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why you love anthros?

Jan 21, 2010

    1. well.. that is my question :)

      I will star.. I love anthros couse I love animals and I think they look more cute than other dolls
    2. I love anthros because they're quite charming, and I think they're lots of fun to set up with props!
    3. i have only just got into BJD's but i have always been fascinated with the animal ones..i think they photograph so well..and i love bunnies so i guess i am a bit biased! haha
    4. Cos they're adorable!! And they add some nice variation I think. I don't have any myself (yet) though.
    5. I just love Anthros because they are like a fairytale! They remind me of wonderful scenes from Beatrix Potter stories where all the animals were dressed and looked amazingly cute. I love any programme with animals that are made to be 'real' like Angelina Ballerina (cute mouse) any Beatrix Potter story, The Wind In The Willows.
      It was funny because the other day my daughter was watching "The Backyardigans" and I turned round and saw the cutest Hippo! I swear it is what gave Charles Stephen his inspiration for Princess Kaba........
    6. I love animals, animal plushies, animal figurines, animal toys, etc., so of course I love anthros. And they're just so darn cute.:hamster::kitty2
    7. I like the anthro's because they are usually very sweet, innocent looking and not very big. I also love real animals.:)
    8. Paw, definately because of the PAWS, in my case! <3
    9. I love anthros because I love animal, anthros are adooorable, and anthros are so fun to bring along during travel to take photograph of!

      they are also easier to care for during travels because they have no hair that could be messed up! And I love people's face on the planes when I take pictures of them!

      (ok I do not officially have an anthro BJD already, catsy is still coming, but I do think wonderfrogs have about the same effect on people :p)
    10. I love animals like most people :P And they are so much easier to take care of because they don't have hair flying all of the place and they are much smaller than my other dolls :)
    11. I love anthros because they are really cute! I have yet to find a human doll that really steals my heart like anthros.
    12. I grew up with Walt Disney's Cinderella mice and the Wind in the Willows with the dressed animal characters is still one of my favorite books, so I think they are why I love anthros. It's just a little left-over part of my childhood. : )
    13. :)bump I love your answers!
    14. Well, I like the animal dolls because they're like chibi furries :sweat

      But yeah, the cuteness factor is definitely over 9,000 for antrho dollies!!
    15. My first anthro doll is on her way to my house..I am really excited to open up her box and ogle over her! There is just something so charming about their little faces and adorable little paws...I also like that I technically dont have to spend tons of money on clothes for her since it will be perfectly acceptable for her to run around naked.
    16. My first bjd was an anthro -- a DZ fox I saw on Ebay and I couldn't believe how cute he was -- but that he also seemed to have a personality without even having a face up! I also agree that the smaller size makes them far more portable and easier to find appropriate "props" for. And although they're not always cheap, you can usually get at least 2 anthros for the price of 1 SD -- and more is always better, isn't it.?
    17. Love them because I love hybrids, in general.
      And not only between human or animals. I love to mix different colour, culture, etc. :)
    18. Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth! Some of my favorite stories growing up were those by Beatrix Potter. I remember the first time I started seeing little anthro dolls, that was the initial thought that went through my head. I just couldn't agree with you more. :) I have a big Beatrix Potter book that I saved from my childhood with her complete works that my grandmother bought me. I still look through it from time to time, it makes me happy and brings back fond memories.

      My first dolls were purchased because they reminded me of my two pet cats. I was doing a search for Turkish Angoras because I own a purebred and wanted to see if I could find images of some of his relatives online, and by chance, Everpurple's site popped up in my list, along with their little Turkish angora dollies. I had been looking into anthro BJD's from time to time because I knew a few friends that had them and I had always liked them, so I decided it was time to finally cave.

      I also agree with the portable factor. I think if they were bigger, they wouldn't have as much of an appeal. I love how little they are, it adds to their whimsy.
    19. Small is cute, isn't it? ;) At least anthro dolls are cute! That's why I like them. To me they also seem to have more personality, I guess. And they are somehow easier to approach mentally. (My first BJD was human, although.) And the don't need to have hair (or clothes), it makes them a bit more simple than human dolls.

      I also have a dream to have a proper dollhouse, so anthros are the most perfect little inhabitants! You can also make so much different things for tiny anthros, for example furniture, food...
    20. Because I'm crazy about furries. Also, I really like photos in a natural environment and it fits perfectly with animal dolls. It's starting like a collection now, 5 dolls and waiting for 2 another anthro.