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Wifey's transaction Feedback

Jun 1, 2006

    1. Please post here if you have done a transaction with me, Wifey, and would like to tell the world how keen and great I am.
    2. Hi! I was one of the people who heard of you thru this thread


      I was a bit skeptical, but I must say I am VERY impressed! You shipped it so incredibly fast and the items are wonderfull. I can't wait for my boy to wear them! The details on the jeans are great. Thank you so much :D

      This seller is not only fast but so generous and a great seamstress too! You can see the details on the jeans I got in her sellers thread.
    3. bought things from you twice and everything was great both times! Love love love the clothes! :)
    4. Shipping was fast, and the products are great! I bought several pattern-tests for discount, and even THOSE are very nice! I will post pictures of my boy wearing them once he gets home! <3
    5. was my pleasure and my little MSD hat is too adorable for words..

      Thankyou again.. 1o stars for Wifey
    6. She was to great and awesome. All of her stuff was to die for. Highly reccomended, and FAST shipping. Yay. :D
    7. Awesome fast transaction, wonderful items. I am VERY pleased and will definantly be ordering again!
    8. Awesome, highly recommended. Will be ordering from again.
    9. I know from past buys that wifey is GREAT to work with, nice funny and amazingly fast! be sure to go to her shop to see for your self on the great quaility of her work and afterwards be sure to come back here and tell people about it!

    10. Here's the clothes I recieved from Wifey... Actually these are for free! She made me a set of clothes for my incoming doll since I don't have anything to wear for my doll when she arrives... Thank you Wifey ur sooo kind! I know there are some difficulties concerning about the mail... but glad that was over! Thanks again! Hey I love the second pack you sent me... Actually it's my favorite! I love the pink top... thanks a lot! I owe you everything!


    11. Wonderful seller! Fast shipping, the items are top quality, I am very impresed! Great seamstress! I plan on being a happy repeat customer!
    12. Wifey customed made 2 shirts for my long torso boy.The pieces are wonderful! She kept me informed and even sent me a picture to check which colors I wanted.

      The shirts are well made and sized perfectly. I will be ordering from Wifey again!!

      Highly recommended!! Very quick service!!!
    13. Wifey is awesome! She sent my boys some really cute and well-made things, which they just can't get enough of! Pics here and the infamous "Sulla is an Alien" shirt here.

      i ordered pants and some shirts, they got here today and i am very pleased - excellent quality, just fabulous; top quality work that rivals stuff that i've gotten from like, dollmore <3. if you're considering buying from her - go for it, you will not be dissappointed!
    15. Absolutly wonderful seller!!! The clothes I got for my little girl are wonderful and were shipped to me very fast. Highly recommended. ^^
    16. I ordered a pair of jeans and a beautiful shirt from Wifey and they were made so, so nicely! They're gorgeous and fit my boy perfectly!

      Her craftsmanship is wonderful and they're very, very sturdy. :D

      I will definately buy from her again.

      Thanks, Wifey!
    17. I just got my stuff today! Wifey made a nice white t-shirt and pretty floral cords for my MSD sized girl. She won't be here till Friday but I'll take pics this weekend and post a link here...

      Very well made, great price and a friendly person!

    18. Thank you so much! I got my little outfit today, I didn't expect it to come so fast, it's really cute and I'm very impressed by the quality.

      I don't have a camera on hand now, so no pics until later. The first thing I noticed is the quality, it's really well made. It's sturdy and all the seams are finished. Not sure if I can explain it clearly, but they are just like miniture human clothes and don't have that toy feel to them, which is a great thing when it comes to msd clothes imo. I'll try to post pics later when I can get my hands on a decent camera^^

      Thanks again! I'm very glad to have this outfit

    19. you have such great quality clothes and my boy just loves them ^_^
    20. I LOVE WIFEY.

      I just got my Convict shirt today. Looks absolutely awesome on my boy! <3


      It's wonderful working with Wifey, and she makes great quality clothes!

      My hands are so shaky XDD