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Wig size/clothing issues with Fantasy Doll Tinies

Sep 13, 2007

    1. I just got my first doll- Fantasy Doll Kemi- less than a week ago, and I've been looking for clothing and a good wig to fit her. I figure clothing-wise Bambicrony/Yo-SD will probably work (BC being closer in measurements, I believe), but wig size is another thing altogether. With a head circumference of 5.9", 6"-7" wigs seem to be too large, and I don't know if a 5.5" or a 5"-6" will fit. Cancan has an adorable wig in size 5.5" that'd be perfect for what I want, but I don't know if it would stretch- and when I e-mailed them, they just said they had wigs in 6" size. Which... wasn't really an answer. :| Any suggestions on how to get around this? Or of any wig manufacturers who'd have some good-quality wigs in a size that would fit?

      Also, a quick note- Groovy Girls clothing will fit with some minor mods, and some Barbie clothing will fit as well with mods (the shirt fits snug, but I had to cut the jeans down so her feet could get through, and she can't sit in them). Which is a help until I get down to either saving for a fancy outfit or get around to trying to make my own clothes for her. :sweat
    2. I think you will find the CanCan will fit her
      they have a good wig cap on them ...I have a CanCan for my Lati and it will fit my Domuya ...which is about 5.5
    3. I have one on her way to me, so once she gets here I'll be doing some clothes/wig experimentation.
    4. It took me a couple of tries, but I got through to them and found that the wig I really wanted was stretchy enough to fit a 6" head, so I ordered it. :3

      Clochette, I've found out that some Barbie Fashion Fever clothes will fit the dolls, but mostly stretchy or short skirts. Tops are a problem, as they're either too big or too small. (And don't try Ken clothing- WAY too big. X_x) Let me know what you find out! I may try looking for clothing patterns I can modify. :)
    5. Barbie hiphugger skirts often just fit Bambicrony somewhere so you could try some of those too.

    6. I wondered if Leeann size clothes would fit.
    7. I believe Leeann clothes are a bit loose but usable on Bambicrony. They would be looser on Fantasy doll.

      Here is the tiny size chart (also found in first message of its sticky thread). You can see Fantasy doll is slimmer than Bambicrony.

      One thing you could try is 4-ever Best Friends clothes - note - this is not Friends2BMade - this is a different doll. 4-ever best Friends are like more normally proportioned Bratz for younger owners. I don't think they are sold new anymore but you can find them on Ebay. Most of their clothes don't quite fit Bambicrony. So they may fit your girl.

    8. Well, she's a teeny bit smaller than BC, because things that are tight on my BC girls fit her loosely. Her head is also smaller, because a wig I got from Tinybear that does not fit on either Rosenleid Tuesday or on BC fits just fine on her. So, she's probably close to a true 6", if not smaller.

      Bratz boy top and my pants

      Gads, I have to do a comparison sometime soon.
    9. Aww, she's cute, Clochette! Did you have any problems with her posing and being really kicky? My girl is, I need to suede her. actually, in the sewing part of the forum here is a tutorial on making hoodies for dolls from socks? I tried that with a pair of little girl's socks and it made for a really nice dress that fits pretty well! I have the feeling I'll be handmaking clothes for her.

      Carolyn, thanks for the link and the tip. I'll try looking eBay for those clothes to test. Barbie clothes are nice, but some are a little too 'adult' for a little girl. :)
    10. Yeah, she's a bit kicky, but I'm used to that. She may be the guinea pig for hot-glue sueing. I'm also toying with elfing her ears, since they're fairly well sculpted for that.

      For clothing, I just figure I'll use my Bambicrony patterns, they should work for her fairly well. I have to get her a new wig, the one she has now is way too "big", hairwise.
    11. I just received 2 fantasy angels for my birthday, I am wndering how the clothes fit around the moveable wings. Anyne have Koni with the wings? thanks. conwell