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Why just a head?

Oct 15, 2007

    1. Hi again everyone :)

      Figured I would go ahead and ask the question that I have been wanting to ask for a while.....why do you buy just a head...or just a body....since im new to all this im sure there is a reason that im not aware of . I had read somewhere that it is not cheaper to purchase a doll this way so I know thats not the reason.

      Thanks for the answers to my burning question :lol:
    2. Some people don't like the body that's under the nice head, so they buy that head, and then they buy an other body that they like. But ofcourse, the resin has to match, the head needs to fit and all that stuff.
    3. Ehhh, well, I haven't done it myself, but...it's as expensive only if you're getting the head and body from the same manufacturer. What a lot of people do is buy the head of their dreams, then put it on a less expensive body from another company. Others decide to buy head and body separately not because of price, but because they want a more posable or adult body than the ones sold by the makers of the head. Some heads won't attach to other bodies, and there's always the issue of matching resin colors, but it can be a real boon when it works. I think of it as just another type of customization.

      EDIT: Doh, of course I have the Nanuri 2007 head, which came free with my Delf, but I didn't think of it before because I didn't set out to deliberately buy the poor guy. That's another common way to end up with a bodiless head, a special event.
    4. Some people buy a head because they can't afford to buy the body at that moment. So they have a head and they look for a cheaper body.
    5. Also, if you are buying a head from the secondary market and it's a limited head you've always wanted, the body becomes secondary.
    6. And there are some companies or artists who only make heads and don't make their own bodies, so you have no choice but to buy a head if it appeals to you and go on the body search.

      Or sometimes a previous owner is selling just a head. Or it's a head that a faceup artist has worked on and is offering for sale. OR the head was originally part of a limited production run and/or had been offered by the company as a special run (like the "reminisce" or sleeping heads by Elfdoll, or elf versions of heads) or as bonus, aka freebie heads during a special sale. Sometimes people sell the second/special/freebie heads separately, sometimes they've worked on opening closed eyes and you find an eye shape with a particular head mold you like that you would never be able to get in the regular edition.
    7. I feel like I'm fitted for this question, as I tell people, I'm not surprised if I end up with 10 heads rolling about XDD;

      having a full doll = <3

      but to me, what I'm TRULY inlove with, is their looks. What makes me keel over is usually the way their eyes look at you. Or how their lips seem to smile (which unfortunately a lot of dolls DOESNT do). Their body is just a means of posability and ...uh... source of hands and neck XD;;;

      I'm in love with Kiss, Dreaming Shiwoo, El, Bernard, SA Bernard, Angell Studio Cain and Abel and Kana and a lot more SDs. But, for someone who does not earn US dollars, and whose native currency is a third the value of the US dollars, I feel sick just thinking of the amount of money I'd have to spend on them *_* Plus, I don't reeally like SDs because IMHO the ones I've handled are always too heavy for my liking and etc.

      But yeah, keeping just heads is a bit weird, but if I do buy the heads, I think i'd at least invest in some Batchix busts to keep my boys upright XD

      That said however, I am trying to buy a Migidoll Ryu head (the seller only makes heads) in the next few days, and... as much as I hate to say this, I can't imagine him bodiless XD;; maybe cos he'll be my first SD, and the next few heads can share his body too :P

      I am, however, trying to find the cheapest, lightest body that may fit him. Though it's proving to be quite a hard task, since i NEED normal skin, which is harder to find matches for compared to white skin, but that's a whole other story.
    8. Kirin is "just a head" -- so when I want to play around with him, I put him on Kitsune's body. Thus, I have two dolls for the cost of a single body. The only reason I would need to buy another CP boy body was if I wanted to photograph them together. What that would be nice, it's not $450 worth of nice when you're on a small salary.
    9. I'm currently wanting to buy a MNF Shushu head, since I want my character Sasha now and can't wait :D So, she'll have to share the body with my DZ Feilian untill I can get her her own body. Anyway: for me its so much cheaper to get a Shushu head and an extra DZ body, than a whole MNF. It makes a difference of about $140-$150.
    10. Most of my heads are either A. Didn't have bodies in the first place (Came from companies/artists who don't make bodies/were sold only as heads) or B. Came as extras (Gift heads/sleeping heads) so it wasn't a choice as much as that was either the best or only way for me to get that sculpt, or just plain that they were a bonus.
    11. Well, I can't speak for others, but the reason I'm planning on buying my DIM Rain as only a head first and then waiting on the body, is quite frankly, both because I'm impatient, but moreso than that, because I get very, very nervous he'll be sold out. xD On the DIM website now all the fullset Rain's are sold out, but not the seperate head and body. While I'm aware DIM isn't the only website to sell their dolls, and fullsets of Rain might be sold elsewhere, that's where the impatience sets in, knowing it'll be alot easier to obtain his head with the funds I have xD

