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Why don't you touch a facup?

Dec 9, 2009

    1. I was wondering, why exactly don't you touch a faceup? The oils of your hand? Or what? Does the MSC have something with it? Or is no moisture suppossed to get on the faceup at all? No rain or anything? D|

    2. Its the oils in your hand. And it smuges the face up when you touch it. Like real make up.
    3. I figured it was the oils but whenever I accidently touch their faceup's nothing happens at all.
    4. yeah, me too:ablink:
      but maybe nothing happens, if you seal it...or not??
    5. Then you have good coating. ^^
      But I wouldn't overdo it.
    6. XD Yeah i guess

      XD Oh thats great. I must remember to hug PinkPoogleh for her amazing job then. And DollZone XD
    7. Yeah, it's just a thing. So many outside factors can effect the MSC or Testors so much than even a thick coating may not keep it from smudging, since it happens to be really humid or hot at the time. It's not an end of the world thing, but it's best to be a little careful.
    8. As others have said, the oils (and inevitable dirt) on your hands can wear away the sealant, pastels, and/or paint used for the faceup. If you accidentally touch it, generally that should be alright if your doll is coated.
    9. ok.
      I tried it.
      I rubbed on her eyebrow xDD
      n o t h i n g happened!!!!!
      yes, yes, I'm stupid enough to do it, but...??
    10. Touching a faceup is not going to make it immediately disintegrate. The oils on your hands though, over time, could damage the sealant. Also the oils transferred to the face will attract more dirt and dust and it will stick more, requiring more cleaning more often, meaning much more wear on the faceup.

      So a faceup that gets touched is going to last a LOT less time than one that is not.

      And really, WHY would you need to touch the faceup? I play with my dolls a LOT and only very, very rarely do I even accidentally touch the faceup.
    11. Um, I have never had a well-coated faceup smudge from being touched--if it smudges, either the paint/pastel were put on too heavily so the coating cannot keep them on, or there wasn't enough coating put on it (or both). Properly done faceups should not smudge with just your fingers.

      They can chip, though, and over time the oils on your hand will wear down the coating or make it dirty. I look at all faceups as temporary, myself, because I like being able to touch faces a little here and there...but then, I re-do my own faceups so that isn't a problem. :sweat
      Not touching the faceup at all can help to make it last a longer time, so that is why most people are very adamant about not touching faces.
    12. If you keep touching it it goes away over time.
    13. If its a very hot day, the gloss sealants on the lips an edges of the eyes can soften and if you touch it you can accidentally wipe it off.

      Also, the gradual build up of oils on the surface can make the face up shiny or yellowish. If that happens, use a cleaning sponge to gently wipe the dirt off.
    14. It's definitely the skin oil. I'm paranoid about it myself and rarely touch my doll's face-up even after washing my hands thoroughly with soap and water.
    15. It's the Oils in your hands.
      Faceup material or the type of makeup you do with faceup smudge when our hands touch it by the oils in our hands, that's why any time you HAVE to do something to the face of your doll you would wash your hands REALLLLLLLY GOOD and try best to not damage the faceup.
      I have heard some people use gloves but i'm not trying it any time soon.
    16. I use cotton gloves whenever I change the eyes out or manipulate the face. But I have oily skin so I'm a bit paranoid. You can get them in drugstores, usually next to the bandages.
    17. Personally, Ive never worried about this ^^; I have dolls with both factory faceup and faceups Ive done myself and I touch them all the same. None of them have worn off or gotten dirty :/ maybe Im lucky to have well sealed faceups? The way I see it, Id rather enjoy my dolls than always worry about their blushing or faceups all the time, especially when I could easily replace the paint. However I would understand not wanting to touch them if it was a special commissioned artist faceup..
    18. Before I entered the hobby, I read the oils on your hand can eventually wear off a face-up. I never touch faces, but I always wash my hands with soap and water prior to touching her resin at all.

      Unfortunately, her company face-up was not sealed properly and parts were removed when I gently cleaned her with lukewarm water. Talk about upsetting.

      Even if you are extremely careful, accidents can still happen. Remember to enjoy your doll - you can still have fun while being cautious.
    19. Then there are dolls that you have to rub forever to get the sealant spray off as the artist coated it 6 or 7 times. So its hard to know what it will take this is why just make it a rule not to touch it.

      It will not just come of because you accidently touched the face once that would only happen if it was not sealed at all.

      I have a few dolls from 2003 and they still have intact makeup its because I am careful use a hair dryer on cool /cold setting to blow dust off your doll if you ever want to.
    20. Personally, it doesn't bother me to touch the faces of my dolls. However, I paint my own, so I'm not worried about ruining the face up. I also washing my hands religiously anyway, so I'm never really too worried about the oils; my skin feels like rhino hide on my hands anyway.

      I think, for people like myself, the only reason not to touch a dolls face is out of respect for the owners of any other doll. They may not feel as willing to change up their face-ups like I do. They may want them to stay exactly the way they are- and that's their right. Generally, if I can help it, I'll do anything to avoid touching a person's doll directly. Unless of course, I'm asked.

      Granted, when I take my boys out, I generally bring along a magic eraser just so that I can clean them after people are done touching them. -But, I don't willingly embrace the idea of just anyone coming up and touching their faces either. Especially at restaurants.