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Wigs, eyes, brushes at Blue Fairy KR!

Jan 10, 2005

    1. Blue Fairy's Korean site has new goodies! Sarang, Denis, and Niky heads, TF WIGS!, restock on 16cm eyes and TONS of 8cm eyes for Pocket Fairies, brushes and pastels for face ups...

      There's supposed to be a restock of Tiny Fairies this month at the U.S. site, so maybe we'll at least get the new heads! :D
    2. This is all so lovely---I actually had a dream about getting MiniMay last night...*lesigh* :love
    3. Oh I would love to get some of those 8mm cat eyes for my mini may when she gets here x__x
    4. so they're finally selling wigs!!! XDD
      but nothing planned for international site yet.... :cry:
    5. Aww.
      I was hoping they'd have Denis's wig for sale. :( I like the froofy wig.
    6. Hrm...it'd be nice to do a group order once the english site is updated.
    7. Can someone give me a link to the eyes, wigs, parts etc.. for each area.

      I get an error bug when I try to go to any of the navigation links, I can't tell what the page names are to type them into the url path.

      thanks! lore
    8. Ditto~ a group order would be nice...
      i wanna get my hands on Yoko ^^