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Why you love your doll(s)?

Nov 21, 2010

    1. If this has already beed discussed I'm sorry.

      So, my question to you is;

      What makes you love your doll(s)? Is there anything about your dolls that, if it were changed, ruined or didnt come out right would completely change how you feel about them?

      I ask this because there is for me. If I give my dolls face-ups that I absolutely hate, I cant even look at them untill I fix it. Thankfully though its not to serious an issue and can easily be fixed with a new face-up lol.

      What about you guys?
    2. I love Emma because I bought her all by myself. She cost over $300, was my first major purchase, and I regret nothing. Maybe it'd be different if my parents bought her.

      Maybe not; who knows?
    3. One and all, because they are so beautiful!
      Each one of the 6 was an OMG moment when I saw her/him. They are also so easy
      to make different styles and outfits for.
    4. i loved all my 5 dolls.. they have this "feeling" that makes me well.. comfortable with them around.. where i stare into their eyes and see something.. but i am not sure what it is.. its that "feeling" .. i find it hard to say.
    5. I totally understand this feeling, lol. Bad face-ups can totally change my feelings for my dolls, which is why I have a couple blank dolls right now o__x'' I can't stand seeing them with an ugly face so I'd rather they where blank until I get some new MSC... Granted, I get the same feeling from a bad wig, or a ratty outfit, both of which are pretty easy fixes.

      Aside from that though, what's not to love? xD;; They provide this wonderful feeling of companionship when I'm lonely. I love that they're a physical representation of the characters in my head. They've allowed me to get to know my characters so much more, too.
    6. I think I love my dolls because they're mine, they've become my characters and that makes them so special to me. I don't think there's any way that they could be altered so I wouldn't love them. Even when I make mistakes on their face-up, it's not enough to make me stop loving them exactly- I just feel less proud of them until I fix it, and it makes the bond a little weaker. I don't think I'd be able to sell any though...
    7. Its wierd because I personally think the dolls look beautfiul with blank faces too. I love doing face-ups partly because I love seeing them blank ^.^ Wigs and outfits also have allot to do with it for me too lol. Gloria's wig was drving me insane, so I had to try and restyle it lol It will hold me off untill I can get her a new one (which wont be for a while since I'm saving up for a 3rd doll hah)
    8. yeah, I guess I worded it too strongly lol. I could never even THINK of selling my little lovelys >.<
    9. i think i love them because their beautiful in my eyes, their unique with their own character traits. I also love their hands, when my boy matthew (Yeon ho) broke his finger i couldn't even look at him till i fixed it a few days later.
      but they seem to me, urethane entities who are in their own way perfect alas beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
      I just adore them.
    10. This is a very good question.

      My doll was a gift, and so I love her for the intense representation of that friendship, but also because I had wanted one for ages but couldn't even begin to start saving for one. I love making clothes and resizing and designing... and all of that is practiced now that I'm planning a wardrobe and props for her.

      I also loved the series Angelic Layer, and BJDs are the closest we currently have to them.

      I really love the companionship she gives me, and I love the sense of play. Having something to play with makes me feel young again.
    11. I love my dolls because they are extensions of my characters - I get to not only write about my characters, but see them and make into reality what I see in my mind's eye.

      Also, I've spent a lot of money getting the dolls, doll parts, and accessories that I wanted to make them, in my mind, more true to their character. I scrimped and saved for my dolls and accessories, and one notable time having to wait nearly two years to get a dream doll. I have never gone without for my dolls, but I have had to cut back. Having spent so much time, energy, and money just to get them home, how can I not love them, just a little?

      And of course, once they're home, I have to customize them. That means either buying yet more accessories like wigs and eyes to fit what I have in mind, or mostly likely, giving them their own personalized face-up. Sometimes, I jump right in with no idea what I want to do, but a lot of times here recently, I've spent hours scouring sites like DoA and DA for pictures of the same sculpt and mold I have, to see what others have done. Not to copy their work, of course, but to see what CAN be done, what works for the doll itself. If I have a really extravagant or lofty goal, I'll even look up tattoo flash art on DA for my dolls. I read tutorials like Bibles.

      Then there is the process of the face-up itself. Not including research, I once spent over 12 nonconsecutive hours on a face-up. With every art project or piece I do, I invest myself emotionally. A face-up is no different, and oftentimes even more true. I'm bringing my vision to life, step at a time.

      I've invested so much money, time, energy, and myself into my dolls, I can't help but love them. Though, of course, I try to keep my opinion of them within reason. ;) Unless I ruined my doll beyond all hope and repair, there's precious little that I could do to make me not love my dolls.
    12. Good question... I wonder why myself, sometimes.. I don't think the price matters for me, my most loved dolls are the least expensive. I also think it's the sculpt... I realized that I have a thing for mouths, and how the lips are shaped; I tend to notice these things first. And lastly, the faceup. I don't find blank faces or bad faceups to be attractive at all. >< I think the face makes the character. I've yet to re-faceup my doll and instantly I didn't love it as much anymore. I couldn't even look at it and didn't pay attention to it as much as the others.
    13. ummm , I love my doll she all with family and good memory. T_T
    14. Luken: He's the first doll I ever got and I saved for years to get one. Well, not specifically for him but for one of the "big ones" as I called the BJDs. Also, I love how the look on his face can change due to lighting, angle you look at him and your own mood.

      Cassie: She looks like Anne of Green Gables in a very bad mood. I LOVE Anne of Green Gables.

      Morgan: He's a pirate. I like pirates. :)

      Celaran: Most special of them all. His head is a Minimee-head done after my own drawings. I've been "living" with Celaran in my mind for years and years, ever since him and the twins first popped up in my mind and told me their story. And finally, he's got a face.

      Tharesion: Just a head for now but simply PERFECT for my purposes. As soon as I got more space, he'll get a proper body, too.
    15. I'm about the same with the faceups. Jat is currently sitting around ignored because his face-up didn't turn out how I liked. I haven't had the time to wipe it and redo.

      I love him, but it just ruins his character in my mind and just can't look at him until he's complete as a character. xP

      I love my dolls though, even to the point of obsession sometimes. Lesley is perfect as he is at the moment and he's always sorta following me around the place.. I love looking at him and changing his clothes for a new 'look' I finally got him complete with a wig I hashed into his style. :)
    16. I love my doll because he's beautiful, and I'm fascinated with the artistic talent and engineering knowledge that has been put into him. I especially love his size. It amazes me, and he's so detailed! The jointing system amazes me and I have an obsession with mechanical things, so that's actually what got me into this.... XD

      But, mostly just his size and every day I just can't get over how beautiful he is <3
    17. Why do I love my dolls... hmm...
      I love them because I had to work for them, they are mine and only mine, they're beautiful and they represent characters and other things I hold dear. I go by mould first but a face-up that doesn't "work" for my tastes or the character can really destroy my love for a doll. Burn-out can make or break how you feel sometimes too depending on the doll. I know for my bory I could have suffered this but the instant I had him I was in love - his face was perfect that I could forgive all the stress along the way to putting him together.
    18. aww i like this topic <3

      i love my dolls because they are little pieces of perfection and beauty that i get to look at and play with everyday.