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Wig & Clothes for Notdoll Miriam/Pandora?

Jan 17, 2010

    1. I happened to stumble upon these dolls and fall in love, but notdoll doesn't seem to have any clothes for them :\ So looking around I've read that she's a sort of an in between size doll, but I'm wondering what other clothes would she fit into (be it from an ABJD company or otherwise). A lot that I've seen seem to be made for immature bodies which wouldn't really fit on her(...I think, to me it seems a loose fit ^^; ).
      Also what wigs can she wear? I'm looking at some wigs on souldoll but I have no idea if it's the right size.
      Thank you in advance, I'd love to get Miriam but I also don't want to get banned for showing her nude/underdressed :<
      Sorry for being such a newb I'm not familiar at all with tinies, Miriam is the first doll in her size range to catch my eye :X
      Again thank you for your patience trudging through my long winded post.
    2. I have a Pandora and love her. She can wear Barbie clothes and also some Blythe clothes. She has a tiny head and wears a 4" wig. Here's my Pandora in her default wig and dress.

    3. here is mine in Tonners Tiny Kitty clothes, the boots are from the outfit as well

      and in Barbie clothes

      shoes are not Barbie, I bought them at mimiwoo on ebay, they come in red and white as well and are sort of rubber, blue wig is Monique size 4
    4. Bumping this up as I am interested in getting one of these girls :)
    5. I have been looking for clothes to fit Notdoll Pandora, would clothes such as Momoko, Blythe, Obitsu 1/6 clothes you can get from Mimiwoo fit? How about shoes?
    6. bumping up this thread...
    7. bumping this up!
    8. Momoko clothes are a great fit, theyre abit tight on Mini Gems but a nice fit for Notdoll girls. In general smaller Barbie clothes. Barbie shoes fit, and most Mini Gem/ 1/6 size do too but have a bit more room in the toe, but look fine.
    9. I just ordered my Pandora! I loved the Lucy I had years ago, so I'm very excited :)

      Looking forward to trying lots of Blythe stuff on her!