wigs and outfits that fit Latidoll White?

Dec 28, 2005

    1. HI guys! I wanted to prepare for my Latidoll white, Pury!

      Has anyonen found outfits and wigs that fit them well? :)
    2. Great, I was just going to ask that, I'm wondering if the Konji wigs fit and their shoes.
    3. I dont know about Konji , but I would have said the wigs were too small
      Lati white is very small , but BIG head

      I tried on Poshdoll short wigs ...SLIGHTLY only slightly too large
      But Mega cute , Kitty looks so sweet he Purred
      I pesonnaly think Kelly /shellyclothes a little large ...but thats me being picky
      they can work
      shoes Valli ,Im getting around too it (damn this bad back! ) I think they may be a little big

      I am working on some tiny knit outfits for girls and boys ,and I will have Fur wigs for boys and wigs with little bunches and flowers for the girls
      but the end of the month ...again I can make them I just cant get to the material as my back is so bad
      the lace dresses are TO DIE for ...but Kitty is objecting to being dressed as a girl
      they should be ready Mid January
    4. CanCan showed tiny outfits in the Gallery...I think they are shelly clothes
    5. had to edit my post
      I always call Shelly .Kelly ..have no I dea why LOL opps:blush
    6. Thanks for the info. Carrie, what size were the wigs from Poshdolls? 3" or 4"?
      Shelly is the English name for Kelly, so I'm not surprised you said that. Trouble is, that I've found two sizes of Shelly in our local toy shop and another little doll of similar size. I'm going to wait till Daisy arrives before I do anything. I look forward to seeing your knits and wigs, though. I bet Kitty is peeved at being dressed like a girl, still I reckon he'd look just adorable as a girl. Don't tell him, he might not speak to me and Daisy (when she arrives!) tee, hee.... excitedly waiting her arrival.
    7. Ahhh so thats it ! I wondered were I got the name from ,I
      dont do the BARBIE thing but I can remember seeing 2 types when I was visiting Germany ..one had the regular barbie type face- the other was darker skined and almost Anime/Bratzish ..I knida liked that one
      Arin would make a beautiful little girl ....Kitty crosses his legs ..he knows your a dab hand with sandpaper LOL
      Poshdolls are size 4 but they have a good elastic around them
      I think the long ones would be too big but the short ones are so cute
      I will try and take a picture ...camera is chargeing as I write
    8. Ok this is a white skin Arin
      Shelly and Tommy outfits
      the little girl ones are OK
      and the shoes are a passable fit
      but I dont like the Tommy outfit and shoes at all
      personally I think they are HUGE
      The red wig is from Poshdolls ...
      the black pigtails is default Yoko
      they are a little large , but only as large as his default wig
      I always hold my tiny wigs on with a blob of PVA glue ..this wont damage the resin
      and will peel off it
      and as it is water soluble will wash off the inside of the wig

    9. I just got mine yesterday...I don't know about wigs..but I got some kelly outfits that will fit her,little dresses but shorts and pants from Kelly are too big for her. She is way smaller than my other tinies.
      At first I was expecting something the size of my pocket fairies but she is a lot smaller.

    10. arnt they !:D
      I have tiny ...I thought the Ssin was small and the Nari-Pon ...(Gienne Lillica - small but I felt had a chunkier feel to her )
      but the Lati blew my mind

      I just adore him he is soooooo tiny
    11. Tee hee. You've been Americanized, Carrie. :wink:
    12. Do you think Elfdoll wigs would fit White better? I know they fit Lillica, and she's too small for the Poshdoll PF wigs I have.
    13. Ooooh, cute cute!!! I think I'm going to get a shock when Daisy gets here. I'm just getting used to Peaches.
      Elfdoll wigs sound like a good idea if they fit. Carrie, can't you try them?
      Robin, where did you get your Lillica wig with the braids round the ears? That is just so adorable. I'd love Daisy to have one like that.
      Gerri, what do you think of her? How long did she take to come?
    14. It's a Global Heidi wig in Honey Blonde from Audrey's. I think it is the 3/4 one, it's a tad big but it covers her ears so they help keep it on. I got both the 3/4 and the 2/3, but if I recall correctly, the 2/3 was too small. I just have the braids caught up in a teeny little clip on top. The cap is not wonderful, a clear plastic job that looks like saran wrap, but it was about $7 when I bought it on sale, so I can't really complain.
    15. just noting that I think the Tommy shirts and pants are OK. I tucked the pants into the boots and it looks better than sockless shoes (like I had him once lol) or feet-less legwarmers. And the shirt is a bit long, but I just tucked the sleeves in and it hangs like a tunic.

      In the entire Tommy outfit (forgive the blur -_- bad lighting):


      And with the pants I made, Tommy boots (sorta big, but not too much), and his default shirt/hat:


      .....I actually love those gold boots on him lol
    16. well, cancan mentioned that some of the looser outfits of Petite Blythe will fit (like the animal suits) but the tighter fitting ones won't fit Latiwhite. Also that some mamemomoko clothes will fit them. (but those are only available as bought dolls I think?)

      I'm wondering if Licca Baby or Petite Jenny's would work on them...
    17. Wow, the Tommy shirt is really big on your Arin Tinybear! Just looking at the Tommy that I bought, I can't believe they're gonna be THAT small!! :O I'm glad that the shoes fit, but again, their feet are that tiny? And they can still stand on their own?! :D I am so in love with her already!!!
    18. Elf doll wigs ...Cute overload
      because the Elf doll wig comes on a cap that has to be glues on , they can be glud onto the Lati head ...and is super cute
      but remember white WATERSOLUBLE PVA ...and it wont damage the resin and you can peel off the wig
    19. I've been using these little silicone glue dots they sell for scrapbooking...they come on a roll. I just slap a couple on, stick the wig down, and go :)