Why is it so difficult to find the perfect sculpt same as my own gender?

Feb 26, 2020

    1. I am a female. I find it so difficult to find or get the perfect female sculpt that fit my aesthetic, while I have a lot of male sculpts that I am so eager to purchase. I keep searching and searching from many BJD makers for years, but there are very few sculpts that I can satisfy with and ready to pay high price on it. Sometimes the face looks too young, sometimes the front profile is so pretty but the side profile can’t match my taste:doh, sometimes I sew some beautiful sculpts in IG, but they are limited editions and I can’t find any 2nd hands, sometimes I find the sculpt is adorable (although it’s not perfectly fit my wish), the company force customers to buy the body as well which is quite annoying. I was a fashion design student when I got into this BJD hobby. Few years has passed, I still can’t find my BJD supermodel to wear my designs:frownyblush:. Do you have the same difficulties as me?

      P.S. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes as I am not a native English speaker, hope it will not bother you too much > <
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    2. I can relate to the part about finding beautiful sculpts on Instagram, here, Facebook, etc. and they are no longer available. But I also find that the exact same sculpt can look very very different depending on wig, eyes and especially the faceup. One of my favorite dolls, which I own, is very unappealing to me in the photos I found of him on Facebook. So maybe you can take a blank doll that is close to what you like and turn it into something you absolutely love.
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    3. Same thing as mikeg happened for one of my dolls. Angel of Dream company photos are, frankly, awful and bland. At least in comparison to how gorgeous many other doll company photos are. But I absolutely love the SD girl I have from them. It's really hard to get a read on photos versus irl sometimes. On the opposite side I once bought a secondhand head with a gorgeous faceup by a well known artist. I recieved it and I loved the faceup, but I hated the sculpt so much. It was not a flattering face shape at all.
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      Thank you so much for your advices! Agree! I think I have to change the strategy and search for blank heads pictures instead of full looks or company photos:thumbup

      Thank you for sharing your experiences! It seems that doll faceups affect a lot!!! Or even photos may lie! Apart from blank head strategy, I am planning to go to some doll conventions this year, so that I can see some of the dolls in person and avoid any bad experience in getting my perfect girl:atremblin
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    5. This is why people start sculpting their own dolls, tbh.

      I would go with digitally sculpting, if you can, rather than sculpting in clay, because then you can get it 3d printed to test it out before committing to getting it cast, if you go down the sculpt and cast route.
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    6. Pearl? have you done this? if so , where did you get it 3d Printed? I have extensive experience in Maya and Blender, so 3d Sculpting is not an issue, but I have no clue where to go to get it printed. Seems the places near me only do large printings, not smaller doll stuff
    7. If you post here about dolls whose faces you like, people might be able to help you find similar dolls you haven't previously thought of. Also, there is hybriding, but I'm not sure if the male faces you like would also work for your female faces or that you just like them as male faces.
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    8. Besides blank sculpts, I would also suggest looking up owner pictures of dolls. Seeing a doll in a bunch of different faceups and styles can give you a better picture of what they actually look like in person.

      And as for dolls where the companies won't let you buy the head separately, you could always look for the head on the secondhand market, or do a split and see if someone else wants to buy the body off you.
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    9. Seems that I just have the completely opposite problem because I nearly love every sculpt I saw:lol: There are so many adorable doll pics in DOA galleries and doll profiles, maybe you can have a look and get some ideas from them:whee:

      I personally like gentle-and-"big-sister"-like sculpts, and elfdoll Vivien is my favourite girl sculpt:XD:
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    10. I’ve had this problem, and even after doing proper research, sometimes the doll looks totally different in person. If you find a doll you think you like but need to see better angles, ask an owner! That’s how I decided to buy one of my girls. There just weren’t many photos at all but I found an owner willing to take a ton of pictures for me!

      Also, @Mireylena pleasd don’t apologize for your English, it’s very good and better than many native speakers! :)

      Second this! I have a ZiXi and her company photos are terrible but she’s so cute in person with a custom faceup!
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    11. I have the same problem. Only one of all my girls is something I was initially fond of, and I think I have had seven girl heads so far? Right now I have three girls (plus two that are boxed away and that I never even look at). One of my girls is a sculpt I started liking after giving her a face that cheats the duck lips away a bit, and the other has just stuck as she is a discontinued rare and unique style doll and I really like her body, paid very much for the full doll because I couldn't find the body for sale separately, and have not found any other head to go with the body. I used to hoard girl bodies I like, and then keep looking for a head that pleases me, but I never did find nice heads, so I have had to let the bodies go in the end, they were just collecting dust.

