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Wig storage

Mar 7, 2019

    1. I was wondering how you guys like to store your wigs ? flat and in their little nets or maybe on a stand ? to keep it in shape ?
      I'm personally looking for 'heads', basically like the human sized heads you use to store wigs, just in doll size ! Does anyone know if something like that exists ? Basically like Mannequin heads for dolls !
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    2. I store mine in a hanging over-the-door shoe organizer, but I bet it would be easy to make cheap wig stands with foam balls and dowels from a craft store, standing in some sort of base. That would be a cool way to display them instead of storing them away.
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    3. I store my wigs stuffed with acid-free paper, to maintain the shape, and in their nets/bags/boxes, within larger boxes.
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    4. I personally like to use some of my Funko POP! figures as wig mannequins. My BJD has a size 8-9 wig that gets modeled by Lion from Steven Universe whenever he's not wearing it, lol.

      I don't see why you couldn't make wig stands with foam or wool dryer balls and dowel rods if you wanted more of a "mannequin head" feel, though.
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    5. This is such a weakness for me :( my wigs usually get tossed somewhere on my doll shelf. I really need a cute box.
    6. I am horrid about shoving mine into a box until they get tangled :( I need to get better about storing them. Depending on the wig, a stand would be nice, but many wigs don't require it and would be fined to be stored flat so long as there was a bag or net to hold them fiber in place.
    7. A thread spool holder works for me.
      I was so tired of them getting squished storage.

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    8. I have thin storage drawer things, all my doll stuff goes in those. They're clear so I can see whats in them at all times.
    9. I had a scrapbook cardstock storage box until a few weeks ago, when my husband picked up a few ornament storage bins on clearance. So now instead of being smooshed together, each wig has their own little compartment.
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    10. Over the years, I have been blessed/cursed with dozens of giant make-up boxes from those gifts with purchases you get, so I just keep my wigs in there. Most of them are in nets, and all are stuffed to help keep their shape. I have a lot of plastic baggies for when I make jewelry, so I keep smaller wigs in those.

      That is such a smart idea!! It seems like the perfect solution for those tiny/short wigs that always seem to wander off on their own.
    11. I have a drawer container with movable dividers that I use for wig storage! It really helps keep everything nice and organized in the original packaging (stuffed in nets, etc.). Dust is not an issue as well.
    12. Each of my dolls has one wig, so they stay on their heads. Then fall off. Then get squished. And storing my in progress two feet long will has been a mess.
    13. I put the hair ones in nets, and the fur ones in baggies, then I put them in these little see through plastic drawers I picked up at Walmart, I also keep facemasks, and eyes in those drawers.
    14. I have a small plastic storage box for my wigs. They get stored in the same way I receive them: with the paper stuffed inside and wrapped in a net. Usually. But that box is getting a bit small so I'm looking to upgrade to a larger box.
    15. I just keep my doll's wigs in their original bag and case. I don't really have a special place to hang them or anything since they aren't styled or super long. I keep the bags with the wigs with my real wigs cause it's just more humorous that way.:XD:
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    16. They do make doll-sized wig stands, actually, and I have one. You can get them for cheap off Ebay and Amazon (I've seen some on Etsy but they are usually quite marked up). I did try using the styrofoam ball on a stick method, but found it inconvenient because little styrofoam bits kept breaking off and sticking to the wig. =/ I use the stand to keep very long, intricately styled wigs - much easier to preserve the styling and prevent tangling that way.

      The rest of my wigs I just keep in their original bags among the rest of my doll stuff. But that spool holder method looks awesome and convenient @Arekushia. :whee:
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    17. Most of the ones I own are being worn by dolls, but the spare ones stay in their box/net/bag in a plastic storage bin in a chest of drawers. They're all casual wigs that can be combed, so I'm not really worried about anything being damaged by being stored away. If I had more delicate and permanently styled wigs, then I might want some sort of wig stand or other storage.
    18. I've always just kept mine in their little bags. They're all short and easy to comb, so it works out. But I imagine when I get any longer ones I'll have to be more delicate about it, if my wigs for myself are any indication.
    19. i put it back in the net and a ziplock
    20. I have previously used mainly synthetic wigs and those are pretty easy to store (ziplock bag in a tupperware for me), but with more handmade wigs and more delicate wigs now I too need to find a better solution. Honestly with their price though, I think it may just be a "buy one per doll and store directly on head" situation. :lol:
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