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Wigs and shoes for Orientdoll So types?

Jun 27, 2007

    1. Hi folks,

      I just got my first tiny, an OrientDoll So Ui. :aheartbea

      I tried searching this forum, but couldn't really find anything so I thought I'd ask. ^^

      What size wigs do these guys take? Where do you shop for them?
      Are there other BJD companies that sell wigs or shoes that will fit them? I know Kelly shoes fit, but I'd like to find some "real" shoes for her. ;)

      Thanks for any help!
    2. Tinybear says she makes wigs for the OD So dolls.
    3. Thanks- but I was actually looking for regular hair wigs. ^^
    4. They wear 4-5 Barbie size quite well. Look at Audrey's--there's loads in that size. Shoes you can get tennies in Blythe size, even though they look a bit clown sized. Check with Ju-Ju's, as I know she stocks lots of different styles.
      For custom made laceup boots/shoes, Margarita Rosa & her sister, Rosa both sew for and make shoes.

    5. Thanks so much! That's very helpful! =) Looking at her tiny little noggin, I was afraid that a 4-5 would be too big! I'll take a look at Audrey's. ;)

      I'll also look up Magarita and her sister-thanks!

      Does anyone know if they are similar in size (wig and shoe wise) to Lati white or yellow? I've been studying the Comparison Pics thread, but it looks to me like like they fall right between size wise. :?

      I really appreciate the help- thanks again! ^^
    6. Most of the size 5 wigs I've found at my local doll shop were too big for my OD Vampire Ji. Some 4's were also rather loose but looked much better depending upon the style. Right now I have my girl wearing a stylized mohair wig called "Yo-Yo" in a size 4 by Global Doll Co. and it's cute and fits quite well. I bought a size 4 "Chari" wig from Monique and it's too loose. It's a lot of trial and error, I'm afraid, at this size.

      Shoe wise, I found a teeny tiny pair at my local doll shop normally used with those tiny China antique dolls that fits perfectly in Ji. Otherwise I have been using Licca's little siblings' shoes.
    7. I found pocket fairy shoes are ok with socks (they are a little loose without but still fit) Miette normally wears a monique lizzy wig size 4. I havent found any boy wigs yet so Yule is bald!

    8. Thanks everyone! Very helpful. :-)
    9. I've found the best luck with wigs intended for the Kish Riley dolls (see Monique wigs). They do need a little blob of glue to keep them on - so far the one with the little bows is my So Ye's favorite. I think the only real good wig would be by Latidoll intended for the Lati whites. There wigs astound me a bit as the only ones whose elastic is functional. They are pricey, especially with shipping so your better off with audrey dolls or monique - they are also a little wierd looking.

      Anything intended for the tinier elfdolls is too small (for example, bjdollarama might have a picture of an elfdoll or a pocketfairy, PF being too big).
    10. great sites! i'd thought id have trouble finding clothes and wigs for tinies!
    11. I bought a obtisu 3.5 inch to 4 for my orientdoll. I will tell you how it fits when I get it.

      Also the little apple dolls that they usualy sell at hot topic wear shoes that will fit. Also clothing.
    12. Since I haven't seen these anywhere: do the Vampire ears effect which wigs fit? I know they can on some dolls.

      Also, since Mattel Kelly clothes seem to fit, what about Takara Licca Kindergarten Kids/little sister clothes?
    13. I've found that the RD4 size at Audrey's fits my Sos quite well, as does Volks dollfie wigs. They're a straight size 4, not a 4-5, which is Pocket Fairy size.

      Kelly tennis shoes will fit So without socks (as will any Tommy shoe), and most Pocket Fairy shoes will fit with socks.

      Ui and Dong (and Fee, of course) in Kelly outfits and shoes. Wigs by Monique in RD4 (Riley size)

      Ji in Monique RD4 wig, Kelly outfit, PF shoes

      Hope this helps :)
    14. clochette: What size eyes do you have in Ji in that photo?
    15. Very cute! Those pocket fairy shoes are really sweet. :-)
    16. For me with the few wigs I have procured, the vampire ears did not affected the fit of the wig. The ears are more visible with some wig styles than others though. I only have the vampire ones, not the normal ones.
    17. My dolls seem to be living by the creed "we don't need no steeeenkin' weeegs."

      The Volks WTG line wigs I've tried on them are too tall through the wig cap. An exaggerated comparison: wig -> C(: ) ) <-head

      They go on, and then the little doll is tired of playing dress-up and Pop! the wig goes flying, sometimes taking the headcap with it.

      And they're not sure about clothes, so shoes are very low priority.

      Ann in CT