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Wig Colours

Aug 2, 2017

    1. heya everyone:3nodding: I was wondering whether you guys only buy certain colour wigs , as though that was your doll's actual hair colour or do you mix it up with random colours all the time ? personally I have loads of different coloured wigs and don't even have two of the same colour ! just curious ~
    2. I keep in mind some colors when buying wigs for characters but I will buy what I find more beautiful. I also test new wigs in all dolls when they arrive and may revamp the whole character to fit the new look if I like it more than the original.

      But there's cases where I may change the wig but not the color, like Hana, her hair is brown. So I can change from wavy to straight hair and pure brown to highlights. But I can't change the brown because wouldn't be Hana.
      So I think it depend how flexible the character would be with their hair as well.
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    3. I've bought 2 more wigs beside the one that my doll always wears, but they just didn't feel right, so I think I'm one of those people who are particular about the look a wig adds to a character :,D then again I don't really actively go wig shopping to see if I'm missing out on better wigs...well, at least it saves money! :sweat
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    4. I feel like I need to find that one dream wig that perfectly suits my doll so I'll stop wig shopping and save money but I'm hard to please it seems :sweat
    5. I like the idea of changing style but not colour because that colour is connected to your dolls personality and character:thumbup
    6. One of my doll's faceup only really looks good with dark/black hair, so all his wigs are black. My other doll has multiple wigs of different colours so I can change them to fit whatever outfit she's wearing, although she has a "usual wig" that she wears most of the time.
    7. For my fist two dolls I didn't mind the hair color, although I did ended up buying wigs mostly in their character's actual hair color.
      For my dolls after them, I did stick to only buying wigs in their hair color, which turned out to be a royal pain in the gut for my tallest doll, because
      he has midnight blue hair. It doesn't seem like dark blue hair is all that popular, so I've only been able to find one semi-decent wig for him.
      Since then started making wigs for my dolls, so I've made two for him but again, finding dark blue hair has been a royal pain in the gut!
      I've only managed to find mixes, and not a single true shade of dark blue hair color; I'm vegan, so I only use synthetic fibers -- I guess I could learn
      how to dye synthetic fibers, but I rather just get pre-dyed hair, to avoid staining.
    8. My doll is coming with a blue wig, but I'm planning to buy her a white wig with the white eyelashes I'm gonna order. :drool She's gonna look so cute, BUT I'm going to wait until she arrives to see how I feel about the blue. I think I'm going to buy her a long and a short white wig, and keep one braided. I think white will be her colour!
    9. All of my dolls have set human characters, so they all have a "natural" hair color and I usually try to stay within that color. however, some do "dye" their hair in character, like Parker's natural color is a reddish sandy brown, but he bleaches it light blond sometimes, and Jack is a natural blond, but he likes wild colors. I used to change Jack's wig almost weekly when I used fur wigs for him. They were cheap and easy to get, and I had probably ten or more different ones, but last year I found a really great Monique wig for him, and I haven't changed it since. I do have several different styles in similar colors for a few of my dolls, like short, medium and long for Lakin because the character has a tendency to grow it out, then cut it off. And I have a long wavy one for Hailey, but I bought her a braided one for her wedding pictures. Justin also had one that's his natural textured curly hair and one for when he straightens it.
    10. I admit I have... a bit of a fondness for fantasy coloured wigs... that said, not many of my dolls ended up with unnatural hair colours.
      Mostly I let their character dictate their wig, unless they're a doll I didn't have a set character or look in mind for, then I try on various wigs from my stash till i find one that works.

      I don't have much stash now <_<

      I have 1 black and brown dread wig I made, a blue fur wig, a bright orange mohair wig, a brown natural wool wig, a beautiful long dark teal one, a red one, a brown one, a white fur one, a cherry red one and an aqua one right now.
      the aqua wig is temporary, I just didn't have any other wigs (well I have a blonde one but blonde is boring.)

      Actually that's it, I very very seldom end up using or wanting blonde wigs. I suppose it's oversaturation of blonde dollies growing up and in playline, i'm just like... blonded out. I'll pick literally any colour in preference given the choice.
      And I LOVE green and blue and purple wigs.

