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Wig, eye and clothing size for Angell-Studio girls?

Jan 22, 2008

    1. Hi! *revives old thread*

      I'll be purchasing a Gabrielle today, and I had a couple of questions....

      Eye size, wig size and what kind of clothes she could fit in ^_^ I want to order some stuff from JunySpot or JPop Dolls, but I just want to make sure before I order.
    2. Yunabug, they're having a bit of trouble with backlog right now due to some switcharoos in their admin department (some people are waiting for dolls from October) so... just be prepared for a potentially long wait :lol:

      Unfortunately, I can't seem to find Gabrielle on their English site, so I can't help with the sizes T_T Good luck on getting your girl though! :)
    3. Well, I bought her second hand, so I should have her sometime next week hopefully ^_^

      I'm sorry you guys are waiting so long! I was going to order a Kana from the website right before Christmas, but the lag on their site discouraged me ^^;
    4. 18mm eyes fit best... She can wear SD10 or SD13 girl clothes (The black and white "Princess" dress I had her in is SD13-sized and the SD10 outfit I tried on her fit, too-)... and her light blue Monique wig (from Grace at JPop) is an 8-9. :lol:

      I haven't seen another one come up on the site yet, so your Gabriel may be the only one out there, Yunabug. ^_^
    5. XD Thanks for the info! I was just going to PM you with the questions, but I figured I would try here first to see what everyone's opinions were ^_^

      I know! I searched for Gabriel, and I got nothing! I can't wait to start spamming her XD
    6. I can't wait to see her either! I'm rather intrigued now :) I'd like to see her :D
    7. Yunabug, please do spam her! ♥
      I'd like to see owner's pics, too! ^^
    8. I should have her in time for my very first meet-up, so you guys will get SO much spam! XD Unfortunately, she probably won't have any proper clothes, since she will be my first SD sized, and I haven't prepared ^^; She'll probably have one of my dance class skirts wrapped around her for a while XD
    9. Until Yuna has her for some proper spamage, here are a couple of the pictures that I took of her...

      "I'm cute and you know it!"

      "I even make bald look good..."

    10. *squee* Is it bad that I kept going back to the sales thread and looking at her? XD I'm so excited!
    11. A little bit of spam XD

      I'm gonna hopefully take her to my friend Noel's house today, and we're gonna take LOTS of pics ^_^



    12. (reviving this old thread yet again)

      I got my Gabriel in June 2008 yet I've been having troubles with getting a pair of eyes for her. I've tried fitting the following eyes into her eyeholes but none of them fit:

      - Volks 16mm HG Glass eyes (Too small obviously)
      - Edendoll 18mm German glass eyes (This is the one she has on her at the moment, there is always a gap between the eye and the eyehole at the corner of the eye)
      - Angell Studio 18/20mm glass eyes (It was claimed to be 18mm when I got them, but somehow I think they should be 20mm. Apparently they are way too big for Gabriel.)

      I don't know what's wrong with my Gabriel or those eyes but they simply won't fit with each other. However, those Angell Studio 18/20mm glass eyes fit my AS Monica (1st generation) perfectly.

      To those has recently got Gabriel, what kind of eyes fit her the best?

      Thanks so much! :D
    13. Can someone help me please? Thank you so much. :(

    14. You may need to get an 18mm eye bevel tool and use that to deepen and even out her eyewells a little... I did that with the one I posted up-thread, because her eyewells "as-is" were just a bit too shallow to allow the glass eyes that she came with to sit properly.

      You could also try "soft glasss" or silicon eyes like EyeCo's or Soom's. I tried a pair of 18mm Sooms in my girl and they worked pretty well. They're squishy, so they can be flattened a little to close any gaps.
    15. I will be ordering an Angell Studio Cinderella very soon, and would love to have a wardrobe waiting for her.

      Can anyone tell me which sizes will fit best? I see lots of things in the marketplace labeled SD13/SD10/SD16, etc.

      I've been out of the hobby for a couple years, and this will be my first SD-size doll.

      Thank you very much in advance for any assistance you can provide!
    16. well, I don't really know, because mine hasn't arrived yet, but i do know angell-studio dolls have slim bodys so you could google slim cloths for BJDS maybe, hope this helped ^^
    17. Thanks. I noticed my thread got bumped over here. My search criteria must have been off, because I didn't find this thread when searching.
      I know they're almost an inch slimmer than Volks SD girls in the hips and waist.

      Oh well. I'm making a lot of things for her. I will have her in about 4 1/2 weeks, and basically I'm basing things on measurements, and purposely making things on the slightly larger side so that I can hem them if need be. It would be a *lot* harder to size something up as opposed to down. :x
    18. 16-18mm eyes,8-9inch wig and normal SD size
    19. ^^ I ordered a Leira, I know people say AS is slow but I ordered the may 25, payment received the 28 and the doll was shipped june 15, And thats with eyes, face up, wig..ect

      I find that funny "I'm....purposely making things on the slightly larger side so that I can hem them if need be. "

      Im getting the hang of sewing hopefully I can complete her summer dress in time for her arrival^^
    20. Better safe than sorry, right? :)

      And congrats!! Have you received her yet?

      I'm buying through an American Ebay seller. I put down half, and she was already ordered. I'll pay the other half when she's ready to be shipped.
      I'm extremely excited, but patient. I'd love to be able to make and/or purchase her some more things before she arrives. I've successfully completed three things for her, but I'd love a wardrobe.
      I believe I'll be naming her Kiki, being a nickname for Kiara. We'll see which one sticks the most when I have her in my possession.