      My only hopes are in individual artists, and I follow a lot of those on Instagram. I have long lost my hopes that any actual company will ever make a woman head that I like. I have even seriously considered sculpting my own heads at this point, because I'm making my situation very hopeless by being so picky. Maybe the difficulty in women is that I want very realistic women and cannot stand thick lips, big eyes, cute faces or round faces, while in males I accept much less realistic looks, so the range is wider (I do not consider Venitus realistic, yet I like them).
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    12. Funny enough, I walk talking about my Zixi too. xD
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    13. I have my own tiny 3d printer, but Synthetic Ephemera does 3d printing for dolls and accessories, and multiple types of printing.
    14. :doh:sorry
      Omg! hahaha~ Yes!!! I do purchase 2 books on bjd sculpting and casting last year!!! But the process are so complicated (dusts will be everywhere too:atremblin) that drew me away from starting! :...( That’s why I will be very willing to pay for the dolls if I love them, since I understand how hard it is to make a bjd! Thank you for reminding me this! I tried to learn Maya few years ago, but I give up very soon too! I even did research on 3D printing companies and print some parts for my bf’s robots, but I did nothing on my bjd! Ah! I should feel sorry about myself! I am such a lazy woman...I should start to do something to solve the problem instead of blaming on unable to find the perfect bjd head... :|
    15. Hi errinreynolds :3nodding: For male dolls, I love Soom ID75 guys! They are giants! It makes it even more difficult to find a very tall girl to stand beside them! Iplehouse and Granado guys are amazing too! I am glad that I have no problems on finding male dolls! :D

      And for the female sculpt that I am interested in, I really want to post them out! But I also afraid that I will keep saying something like “this girl is so pretty, but her nose is too large, or her lips are too full, her eyes are too large...blablabla...” :(This may offend some bjd owners who have those sculpts, as everyone has their own aesthetics. And I am such a picky collector, since I live in a small apartment, I don’t allow myself to make mistakes on buying large dolls that are not very satisfied with...Perhaps I could roughly describe my ideal sculpt...she has cat eyes, small chin, bitchy expression, no chubby cheeks or huge nose...*_*
    16. Thanks for letting me know there is a DOA gallery! I keep searching bjd photos on Instagram, but I have never noticed DOA has a gallery before, I will check it out! Many thx!

    17. Hi CloakedSchemer:3nodding: I have joined some bjd communities on Facebook, but I am too shy to ask for owner photos! Thanks for your suggestion, I should try to ask! :aeyepop:

      Thank dear, I work very hard on my English, but I am not confident enough on it, that’ why I have not post or reply anything on DOA even I have joined in for a long period of time. Sometimes I still have to check on the dictionary to make sure people understand what I am talking about, but I think it worth the time, because I really want to talk to other BJD owners in different countries, to share my happiness and struggles on this hobby:3nodding:
    18. Hi vauhtikatti;) We are indeed in the same situation! :doh I think that perhaps the female dolls are reflecting the ideal image I would like to have or to be, so I will prefer more realistic faces. While the male dolls...um..I don’t know how to say, I will just say, “Oh, he’s so cute :drool, let’s collect him:love”, Luckly I am not that extremely picky on male BJD :evilplot:, but I do hope to have my ideal girl one day and I will try to work hard on it to make it happen...
    19. Somehow I understand your situation very well. I am also very picky, as indeed I do not want to have a large collection. But ladies have a really difficult time with me. The only one I truly and absolutely love is Iplehouse's Carina. And as you can get her mostly only as a full doll, and I do not like Iple's bodies at all, I have only one (although I have ideas for several Carinas).

      The other female doll I have is Elfdoll's Tasha, a limited one I got by more by accident than anything else. I searched for a very strong and realistic face which can match Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts).

      Regarding guys, I have no problem owning two or even three of the same sculpt. All of my dolls are rather realistic, I do not like cute boys unless they are...well, boys. And yes, different face-ups do wonders.

      So I cannot really help a lot here, as the more realistic ladies are only a few in the BJD world. Maybe the one DollShe did. But DollShe is a whole other chapter...I like the sculpts, but I dread the waiting times.
    20. If you posted in the workshop under visual concepts no one would be upset. You could say things like "I love souldoll Karina but her eyes are too narrow for me" or "I adore Iplehouse Rexy but her cheeks are too round" and people would go off of that and tell you ideas that they have for your 'perfect sculpt'. Speaking of "cat eyes, small chin, bitchy expressions, and no chubby cheeks or huge nose" my first thought honestly is Souldoll Karin, but she's discontinued. Another issue could be her lips, as she has a full bottom lip. It might be a start though. You could also say you're looking for a doll similar to (one that you find is close but not perfect) but without the (whatever issue they have). This place is full of collectors who have seen a million different dolls, it never hurts to ask. Just say you're looking for that perfect face and see what people throw at you.