      And as other have said, sometimes for hybriding reasons, as I find the DIM body a little too muscular for the character I have in mind for that head, so I might be doing some shopping around to see if I can find something a bit skinnier looking. :)
    12. well the reason why I'm planning on just buying a head is because I want to make a pair of boy/girl twins. So there's a case of buying a head to make it a different gender.
    13. I bought a head because it a. didn't come with a body originally and b. was a limited/freebie head that somebody sold. I did manage to get her a body, which I'm waiting on, but it's also a little more economical. I can afford to get the face for the doll first, and then get an inexpensive body or I can save up for the body that I want to put the head on later.
    14. While I agree it can certainly be because a body from another company might be cheaper, sometimes it's easier to cost-manage buying a head first and then saving up for a body later. And, as mentioned, sometimes the head is limited and must be snatched up when available, and a body can be figured out later.

      As a seamstress, I justify having multiple dolls by making sure each body is a new opportunity to sew for different measurements. So, for example, I have an Elfdoll Sooah, so I bought my second Elfdoll, a Nabee, as just a head, and will get her a Delf mature body, which is a very popular body type. That way maybe the doll can earn her keep. ;)

      And then there's Zoetrope, who will be a Shall head on an AoD body. In my little 'world', she's a robot, and her body was destroyed in an accident. Even though I already have the body, she'll live as just a head for a while until I've taken enough photos to explain how she gets her 'new' body. ;)

      Now I did, honestly, create that accident story to explain why she had no body at first, but then I unexpectedly ended up with a body for her, but liked the story too much to change it. :P

      But mostly I'd say I get just heads at first because it's like a 'partial' layaway - I spend the money on a head I want to make sure I get it, and worry about the body later. ;)
    15. My first head Shi Shi was an optional head who arrived before the base doll. With Xavier I got the head from one place and the body from another, at first I wasn't sure If I wanted the body that went with him and thought I could use a different scale and the car ate some of my doll fund. I didn't know if his head would be limited or not so I decided to at least have that. With Taffy he was a prize head and there was a mix up and a few other things, including not knowing which skin tone he was.
    16. For lots of different reasons. To put the head on a different body, or a body of a different gender. Or maybe it's a head that's only sold seperate from its body. Or it could be an event head that doesn't come with a body.
      I'm planning on one of my next dolls (after I get Nicolai a brother) be a minifee Chiwoo modded to look like Woosoo. In this case I would probably buy the head seperate, find someone to mod it for me, and then find someone to do a face-up, and then get enough money to buy it a body. So there's another reason: Maybe you can't get enough money together for everything at once/are impatient.
    17. I don't know why other people only buy heads, but for me it's 'cause three of my dolls come as only a head. Iru, Peroth and K-ss originally don't have a body.

      That and I like hybrids and don't like that two of my dolls have the same body. I would love to have a dollstown-body one day, but don't care for the heads. So buying heads and bodies seperately is more convenient for me.
    18. i buy only heads cause bodies are expensive ;___;
      also, the only dolls i ever plan to have that i could buy whole is my DS bernard or a B&G sky
      most of the others are gonna be on non default bodies
    19. If I ever got more than say, 5 dolls, I think I'd just stick to heads, because really how many of them can you play with at the same time? Sharing bodies would be more economical, and save alot of space (handy for those stuck in dorm living or a small apartment). To be honest, at the moment I only have two dolls, but I really like the idea of more heads, so if I get tired of playing with someone for a moment, I could just swap heads- and viola! A "new" doll. Also, I like to re-do faceups alot, and in the future I could "rotate" the body use between those who weren't being redone.

      Of course all that only applies if your dolls are of matching size and skintone!
    20. Hm.... well i agreed with what has been said. I have 2 spare heads and they were either part of a set or a free head.

      I had thought about buying a body from the same company for one of the spare heads but it's not much less expensive compared to another full doll i want.

      I have tried this before and it's good. If someone really can't afford a doll just yet, i reckon having the head on a cloth body with some resin hands is very good.

      Although i'm still experimenting with my cloth body. It's a temporary solution till Asmo gets his body.