Why isn't xaga doll more popular?

Aug 21, 2017

    1. Their dolls are so beautiful and I love their red obsidian line so much!
    2. There's lots of doll companies out there, and often some just fall through the cracks. Some are much more popular with Asian clients than the people you see on DoA (we are but a small sampling of the doll community).

      I like Xaga dolls, but they have incredibly long wait times (10+ months) and I'm just not willing to wait that long for a doll, period, so I won't order from companies that can't get a finished product to me in 1-3 months. :sweat
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    3. oh heck thats good to know since I have my heart set on two of their dolls! Whelp better order them soon haha
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    4. I've wondered that myself. As a new collector, picking out my first doll, I found them very attractive. But I did start hearing about the wait time, and that was a bit daunting. I also heard from a U.S. company that the wait times and other business issues had them rethinking them. :( But they still catch me eye, and I may give them a whirl sometime!
    5. With my experience they are extremely friendly and answer questions relatively fast! I am just not going to mind wait times since these dolls are perfect for me in my Opinion
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    6. They probably just don't fit with most people's aesthetic. Wait time may not be as much of a factor because Dollshe's popular, lmao.
    7. Sounds super! I lightly collected other sorts of dolls before I added BJDs, and I've always heard that if a doll or type of doll speaks to you...you should listen! :) I hope you will post photos and give a full report! It will be good to hear :)
    8. Personally I'm undeterred by the wait time, since I'm super enamored with their Red Obsidian series myself, but it does put a lot of people off! So it's a shame that they aren't more popular, but really it's their own doing for having such long wait times. 10+ months just doesn't seem reasonable. @-@ BUT, as I said, I do have my heart set on an Emily so I guess I'm willing to deal with it :lol:
    9. Ooooh I've had my eye on one of their 1/6 (their Kuku sculpt!!) dolls for a few months now and although learning the wait time is so long, I still have my heart set on getting one... but will I still want it in 10 months after ordering?? I agree though, it would be really nice if they were more popular, if only to be able to see a variety of pictures~
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    10. AH! me too! I love his dearly

      I have found one person on here with a mini ann (a sculpt I plan on getting) and I was so happy! I found a few pictures on some russian doll forum though

      possibly :/
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    11. The waiting time. Youre lucky of you get one in lessen than a year
    12. suuuuuuuck whelp I better order soon then
    13. I ordered mini Cara in March or April this year and the waiting was only 2 months. I was very pleasantly surprised!
    14. hmm maybe the wait is for the big dolls? eh well its good to know! I may save up a bit more so I can buy three dolls in one go
    15. The wait times, like everyone has said. I really like their anime girl tinies. I'm always on the lookout for them in the gallery :)
    16. They are super cute but I don't quite like the body and I'm not sure why! I may see if I can get a head of one one day
    17. I love the little heart knees though!! Such a cute touch!
    18. The heart knees are so cute! but I think I prefer more... realistic? Human? features on a body so that could be it :)
    19. The estimated wait time is a big turn off for a lot of people. I maaged to get a Red Obsidian line Ken that was in-stock from Mint on Card a few years ago, and he is a beautiful doll. I'm tempted to get more of them even though the wait time is that long. They have such expressive faces. There are people who have the Red Obsidian line who share their dolls in the Mature 1/6 thread, if you'd like to see owner pictures.
    20. How cool! I may get ken as the companion to another doll from xaga but that will be later!