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Wig size for a Delf Lishe?

May 27, 2008

    1. Sorry I don't have time to search will Lishe fit in 7/8 wig? or is 8/9 a better fit?
      Thanks and I apologize
    2. Bump.

      I need to know the answer to this too, it said on the Luts website that a Lishe was 10 inches but I've measured her head repeatedly and get exactly 9. Is she better in a 8/9 or a 9/10? I think I've found more people who say 8/9 in my searches but any confirmation would be really helpful before I go out and buy her four wigs that don't fit! ;)

    3. I think her head is 9.5, She'll take anything from and 8-9 to a 9-10. Anything close to a 10 will need securing as 10 will move around on her head a little too big. I personally Like a 8-9 on both of my Lishe's because they are tight and I don't have to fasten them down. It might be a preferance thing though some people get 9.5 wigs for their Delfs. I'd say pick a wig you like then decide which size you'd like it.
    4. Hmmm...than does anyone have any specific experience with a soom 9/10 wig on a Lishe or similar sized CP head? The wig I'd really like to get her is a soom, but I have no clue if they're more on the 9 side or the 10 side.
    5. I'd guess on the larger 10 side as they fit the Mecha Angel heads and they are quite large
    6. If you're really not sure, you should go for the 10" side..to be safe.
      Some wigs might not have an elastic wig cap.
      CP is known for large heads.. ^^;
    7. I checked the Soom website and the wig I want is pictured on an Asil and her head is listed as just a smidge above 9 so I think the wig should be fine! Thanks for the help all! :)
    8. I've found that 8-9 fits my Lishe just fine. Most of the wigs I put on her are from Luts or Monique, so I at least know that that size fits from those companies.
    9. sorry if this is in the wrong section...
      but I'm about to get my own CP Lishe girl, and I'm not sure if she'll fit 8-9 wigs.
      does anyone know?
    10. As others have said, 8/9 should be just fine. She will also fit most 9/10 wigs.

      For any doll, wigs with elastic-y caps should fit the best on a range of sizes, even for the size they are meant to fit. The elastic keeps the wigs from slipping and will go larger and smaller. If the wig caps aren't elastic, you'll have to be more careful about the sizes, and even then, you might have to use rubber-bands or velcro or wig caps or whatever in order to keep the wigs on. But either way, it's usually OK--as in there are work-arounds!

      Lishes are as close to SD-standard as anything, so most any wigs meant for that size range should work!
    11. 9-10 wigs are too large for my Lishe--I'm going by the Leeke size because I buy wigs there most often. All of my Delfs must wear 8-9 Leeke (non heat-resistant) wigs, and the 9-10 one fall right off. Though Dollga wigs fit tighter, my Lishe still fits best in 8-9.

      Luts SD-sized wigs fit without much problem. Generally I'd say stick with 8-9 would be a better choice than 9-10.