      I don't tend to change my doll's wigs once they have their "perfect" one because their hair is like their eyes, an intrinsic part of how I picture them as people/characters.
      Unless the character has a tendency to change hairstyles and colours a lot. I do have one off topic doll who's character is like that, she WILL wear different wigs but most of the time she's got her crazy aqua frizzy bunches lol.

      I have noticed I also don't tend to have a lot of short wigs. My characters tend toward crazy frizzy fur wig hair, or long. But part of that may be the difficulty in finding short wigs that look good.
    11. one of my dolls has permanent milky blonde wig with different hairstyles. I am fond of colored hairs too so my other doll I tend to change her wig to other colors :D
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    12. I have one doll (Minifee Chloe) that has an assigned wig and I just don't use other wigs for her. The rest of them I usually switch it up though. I do mostly stick to darker colors for the rest of them but that's just what I like. My Pukifee gang doesn't switch wigs so often but every now and again I'll give them a new look.
    13. black, brown, yellow...basically the colors we saw in daily lives LOL. Sometimes I will try pink and grey as well.
    14. It takes me so long to make the wigs (whichever method I use) that most of my dolls only have one wig (although Kore has multiple wigs because she's supposed to lose pigmentation, like a plant, so she has a black wig and a white wig, and she'll get a permanently styled wig (or perhaps a hair piece) and a gradient wig as well.

      Instead of using multiple wigs to represent different styles, I prefer to be able to style a single wig itself (hence mostly lace wigs).

      I do have a bit of variation in wig styles between dolls, however:

      Of my dolls with natural hair colors, Orpheus/Anu has curly and thick textured dark brown hair, Eurydice/Arial has larger curled thick red hair, Prometheus/Suri has very thin and fine black and white curly hair, Athena/Petra has wavy and smooth dark brown hair, Ariadne/Secernere has very thick and straight silvery grey hair, Kore/Min has both black and white wigs and Hades/Eldritch has a champagne blond bone straight short cut.
      Of my dolls with colored hair, Hermes/Holi'sse has burgundy red spiral curled hair (not auburn, but the synthetic red-purple color), and I think my Charon/Nivian will have dyed silver and pink hair.
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    15. My dolls all have a specific hair colour. When I got my first doll I did buy her a second "dress-up" wig that I just thought was pretty, but it didn't fit. So now my problem is that all my dolls have long, black hair. Seriously - Otakar, Hideyasu and Nadezhda all have long black hair, and Dagny has near-black hair. (Though I have been thinking of changing hers...) I actually changed a future doll's hair colour from black to white to prevent this - though almost immediately I started planning one with short black hair...

      Second most popular is blond - right now there's only Vissarion (though when I get his second wig, it'll be purposefully a darker shade, since it's an in-universe wig), but in the future I'll have at least one blond YoSD... They also both have blue eyes. I am very predictable.

      I'm planning exactly one doll who won't have black or blond hair - and he'll have very dark brown.
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    16. I only have a few handmade wigs in natural colors that fit with the characters I made them for. Buttt I've run into the problem that I just get so frustrated with wigs that 2 of my characters are now bald so I don't have to worry about and wig frustrations. I think fantasy colors would be fun to play with and have multiple colors for the same character.
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    17. I actually love the bald look, I often just wrap a bandana/headscarf around my doll' s bald head because I think it looks really nice.
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    18. Black hair is really nice ! I find accessories stand out more on dark black hair and it really frames a dolls face
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    19. I buy all the same colour wigs for each doll - Sera, for example, has black hair so all her wigs are black, Elfie and Bracken have red wigs, Edith's are "dishwater blonde". Most fo them have mor ethan one wig so they can vary their hairstyles but they mostly stick to the same colour.

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    20. I gravitate towards red and auburn wigs the most. But I also have a lot of variety, between natural and fantasy colors. I don't really have specific characters in mind for my dolls, but once I put a wig on them I tend to keep them in that color family, just changing the style from straight to wavy, etc.
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