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Wig Search: Kid Delf Size

Jan 16, 2008

    1. Hello everyone. :)

      Well, to put this bluntly and straight forward, I've been searching for a specific wig for quite some time, coming up with: absolutely nothing, result wise. I have two MSD Kid Delf Luts Dolls, and I've been searching for a MSD sized blond and black wig, preferably at the longest shoulder length (It's actually becoming quite tiresome after searching this long). Black streaked with blond, or even blond streaked with black would work. I'm just specific on those two colors.

      Can anyone specify a site that could manufacture or even make this sort of wig? *_*

      Any help would be appreciated.
    2. Buy the style wig you're looking for in one of those colors, and get the other in wefts, and add them in yourself. They sell all kinds of colored kankelon with a strip of weft base for rooting with vinyl dolls. Shouldn't be too much to sew some onto a base.
    3. I suggest doing it the rooting method, rather than sewing in wafts.
      Buy a regular blond wig in the style you want and then get a skein of black from Katsilk and add the streaks like that. You just thread a bunch of hairs in a fat needle, tie a knot at the end and sew it through the wig cap. You can secure it in place with a dab of tacky glue on the knot if you want. :)
    4. Oh dear, I love my boys to death, but this seems an awful lot of work for a wig.

      Thank you very much for your suggestions.
    5. Try commissioning someone? When you have 40 posts and are on the forums for 25 days, the Marketplace will be available to you. There's lots of wigmakers who could do something like that for you. :)
    6. I have seen wig streaks sold for dolls (possibly called hair pieces) and wig streaks sold for humans (in salon supply stores). You can also by a variety of loose hair meant for re-wigging Barbies in various material and lengths.

      You could buy the wig you want without streaks and add streaks with one of the above. BTW - Leekeworld's new pre-order section has hair pieces, but tightly roll-curled this time.

      You can also custom-order a human hair wig from Jpopdolls - she might be able to do streaks.

      And some of Jpopdoll's synthetic wigs have streaks:

      You could ask member grael if she has what you need.