Why is some 30cm dolls considered mature tiny?

May 14, 2019

    1. I have a 30cm girl that is about barbie sized and that makes sense for a mature tiny! Then I have my chibi unoa thats 35cm and she is way more like an MSD then a mature tiny!!

      This thought came up thanks to Asleep Eidolon May release Mermaids! They are in the 32cm range (45cm with the tail) but I find this size range can change drastically from sculpt to sculpt :( ? I'd love more measurements on Cordelia so I can make a good assumption for her size
    2. Really it all depends on the sculpting of the doll.

      Mature refers to how the doll looks, basically dolls with more realistic and more adult like proportions and appearances are called Mature, because they look older and more mature than regular Tiny dolls.

      Chibi Unoa has a larger head and a really childish look, so she is not a Mature tiny. I agree with you in that she is meant to be just a really short msd.

      The mermaids you are talking about have smaller heads and more proportional features, as opposed to how most Tinies look (aka huge headed toddlers)

      I will use Xaga doll as an example since they have both regular and Mature Tiny dolls

      This is a regular Tiny, she looks really child like and has exaggerated proportions, with a larger head, larger eyes, and a thicker body LINK

      And this is a Mature Tiny, she has much more realistic proportions, with a smaller head, smaller eyes, and a thinner more adult like body LINK
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    3. The criteria is by size, at least here on the Den of Angels. That’s why a unoa chibi is a tiny.
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    4. I notice you have asked for AE measurements several times for the 32cm body - they are the first image on AE’s instagram, you can find it here.
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    5. Oh cool thanks :D I don't use IG so that explains why I missed it

      Oh ok, that makes alot of sense! I'm constantly being amazed by all the different shapes and sizes of dolls :D Thank you for taking the time to show me a comparison <3
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