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Why we say Puki's are indestructible, share your stories!

Mar 27, 2011

    1. I know a fair few Puki doll owner's that say "Puki's are indestructible" and I've had a fair few instances myself when something has happened my tiny bjd but yet she has survived unscathed.

      I'm sure there are others out there with similar "Omg i can't believe that happened, but my Puki is fine!" stories...so I invite you all to come share them! Lol. Looking forwards to reading!
    2. This is not true! lol xD I once bought a Puki Flora that was mailed irresponsibly in a bubble mailer; she had a crack down the faceplate.

      So, maybe not easily broken...but send them threw a mail sorting/stamping machine and they will break! ;C
    3. Heh, alright then.

      Today we (my boyfriend and I) gathered some clothes out of the bedroom and stuck them in the washing machine, put in the fabric conditioner etc and put the wash on.
      An hour later, the wash is finished, and I unload the drum, put it all in the wash bag and take it out to hang it around the flat to dry.
      I walk back into the living room, and what's my boyfriend holding? A small, black and white doll bag...

      My puki went through the wash! D:

      We quickly pull her out of the bag and!...she's absolutely fine.
      Her hair and clothes are a little damp, but apart from that, she's as fine as she was last time I saw her. Maybe a little better even. She's very clean now, and smells very nice. Still smiling.
      Her face-up is all still intact, her hands were still attached...everything was alright.
      Just to be on the safe side, we've taken her apart to dry properly.

      I can't even imagine the things she's seen today.
    4. I have dropped my puki on tile and concrete and it is heart stopping when she bounces, but nothing has broken.
    5. Yep...I was the one who sent out that plate and that's how I learned that faceplates need to be sent in BOXES and not envelopes. Someone adopted the plate and fixed it but I certainly learned my lesson.

      Pukis aren't indestructible...Macchiato lost her feet because both magnets fell out after a week of having her...but once Fairyland sorted it out things have gone well. I haven't had serious accidents with any of mine but I have dropped them and they've fallen but mostly on carpet. There was one I knew in a car crash that did not survive it...the faceplate totally broke in half.
    6. -gasp- I'd die if I dropped Clear on concrete o.o
    7. My baby girl went through hell, because of me. I didn't have her long time when this happend. I took her for a walk with my and my friend's dogs. I decide to take some pictures, so I put her on grass. Later I took 2 pictures with my friend... I didn't pick up my Ami, so my friend's dog used this oportunity to 'play with us'. Dog grabbed Ami and runned away. I had heart in my throat... We screamed at dog, tried to catch her, but it just caused that dog was chewing her even more... when I almost lost my hope, we catched her and made her spit Ami out... Oh my... she was without one feet, and both hands... and had bitting marks on her :o After 20 minutes of looking we found feet and hands, but her scares remind me to be more carrefull :)


      She was falling from high and low height, I carried her many times in wierd ways and I'm not really treat her gentle... and she survived meeting with 100 times bigger beast.... so I guess it make her little bit indestructible ;) hehehe my tiny SuperAmi :lol:
    8. Well this month my puki Sugar survived a shooting!

      She has a small hanging rattan gazebo that hangs under a shelf on my window at my antique store.
      The shelf was made by putting two old wooden doors together to form an "L" shape. We hung it with one door for the shelf and the other door becomes the support. Sugar and my multihead hang out suspended underneath the flat shelf, protected from the sun.
      About 2 wks ago some jerk tried to break in at 4 am. The window where the shelf is wouldn't break when a weight was thrown at it so the culprit stepped back a little and fired his .45 at the window 7 times!
      One of the bullets went thru the shelf (actually there are a total of 3 bullets that hit the shelf).......hit the gazebo and blew it apart . When I came in that morning there was stuff all over and poor Sugar was on the floor. Her feet and hands were missing but luckily I found them. She flew about 20 feet from her regular spot.
      Unbelievably the window did not shatter, just 7 holes in it.

      And Sugar is still smiling!!!!!

      She and my multihead look like nothing ever happened.
      Thank goodness no one human or resin was injured.
    9. So far my Puki's have not been harmed.....but I have dropped them on carpet and so far I have lost a magnet but that is all.
    10. Same. The worst thing that has happened to Tzi was being dropped on my kitchen floor, and it just chipped the tip of her ear. I dropped her some other time I can't really remember and it dented her other ear, but that popped out in some steam. My biggest concern about dropping her isn't that she'll break so much as a hand or foot will pop off and I'll never see it again. D:

      Maselanka, if the bite marks are shallow, you could probably steam them out. Boil some water and just hold her over the steam. When I had my MNF, she faceplanted on my driveway and smashed her nose in. I didn't even have to steam her for more than a second before it popped out good as new.
    11. Man, my puki is totally indestructable! :D I've lost count of the number of times I've dropped her, or that she's fallen off tables or her hands and feet have vanished only to turn up in a shoe or something weeks later... not a mark on her though! :D I don't think I could cope if my dog et her though, I'd be mortified! Fortunately he knows better than to touch stuff that smells like me, though I wouldn't trust other dogs around her I'll be honest :sweat