certain extent, hahaha
    6. I have owned dolls from diffrerent companies. First I got the dolls because of love at first sight, and those company promotional photos had a lot to do with making my decisions. However, after I got my hands on the dolls, I feel that quality really matter. It just doesn't seem right to me that the doll has thin resin, or resin that yellows easily. Also, the sculpt: head and body is really important too. I enjoy finding delecate details on my dolls, and head mould that has lots of protential to change just by doing a faceup differently.

      So now, what I do when I get a doll is that I go through owner's pictures before buying. Because I know that the company pictures would always try to make their dolls look perfect (as in capturing my attention).
    7. Good question. I have owned 12 different companies dolls. I now have my two favorites. Both for quality, sculpt and body posing. Now for all of the companies I have owned dolls of, they were all nice dolls. But I love the posing ability of my FL dolls. And as I love the tiny ones, this is a big deal. And my Volks dolls. I really like that my SD head that is 9 years old still matches her body that is only 3 or 4 years old. The resin dose yellow, but not like I have seen in other companies. Other dolls I have owned that were really nice was a dollzone, pocket fairy, Lati's and bambicrony.
    8. They have to fit a character I have in mind, also a certain ethnicity. I am open enough to create a new character for a sculpt I can't bear to be without, but generally it follows what I have planned. So, the size and sculpt is most important to me.
    9. My first dolls (DoC Too and Beea) were meticulously chosen based on DoA feedback for that company, browsing owner photos, price, size, and which sculpts I preferred.

      Now I'm a little more trigger-happy when it comes to picking dolls, but I still try to search DoA for owner pics and make sure I'm going to love the doll before I buy it.
    10. What disco biscuit said! It is the sculpt, both face and body. Honestly for me it's probably more about the body. It's the desire to have a tiny perfectly sculpted little human. >3< Because they're functional, they are somewhere between statue and real creature. The ones that are sculpted and engineered well from head to toe seem to be such a pure and artful representation of the human body. That's what makes me want to hold them and pose them and paint them.
    11. the doll has to have a charm to it, Sarah and Clover are two dolls with a whole lot of charm
      Clover was much more expressive then I thought she would be, seeing her in those pictures when I got her
      same for Sarah too, I donno if its what they're wearing, or their hair or what
      but these two are lovely little things, and one day I will add a third friend to the mix for them
    12. As I have constantly preached, a new generation of male doll collectors arrived, many who are jumping on the Dollfie Dream bandwagon. Many were previously figure collectors like myself. Dollfies were essentially the ultimate figures, movable, huge, and with life like clothing and hair. Figures are static while dolls are dynamic, much more functional!
    13. Yeah, you are right!!
      I do feel so after several impulse spending.
      While only Angell-studio do not let me down. Their resin are very very nice!!!
      Their resin with high anti-aging and anti-yellowing.
    14. This is me too. Very occasionally I'll like a fullset, but it's not the norm for me.
      I don't take a long time deciding whether I like or don't like, usually it takes me no more than a day of looking to decide. Sometimes I'll change my mind later but again this is rare.
    15. Though I have a couple of favorite companies, I own dolls from a lot of places. A big consideration for me is how well they fit the character I have in mind.
    16. oh,yep.i think most guys desire to have a doll prefer the supltures a lot,and when u find a good one,u would have great passion on how to dress and change them.and the doll would means a lot to u.and maybe sometime u would like to share her/him with people around u.u would feel so happy with him/her,no matter where u go and stay,u just wann take her/him with u.that's really fantastic.hah,XDDDD
    17. I agree with most of the people here. I go through most of the company sites and make a list of all the beautiful sculpts that I really want for my doll family. And then i go through that list and order them from really want right now to I want but I can wait. Although, all of my kids right now where all "omg love at first sight, she/he told me her name and personality, first sight".
    18. Definitely the sculpt. Mostly I look for scuplts for my most precious characters, since they are what I am birthing into doll form. It's a feeling almost like catching your breath, that jolt that tells me "that's the one."
    19. Sculpt is first, both head and body. I am looking for "the doll" that fits the image of my characters in my head. Sometimes I will see a picture in the gallery or on a doll site and it just clicks. I am picky about the body being just right as well, and height is important if the character interacts with other characters who I also own in doll form. I don't get too discouraged if the company that I like a head from doesn't have a body I like, I just look for possible hybrid options. I am also incredibly picky about posability. I hate when a doll won't do what I want it to do so lately I have really been taking my time and researching how well a doll poses before committing to buy. I hate getting a doll home and just winding up frustrated because I can't make it do what I want it to do. So I guess it is a combination of things. It starts out with me having an image in my mind and then searching out the perfect doll to fit that image.
    20. I intend to 'take home' the DZ sculpt, because she is my DREAM doll! <3 She is just gorgeous, I love her face, and she's a nice big sturdy size. I have heard nothing but good things about Dollzone so I'm not terribly concerned that I'll get ripped off. I took my obitsus home because, well, I love dolls and i wanted them, and I had the money. ^_____^ I love my dolls, and I love the one I'm saving for, as well!